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UTTAK i^AUESH- fcttZfiTTiB, AV&LL Id, 1955

0. O'c Sul.Ldtor, Omjo News Services Division, All-India
Ra Ih. Temporary and likely to continue. BcJdos this post there
SJL- rhi, - (uh-r ')o"-t^ of ^'ifi'TIditorH for Indian Languages One
,.rrli'-e IL-TW Jil'for Scheduler! Castes candidate but tra ted a<3 un-
af-r\ed if Hi -siir h sintaJilF • .mrliJaty-. forth<-omuitf Candid Jtes whn
".re called f-,r infivif v mav h,ivn TO sit -ilsn for written test details
of TTliscli wi'l follow. Th -v mav aho h i vc TO undergo audition and
Pni. P- -Mil—!.l—.WO-T1.B — JU-400. Higher mitial

Inowi-iNu f.f'*h and experience of translating quickly (in<1
.,/viirm'lviiPi.*iit'iaMrtmiEnai--hto Oriya. (ui) Sound knowledge
, £ and i;\X\- in- rr-t n. «Mr."nl Inr>m and World ,-itfairs Qual-
in.niii.iu rrla^.-'j'.-1 .u (.'"iiiMi-sion'a dwuretion m f.i-n of randidatrs

Hi. One tfuf,-E.linr. Malf itdim, JVc^1* BcfcLo Dloimm, JK-
//irf:-T Jip'w. TrmpoMiy nurl litely t'j continue Besides this post,
there are threi other posts of Sub -Editors for Indian Languages.
One 01 thf-" r^-'rved for S-licdulod Castes candidates but Ireatprl
as unreserved if no *uch luitahle candidate forthrom ng. Candi-
dates who am railed for interview may have to ait .Iso for written
test details of wbich will follow They may also have to undergo
uudirion and voice test. Paj : Rs. 230— 15— 340— E B.— 20— 400.
Hieher eimtial pay to sppf mlly qualified nnd experienced candidates.
li/c : Below 30 >vars. Rila-cMefor government srfwnt*. Qualt-
f.^atiana • Kfi*. a.'ial : (<) Desrrep of rcfognuorl [TniverHily. (nj
About onu yeir "a experience "of reap maible journalistic work with
ndequateknowlr'dyu ofEngLgh and pspenenuc of tran^aHng quickly
nnd ar "uiratfly new -j itera= from Enpliah to ainlayalam. (in) Sound
knowlBrtg.-> of aud lively luterest iu c^l^^ont Indian and World affairs.
Qualifications r<?laxabb at fViinini^ion's di^n^tion in rase cf randi-
dfitei orherwi-e well- qualified.

11. Tn'o C''tni'*H tnnt M'tnllufgittfttnr ln<1uni Rn'fu'firj* Gnu
]joat prirnaneiiT ami OUP pii'il tr mporaiy lint likely to }JL- made per-
manent. Pnif : For duvet re Tuitment . Us. GOO — 40 — 1,000 — 1,000
1,0,10 — 1.030 — 1,100 — 1,100 — 1,1. jO. For person* who ba\To been in
continuous Bmplnj merit siuco l."»th July, 193J and have au introduc-
tion of tl'e preaml.iMl <.cfles flci leil to retain tht- pre-1931 acalea of
pay : Ra. lt-J.1— l5lV»~R71— 7J3— 723— 775— SJ5— 875— 9J,j— LI7C—
j.|fM_l.y23—l,n7:»— 1.1 J.1— 1,171— 1J2.>—],J73— 1.275— 1,823-
1.S25 — 1.37,1. Friif Kailwav PcT-^'a and P.T.Os in aerordnnre with
rules in i'orre from time tu uiui1 fir" admi^sibk'. Higher initial pay
no spcpiallj* qualified aurl <• xperienred candidates. Atje : Bi-loiv


One Assistant Taxono/nfat in the Scftcme for Development of
Her''nrium Cryptogawme, Indiae, Orienlalis, MiniMii; of food and
Agriculture. In partial modification of itom 5 of \dv»rtmement
no. 14 wlurh appeared on 2nd April, 1955, it is noLittod for general
information that Quohfioationa Essential (in) has been revfomj
to read a9 follows • At least five years' practical or research espen.
ence in Myoologv including experience in Taxonomy. Other
terras remain unchaneed.

Under Secretary,

Money Suit no. 488 of 1954

In the matter of—

Alessra. ClnndMull Mohanlal, a registered fimi duly
registored under provision of the Indifin Partner-
ship Act, through Sitarajoo Rijg i,rhiu, M.mrger of
the si id finm hiving its business pL.coand officp in
B3ttiah Town, moh-illa Lilbiznr, tnppa Khr ddu,
pirgina MijhoWii, post office, and polico station,
Battiah, district Cliampartin              ..               .. Plaintiff.

Jljgars. Rimlciitnir 0'ihadilil, CommisHioii Agmits,
Kilo3 Kobhi, 55/14 K inpur, post office) and policn
stition K inpur, di^tnctK Lnpur,withm the jurisdic-
tion of the District Judge Kunpur, Utinr Pra-
desh                ..              ..              ..               ,. Defendant.

tho abovanimed phintiff baf, uiatitutod the abcn
suit agnnat you in this Court cltim:ng Ra.225 besides coats an
further interest, you are therefore directed to nppeu.r persanEll
or through duly authorised and instructed h Vfye?v to j.iiE-wer t],
cl.iita on or bofare the 2Ist April, 1956. othorwino tbe suit wil
be hQ'Td and dfcidPd ex parts in your i IIHOHCP

Given undor my hand nnd the ae*,! ol this Court, tbiw tlif 31
day ciMuTch, 10,15.



'ial : (i) Haster'a or equivalent Honours degree in Industrial Ohe-
naiitry. [i ) About " yiVH1 practical experience of industrial
chemical anlysiS. uiij Should have held independent charge of
Workshop or Laboratory. Quiilificatious relaxable at Commis-
sion's dHfrenon in case of f-andidales othnrwisa well-qualified.

Ili.   fJnt' Ftnior Technical Assistant (Material* and Pfocesa and
Jfetaltufijtfi, Dirertorats Cfeaefnl of Cioil Aviation..   Post temporary
bui likely T.O continue.    Olher things being    equal preforertca to
Scheduled Castes and 8chpduled Tribes candidate.   Pay :  Ra 350 _
20— 400— E.B.— 20— 500.   Hmher imt'al pay to specially qualified
and  esppnencerl   randido,te.    -lye : Between   21   and '25    years.
i  SLfcantn.    QunliJ icaiiuns :    Essential :
v of   rpRopnised    Fnivnisit-v or

n  for       i
Degree of diplomi1



Prpfifnti SBI SHAP GatrLAM SH^HI'D, Insolvent?, Ji«iijf
[Notice under section 4J(1)]
Insolvency Petition no, 48 of 1952
I n the matter oif—

Jjinti Pr,-is->,d, sou of Ajnbu Pras-id, c istp Viiish, roui-
dont of Meerut City, mohalla Q gzi Bn Zur, district
Meemt            ..              ..              ..               _.     Insolvent-apf


T^KE nofcica that the abovementioiied insolvent hrs f pplifd to
the Court for his discharge and that the Courr has fixed the 27tl
(tvrpnty-saventh) day of M. y, 19(55, at 10 o'clooh, for henring ths
dpphedtiona and objections.

Dated this, thp 4th day of April, 1955.

By ovdur,
RAJA RAM, Munsarim.

In the matter of—

(Ko'lci to circlet* cj tit dale oj hearing of mi Insolvency)
Present: Sai^ KAHT^NJTH QmA.Lhtrict Judge

(Police under section 19)
Ingolvenoy petition no.14oU9B5

notice that T he Court bus
the debtor.

of Ram Autar.rasident of mohalla Ritabgauj.pargana Haveli Oudb.tahail and diatriot Faizabad                   j-,,

^j^frB^^dToSnL^8 C°Brt-ljy a P^*^ dated the I81hll-wl,f 1955, to be declared^ i.


to BereprMenledinthettatteiyon should attend m person or by duly instructed plaader.    The particularfi of


to^^^Sfa^VJSffiri?.?S«^'^                           cityandpoat office, Faizabad, being  unable

me J/Esa.SC!!-! as set ouUii Schedule fSL^ ad^d^.8D lBEo]Yei]t the total amount of all my pecuniary claims against
*o far a* they are boontoneoi cu nl,.!iJ^?T ^t° tblsP9^lon^hlDhoolltama^Dame and residence of all my cieditore
due tome a?e get out in Schedule (B) anncaed h t' f38' 1, ?^ount. and. paiticulara of all my properties and debts
andtheplaee or places at \ihich such properly is^obe fouDd°aBd fhefe^^aT^h^i1 ^ p"Pei13' not c^Baisting oi monfy
bylaw fw^^t^lS,rat0Si*da3i 3a"°ta*i"ui^l3l"ea«wPttr^^MBtCn^ m^bo'oka'of Moouirt) as are I«Sp1»d
Ihave not, on any previous occasion, filed a petition to bead judgedu Inaobent.

PAIZABAD:     18th Mank. J955                                                        TTA              ,    T.

^*-.-----J-------                                                KANDHAJ, Applicant,

MMlfetl. *. IS* *,