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3'i.]3.    JiiJ Abcm
i!;'   experience in

. j.lJ    •:< [> virile-.    :i

. i- -  I ^  uli-*   t CVunmi--ior. ^  discretion  in
-.-..,,i   ','ti'l i ,'jiv !-.,.-<• w.n-iji.,.mi. d-

<V':iv,,. . y b ,1 I b I;- iV.,* mM' p'-ju^- ut. p-^v . I!* 323—3(1—
t!7^—-P—4","—E-LJ—'-'0—.5~.j—-1"—(l^ r^'1" ^'Cl' unfurJiiMn (I . IT =-i-i • ILT. ip, y IN ^j^iaUvqii.iLfir-.lcirde-EpciiLni'id-

,->-ii.*t,. 0 «• '' /"(. ?':<:• - : J.: 'r.-i--'1 • (0 T.I. -i- :'•- »v h chcr dcyn '•
. . I'v.vh !.*_•>-. ) Abi JT 3 y^.-i't l-.^cLi'ij; .nd/iv ic"=,(?,.r-rh en:-

fil'it,  C'jiUJit--'o'i'-   ill--3 it'i-n  -"   r  &f    of Cr'3i'JTr],itL,~ ofcliPrwi.-1'

W;--i t , •. it,\fi,f>ift t,':i f'i^J ui ti t'i'l't'fiii-d Dis^ot-al Po«i
: 'ic^uMiy I ui Iii: iy t.. 1. ju.Jc- p-.jniLiirn:. R-Js-'ived for Suhe-
iluli-U Cist a e'ndlil it.?F, if ,-uch ^--litaljl^ caud'dates available
DlVi.-ia*. !• .'f t j '.1 t • mi.-.- i ,|. IV.y : P^ 323—:!3—idu
—MO—1UU. l£i_! mil-.1 n,y T.« -.;•"•. ily q.i.ibfiril ml • x-

'j'sj'..*^!,!'' r '•."' MI . Q>t>jl jlca'"j>>v : L^rni^t. i; (i) Ijuyi'ii- HI
Kni"i'-Lru._- r.l'i, vojjiJ^tl L'liivti'-uj or equiv. lent. ('?') A Lout o

,                  .

iAt "> p"<li'n",ibly d« Jinc wir
iToliiiiL,,     Qualification? n

[i tit' i"»plt •> p-'t'ti^-ably d« Jiiic wiri. mmul'arturt. of
",,x bli? r.t Com-
1 \i-ell-qu.«lified

il.    (J.i- Iit^j-i-tiiij Ojfu'tr (Castings) in Dircctmaic   Gcncir<I
•>f ^t'f^lisaftiiil Dfpnanla.    I'J^T tcmpoi'diy but lik> iy to be m.idu-

[OnauiL'i.i,. P,J-J : Pis *J,jU—,'ij'i—3SU—380—30—3SIU—E.B__30—

770—1U—slO. Jl 4:t-i MUM! p-y to fp-JfMlly qualified rxpc-
rU'ii-.-'dL'wud'il u .-i.TfJ : B-!nn 40 ye,.ra.. liflaiablc for (.i\u'ert>-
,•»'''. ,•(. i',''. () i if,t" I't^t'-i . Essential: I <"j D?5i'i'' m nutjllurgy
'i.1 J-^." > .)•. M i'li inn i' E.iyiMj.i'iijjf of ret'uyui^ed UnevLi-sity ui
A*->- ,t ' ,'t ]LIJ i iip ot rfnt.-..! Toii-idi-y Ja'n or u'quivalLMJT quali-
fiu'ttiui-. i "s") About 2 j-r; if's, prit-fiLM*! tr.tiniiig in enfjin-" 1111^
V.-J^'MM;! ,it' r.'p.u.' J .Lug with mjuldmg Liurl easting m NtuiJ ,ind/
u" ii-nuoi'iiun-f'M'ou-j. i..'?'') About 3 jv. ra'practical experir-nct1
-ub- rjuPiLt to in.'1't'r'iltrji.iinjiiiu.'Bpoiiiiblo uapat-ity in fibrica-
liou oL' iii"[i-ijtion ot fii)!_inhering stores and &pci Jaily L-astings.
tj ii'iiie i1. on-1 r_'lt?:i!>lt-J .t C'jmiaibsion'a disoirtirjn in case of

J2. O'cf, Ii'Sjicuii'g Officer (Strut:'ural) in Dii-cio,atc General
"/ tfujijilte-', a.iii Jj 'paasals. Post ttnipor^ry but 1'kelv to be ni-idt"
pjrmanLiiT. Pay ;~ P^. 330—350—SSU—3SO—30—500—E.B.—
a<J—77U—H)—S5U. Higher inituil pay to specially qualified and
oxp.Tieuo-d cund'.d ITU. -.4ffe : Beloiv 40 ye.irs. Jtclaxnbh for
tf Jt-s/tt «vi^fc.-L\7»;?5. QiHtlif.cul^oiLS : E^^ntlal: (?) Donrit i in Civil
u£ ot'd Unntu<iity or equivalent
,(i) A|jprtntitL-.]iip oviirucjtic.'l tr.tiniiijr lur ubout
-2 y.'j.r3 ia E i^mneuni: workshop ut rupute dealing with fubucu,-
ti-ja of important btodl bri.IgLa ^i.l stiuctural work. (;K) About
taiu, y.Mja p^ictiL-il esp^r.ejK-e in position of vesponaibihty aub-
•ijiju ut tn »'i'Li_unj:ui f JjiJiJitiou .md/or m^pjetiuii of'engineering
*-tfi'';>. (.J^iiiliL-iliuii-1 1'oLx tble jt Commi-ainn'.^ clisnTvt on 111

la. Q'.t.I.^j.u.tiiigOjJtc;, tfollirtg Start.) in lUicitoirite GincioJ
Disport!-,   Po-t ttnipoiiiy but likely to be wadi'
^nt. Pij/- H3.33U—CJO—38U—O&O—30—590—E.B —30—770
:U—33'J. Hijintf uurijl i> ,y i o spL'L-i.illy y a^litied and PSUtiiMir t,}

_     oturea.]on.-«   reusable ut
d.-crrtion  111  of candidates  otherwise   WL.]i_

4.   0,^ Lditcr I'ApjMt'c fixations DtpariMiht,   Government
t-'>ni$»i<tHt PraticsL,   1'obt perm.j,nont.    Pm/ :   Rs.^50__15__340


i i) TV* Mtio, B,,rf i;,,, e jj,,,,-^ Instrvctorii xaLotlUi #u.e Servtcc
c^i^e, .if iM*trj pfHttuit Affairs. In prtnu,l niud.fiet tion of Com-
t?flWi «-'^«a'-nt no. I.'vhM-h .pp^redon lUthMarch, 1065,
it ia nui ifu-d for gcJuorbll wfm ID ,t«an th.t provision of rent free un-
furni3lwil quarts* h .h bL-( n d^l-icd. Othf-r conditions remnin

(»j Tw Executive Ewntrn, Ouvemmtnt of TinMya PradeeJi.
la P»riiAlu H.fwation of itmu no. 4 of CommUdion's Advertisement
*   t(vll¥*b«»v<> r^*t it id lirreby notified for general infbim«tian
*'abeun raised from 40 yaars to 43 veaia.   Olosinp
of applkation hB(«alao been axtendpd from fltfi

*•> lotn ApoJ, l

PAHT ' B '

Applications invited frora Scheduled C.isto&/idclioduled Tribes
rmdiditea pos^ssmg qualifications prescribed belovw for tlmteeii
ri'^rv-id post ^ of Inooms-tax Offiosra, Gr.ido III, Ministry of Finance
(Revenue Dn-idion), CcutiMl Service, ClDP&IT. .Six posts reserved
tor .Scheduled CJ isLoa and auven for Schodulod Tribos. ToatH flt
present temporary but aro likel y to be ra ids pQrm.T-nont. P,utiijUl4n,
and application forms available from Secretary, Union Public Ser-
vice C'oj-nmi&^ion. Post Eos no. 1S6, Dbolpur House, Shahjalian
"Road, New Delhi. Appliratipn for forjns should bo acnt m enve-
lopes superscribed ''I. T. 0. (Scheduled C.istes/Tribes) Recruitment,
] 05-1'' and must specify zone preferred and be accompained by self,
addressed unstamped envclopo ut least 9"X4" superscribed
•'I. T. O. (Scheduled Castes/Tribes) Eccuntment, 1055 '!. Applica-
tion, duly completed, must reach Secretary, Union Public Service
Commission, not hitpr than 30th April, 1955. All applications
should bo accomp-iiucd by application foe of Ra. 1-14 by Crossed Order or treasury ohaldn drawn in favour of Secre-
tu-y, Union Public Service Comraifraion. CJieques or money orders
will not be ricuppted. Jf any candidate wants to have his applica-
tion r. cknuwlodgcd. ho should .send it by registered post ncknow ledge,
m -ut dim. DidpUcedpersonoldimingremipsioii oi IL-C flhouldforward
..long \vitlihia application his Refugee Registration Card or District
31 igwtrate'fii certificate, m original, and also certificate from Gazetted
Officer leg irdmg his inability to pa,y fee Indian citizens and par-
son» migrated fiom Pakistan with intention of permanently settl-
ing in India or pubjeots of Nepal, Sikktm or Portuguese or ioimer
French possessions in India nre eligible to apply. Pay : Rs.27fi—
25_500—E.B —30—650—B.B —30—800. Higher initial pay to
specially qualified and experienced candidates. Age : Between
:!4 ,HiiL 38 years on 1st May, Quahficalirn's -. Essential •
J—Academic : (i) Fimt Class degieo in B. A., B.fcic., or B. Cu»n. or
i^iuv.ilb'iit; OR (ii) At least second cl.tss honours degree in
D.A., B He , or B. Com., or equivalent; OR (iii) At least second
L'Lbd M A- M.Su, ur M. Com ; OR (iv) Acco.untaiicy qualifications
rncognised by thi1 Council of institute of Chartered Aouountants for

membership.    Il------Exp& itncc : (i) For   age    group    of  24—28

years: About 2 years expenenco in sopie responsible capacity
in Government -serviue including service in former Indian fcitates,
Public Bodip9, Business House or Educational Institutions of at
liMSt the status of Intermediate College, or about 2 years practice
f excluding preliminary reading in Chamber) in Court of Law includ-
ing Iiicomc-tuX Court, (ii) For age-group 2bJ—32 years : Similar
cspenenup for about 4 years, (iii) For age-group 32— 38 years:
Similar qsperience for about 7 years. Qualifications roluxable at
CJiumission'i5! diprr^tiomn case of candidates otherwise well-quail-


Under Secretary.



ApPiiicjiTrixs (ui duplicate) invited for undermentioned poati
from Indian nti/L-na and persons migrated from Pakistan with
intention of pipmAnently settling in India or subject of Nepal,
Sikkiin ci1 pOL'tLiyLicsc1 po^seasion m India Higher inuVal pay to
hpecialy qualified and experienced candidates. Particulars and
application tormy from rcgisterar, Indian Institute of Teclmology,
Khai'iiqpur. Requests for form°i must specify name of post and
'hould bn accompained by self uddressed unstamped en\Telope
at, l^aqt of size 9"x4" indicating thi'ieon name of post for which
inrms. Eire required. Closing date for receipt of applications together
with treasury receipt or crossed Indian Postal Order for Rs.7-8
<RE.]-14for Scheduled Castes and Tribes) inarfted payable, lo Secre-
liify, Union Public fieniue Commission, at New Delhi pout office,
SQth April, 1955 (14th May, 1955 for applicants abroad). Union
Public Service Commission may remit genuinely indigentand 60/10-
fide displaced person's fee. Candidates abroad may apply on plain
paper if forms are not available and deposit fee with local embassy.
If required candidates must appear for personal interview. Quali-
fications relaxable at Commission's discretion in the case of candi-
dates otherwise well qualified.

1.    One post of lertunr in   Town and Regional Planning.—Pay :
Rs.3oO—3DU—380—3SO—30—500—E.B.—30—770—40—850. Agv
Preferably above   25  yearn.    Qualtjiraliona :   Essential ;   (i) At
least second class degree in Civil Engineering  plua   post- graduate
degree or diploma in town and regional planning or degree   in archi-
tecture or equivalent qualifications with town and   regional plan-
ning as special subjects; (ii) about 2   years practical   experience
in Town Planning Office ; (iii) specialisation ia one or more of the
following  subjects : (a) Regional  Planning,   (6)   Town   Planning,
(c) Architectural design and (d) Land scape Architecture.   Desirable1,
Corporate membership of a recognised professional institution.

2,    One Senior Reswrch Aasitlant jor Chemical   Engineering :
Pay -. Rs. 250—10—300—15—450—25/2—SOO.     Age, :    Preferably
uver 25 years.    Qualifications : Essential : (i) Bachelor's  degree
in Chemical Engineering of a recognised University : (ii)  Research
experience m fuel or unit operations.    Desirable :   Post-Gruaduate
Degree in Chemical Engineering or Industrial  Experience.

Posts permanent—Probation one year, candidates selected for
appointment will be required to join duty immediately after eelection,

P. BT. SEN GUPT Registrar.        {