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Add for the week ending March 26, 1955 :

, District

District ..
Etiwah Dist.ict
'  Jalaun District    ..
.  Kheri District      ..
Lucknow City
Pilibait City
JSitapar District    .
Sultanpur Di-strict
Unnao District




Seizures          Deaths

Seizures       Deat


March 31,  1965.

/Hrector of Medical and Health Service

Utta*  Pradesh.

1                UNfON rUIJLlC1 pSKRVtCE COMMISSION

AnvKRTiSKMiMT No. 15


I APPLidAi'iONS n,ro invitod for the undermoutionurl posts froin
i Indian citizens and pur^oiw migrated from Pakistan with intention
of parmanontly sottlmg in India or subjects of Nepal, Sikkim
or Povtugunw or frmtu1!1 l^ronrh posm'Hsions m India, [ippor ngp
limit iTlnxiibln liy 3 yctus for Hdicrlulod Castis, Tri!,n] and ab-
nrif,'innl r'nmnunuti^H and up to 4.1! ycurs for displacud iievrioiit, from
Pakistatt and iinn-lil>r>vnted areas of Jammu HIH! Kashmir. No
relaxation fur n|Ju>rH, H:IVO in oxc'optional oases n,nd will in no cast'
bo relaxed hcyniirl thrpu yeni'H. Parti^ulai'fc tuul applicalioiiK
forms from HenruLniy, Union Public Service- Commission, Post
Box no. 18li, New Jlnlhi. JtoqueatH for forms muaL upocify nutnu
"of post arid Hhonld bo ncrompuniod by self-ntldressed unttamped
envalopo for curli punt nt [uasl of sine fl"x4" indicatinc; thereon
nftrao oT piHl for whiuh foraw arc required. Closini; date for ra-
ooipt of upplicuLion with treasury receipt or CrowHrvl Tmlian Postal
OrdOTH for Hi. 7-8 (Tin. 1-H for Scheduled Castes and Tribes) 7th
May, 1055 (22iul May, IflfTS for applicants from abroad). Com-
mission may remit) genuinely indigent and bona fide displaced
persona' foe. Moparato upplioatiou with separate fne required for
each post. Candidates abvoad may apply on plain papor if forms
not available und dopo.sit fee with local Indian Embassy. If
required rnndirlfituH must appo'r for personal interview.

1.    One litiriHrtneHt Luctwer in Entomology, Central College nj
Agnrulntri', fnrluni  Agricultural Reftenrrji, Institute.    Other things
being oc|ual   proforonun  to   Rohodulod    Custo    candidate.    Pav :
Rs. 275—25—500- 30- flfiO—E.B.—30—800.    Higher nitial    pay
to apociiilly qualifmd  and cyporinuced    candidate.    A'jc. • fielow
35 years.    Hcldxtill? for pernmnncnt government   servants.    Quali-
Jinrtianii ; l3jMi>niial : (il Doctortito or First filafsa Master's degree or
Associates!!!']) of Indian Agricultural RaBoarch  Institute   in First
Glass, with Entomology as wibjuct of study, or (v) (a) Second Class
iMaater'H do^mo or Asaoeiateship of [ndiau Agricultural Besearcli

Jlnatitule in Second Claim Entomology as Huhjoct of study, and (b)
About thrno years' tctichin" and/or rosearoh experience. Qualifica-
tunu ralaxahlc-u at Comminflion'R diac-rotion iu- case of candidates
otherwise well-qualified.

2.    One Chief Auditor, (Jo-operative Societies, HimctiiJial Pradesh.
Post temporary up to the end of First Five-Year Plan but likely to be
retained  thereafter.   Pay,    Bs.350—35—350—25—750.   Higher
initial pay to Hpecinlly qualified and experienced candidate.    Age :
Below 35  yoMH.    Jtdaxrtlle jor   government servants.    Qualifica-
tions • JS/ttientinl : (i) At Icmut Hocond Class B. Com.   or equ'Valent
degree with Advanced Accountancy and Auditing or Passed GLD.A.
w R,A. or examination of Institute of Chartered Accountants.    (11)
About two yenrg' experience rngarding accounts  and audit of co-
operative societii'H in ruBponsible capacity in Government Organiza-
tion.   Qnalifloationa reUixable at CommiHsion'a discretion in case
of candidates oLhnrwwo woll-qu»liried.

3. One B.C.G. Officer, BJiopal State. Post temporary but likely
to continue. Pay : Ra. 226—225—250—20—360—fi.B.—15—500
—500—E.B.—20—600. Higher initial pay to specially qualified
and experienced candidate. Selected candidate not possessing
adequate B.C.G. training or experience required t o undergo such
tmuwiE as Government may -decide. During training peri-id
pay wfli be Rs. 225 after which higher start up to Bs.350 may be
panted. Age : Below 33 years. Retoxable for government servant*.,
?iiaZyfcnti0i» t XmaiHtd : Medical graduate of r

t. One Psychologist, National Ce.ntrc jot- Reaeurch iii Basic
Education, Ministry of Education. Posh temporary but likely
tp continue Pay : RH. 350—350—.ISO—3SO—30—390. Higher
initial pay to spprially qualified and experienced candidate. Age •
Below 3,5 years. Eelaxable for government servants. QuaK/ica*
lions: Essential : (i) Masters' or equivalent Honour's degree iu
Psychology with first class at graduate or post-graduate level, (ii)
Degree or diploma in education. Oi ) .\bout three years' teaching
experience in recognized School or College. Qualifications relaxablo
at Commission's disrretion in case" of nandidaips orhcrwi'je \V(-11-

5. One EducHtioiiixt, Xatiwtl ('uin-< fur limtmeclt in Hat.ii-
Education, Mtniatrtf of Education. Post temporary but likely tu
I'ontinue. Pay : Rs 350—3s"0—380—3bO—30—390*. Higlier ' ini-
tial pay to aperially qualified and experienced (.'andi'date. Aye :
Below 35 years, Rfhtrnblfjorgovernment senwifv. Qunhjications :
Essential : (') Master'a or equivalent Honour's degree -with first
class at pradimtp or post-graduate level, (ii) Degree or diploma
in education, (iii) About three years' teaching experience in recog.
n;zod School ui College. Qu htications relaxable at Commi^sion'H
d^jcvetion in cast- of candidates otherwise well-qualified.

(\. One De])Vly Di*pctw (^tnlittica). PrograniniG- Evaluation
0*vanizittwn, Plannintr Commission. Temporary up to February 29,
1916, but likely to continue. Othor things being equal preference
TO Scheduled Castes/Tribes candidates Pay : Ra. SOO—30—1,150.
Higher initial pay to specially qualified and experemccd candidate.
Age: Below 45 years. Relaxable for government servants. Quali*
fications -. Essential: (i) At least second Class Master's degree in Stat-
istics or in Mathematics/Economics with specialization in Statistics,
(n) About three years' experience in planning and conducting
sample surveys, analysing and interpreting statistical dati and
writing reports ou them. Qualifications relasable at Commisaion'a
dincretoiii in paso of candidates otherwise well-qualified.

7. Five Assistant Electtical Engineers, Ministry of Railways.
Post temporary in first instance, but likely to continue. One post
reserved for Scheduled castes • one post for Scheduled Tribes, if such
.suitable candidates available. Pay ; Us. 350—350—3SO—3SO—
30—590—E.B.—30—770—40—850. Higher inititial pay to specially
qualified and experienced candidates. Age : Between 25 and 35
years. Relaxable far government servanlg. QuaVf leaf fans : Essential:
(i) Degree in. Electrical Engineering of recognized University or
equivalent qualifications, (i) About three years' exporienuca as
electrical engineer, Qualifications relaxable at Commission's discre-
tion in caye of candidates otherwise well.qualified.

7. Two permanent Svh-Editors, Telugu, News Services Division,
All India Ea<iio, Besides these two posts there are two other posts
of Sub-Editors for Indian Languages, One of these posts reserved
for Scheduled Casts candidate but will be treated as unreserved
ifno such suitable candidate forthcoming. Candidates who may have
tn ait aro called For interview also for written test details of which
will follow. They may also have to undergo audition and voice tost.
Pay ; Ra. 250—15—340—E.B.—20—100. Higher initial pay to
specially qualified nd experienced candidates. Age.; Balow
90 years. Refaxable for government servants. Qualifications'.
Essential • (i) Degree of recognized University, (u) About one
year's experience of responsible journalistic work with, adequate
Knowledge of English, and expeteince of translating quickly and
accurately news items from. English into Telugu. (iii) Sound
knowledge of and lively interest in current Indian, and World
affairs. Qualifications lei arable at Commission's discretion ID
case of candidates otherwise well-qualified-