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Decision.—The Indian Nursing Council may be
ivquested to give us exemption for two years.

16. Considered.— Indian Nursing Council's iettt-r
no. 32/55-INC, dated February 24, JlKifi. n> imple-
mentation of minimum education qualification
requirements for admission to nurses and midwifery

Decision.—The Indian Nursing Council may be
requested to give exemption for two years.

Considered.—With reference to  resolution no.


30, dated November 20, 1954, Indian Nursing Coun-
cil's letter no. 2/54-INO, dated April 23, 1954, along
with tho replies received from other State Nursing

Decision.—The Council accepted the reccmmtnda-
tioiis of the Indian Nursing Council and agreed to allow
failed candidates for nursing examination to appear in
the subject in which they had failed but made it clear
that they should appear both in the Theory and Prac-
tical Examination of the subject.

18.    The audit and inspection note on the accounts
of the Council for the year 1953-54   were considered
and the Registrar's annotations thereon were accept-

19.    Considered.—The   Director   of  Medical   and
Health Services, U.   P.'s letter no. IX-E.-9132/6715,
dated March 3, 1955, re training of midwives in the
technique of small-pox vaccination.

Decision.—The training in vaccination technique
should be included in the syllabus of instructions for

20.    The recommendation  (Appendix   B)  of the
mseting of the Standing Committee, dated March 23,
1955,   on  the following items   were accepted:

of March, 1953 fail in March, 1954 she should be
dllnwed to appear only once more in September,
J R54. and after that for final in March, 1956. If
she i'anV in fii ul she may be given one morf
chance and nu more."

(iii) The following resolution    of   Kumari  G.  P   .
Kapadia :

"Resolved I licit there should be   a. minimum
period nf one yeai  between first and  final year
(iv) Appeal of Sriauti Ashaimiti Hingh   (me Tinio-

(i) The  following  resolution  of   Srimati    D.   S.
Briscoe :

"Question of appearing in the examination
cannot be understood properly, i. e., how many
chances a girl can have for the first year and
final. Often one year is counted as first chrnce
or after one and a half years is counted as first
chance. Same in th.3 case of the Finals after
three years is counted as chance or after three
and a half years is counted as first chance."

(ii) The following   resolution   of  Srimati   D.   S.
Briscoe :

"The girl from March, 1953, batch who fails
in March, 1954 ia allowed to sit in September,

1954,    She again  fails  and  allowed  in  March,

1955,  and again fails. She is again allowed to sit
in  (September,   1955,  and passes  which merns
after two and a half years she passes only first
year and doss  not attend any lectures  of the
third year's course. In March, 1956, she is allowed
to appear for final and might pa as.   By   doing
this she does  not make an efficient steff nurse.
This practice somehow  should   be stopped, or
the time for the third year should be extended.
In most of 'the cases this sort of student fail
twice or thrice even in the final.   By this sort
of chances to such poor students only waste of
Government money.   There nny be two .chances
allowed for the first year examination, i. e. a girl

(v) Reqm-st of Kumari Grace Lai for regiwtiation
of her nursing and midwifery qualifications.

(vi) Request of Srimati Winnie TVillums for re-
gistration of her nursing and Assize nt Midwifery
quali fictions.

(vii) Request uf Kumaii Bertha Dhpr for registra-
tion of her musing and midwifery qualifications.

21.    Considered the following resolution of Kimari
G. P. Kapadia :

"Resolved that steps may be taken for en-
rolment of new nurses regularly every six

Decision. — The Council ia of the opinion th&t
admission of new nurses should be dene at the time as
provided in the rules.

22.    Considered. — The   followii g   reisoruticii       of
Kumari G.  P.  Kapadia   :

'"'Resolved that certificated sisters and staff
nurses be tested in General Knowledge, English
and Arithmetic hesidts Hirdi for t&eic test.
Also a report from the head of institutions
re professional suitability be obtained before
allowing a candidate to appear for diplcma exa-

Decision. — The Council agreed with the above

23 , Considered. — The following resolution of Ki jnari
G. P. Kapadia:

''Should students failing the first cxrzu'netitn
for the first, second or third time be peimitted
to attend the first year as well as final year
lectures 1"

Decision. — This is covered by the decision taken
on resolution no. 12 supra.

24.    Kvmari G. P. Kapadia raised the questiin  cf
numbering 'of badges.

It was resolved that the badges should be numbered
and the additional cost on that account be charged
from the nurses , i. e. the price of the badges be raised
to Rs.4 each.

25.    Srimati D.  S. Briscoe    raised the question
that the pass msrks in the papers in Midwifery slculd
be 50 per cent, instead of 40 percent, as at present.

It was accepted.

26.    The Council directed that a circuit r be again
issued to all Matrons and the Superintendent of pars-
ing Services, U. P., requesting that it should be im-
pressed upon all the nurses, etc. that serious action
will be taken against those who make interpolation
in any document.

Colonel* I.M.B. (Held.), President,