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Full text of "Government Gazette Of Uttar Pradesh"

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UTTAE PRADESH GAZETTE, APRIL  16,193o                                     135



., "oSrssrs ffTir*. S^sffBSSS'^finS;   ,, TSE G°T—?1wv /r*ns- ?/Ei TVUS16

!  ^Sne "i the name of Anatirl Swaropp, the proprietor, by whom     J* *™ Oent' loan of u- P" E' El Act Bonl' for Rs a00' .mea^sy

" ^ n-vov ^.dowi-j lo   nny   nthor   person,   having   bo?n   lost      Rtailtilne ^ *he name of R.jender Kumar the proprietor by whom

I     ?S iq   iH'ivby  Bivt'ii   llinl-    HID   payment, of the abov.>   noU>     ^ was never endorsed To any othLr person, having hePn lost, notice-

'  U°   Ihe mtc-rpfii thrrnupDn IMS boon rtoppncl at  tho PnliL Debt     ^her^y B^n that the payment of the above noto nnrl the interest

IE^I-VO Bank of Viidui. Dulhi. and tEnt application is   nbou      ^ereupon has boon stoppod at th. Public Debt Offi, e, Kcgerve Bank

"      •-   -----------,nl, or Hie ,lw.'lmi-8U value it, *,,vour of the     of India, DcUn   and that thrapphcatann is about to bo 1Qade for pay-

c arc, pftutionod .ifiUwt puTohnninp or olhPi-     jnP,^ of thp diflchargo    value in favour of the pioprietor.    The

nhov^inrntionod soonriby.                                 Public are ™utioned ngauist pmTha.in5 or othcrvn* dealing with

of the  .ldwr/;wr-AN\NTJ  HWAIlOQT.

^                                                                                             j.Va/«t> r>/ t/ie Advcfltt,i

1Pf-proHidcnt   Aryu  Kany.. Pathnnla, Koorkce.                       /Jes^ce-Preaident Ary.   Kanya Pathsala,

!   (9,]G)and2S-4-'5fi)                                                                              (9, 16 and 23-4-!65)

PSUP—2 Quz. (£)—190B.

Fru.t«d   »nd   ppbliahed   bj   the   Buperintendont,   Printkig  nod  BUtumocy, Uttar Pradeeh, Allabafaui,