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ufchenviaa well-qualified.

tf OneViarict Dtwlojawnl Ojjiotr under QovmHi.wt oj Slopal.
Temporary up to February, 1955 for present but likely to la.1
for period of iirat Five Year Plan viz., end of 19Dy-flb. Pay : Its.

f>ill  digpLac M piir-um    IUL-.    nL^i.ivu.i.1. «.^r.--------

fen required for uach pa-t. UandnUlra abroad may apply on
plain papiTif forms lint avdiLVulu .md deposit fee with local Indian
Emlja-'sy. If required uandidaCra must appuar for personal inter-


S. Out TerJmicfil Officer (Drairintf), Direutaralp General nj
fttippliea and Mutpoattls. Pout permanent, but vacancy will Le
filled on temporary basis at present. Pmj : Us. 325—2.1—500—
30—HOI). Higher intial pay to specially qualified mid expert- '-,
enced candidate. _4(/fl : .Between 28 aiirl 40 yearn. Jtelnxallf
jor Government servants. Qualifications .- Essential : (i) Degron in
Civil or Mechanical Engineering of rooogniserl University 01 equi-
\dlent. (ii) About Ii yours' experience of whioh one year should
be in practical training in locomotive, carriage or Won on work-
shops and some responsible work in Drawing OJficu or .Railway
or lirm engaged in Loro, Carriage or Wagon building, (iii)
Familiarity with iiomunclaturp nnd type of locomotive, carnage and
wagon components, pounanent way materials and wi^nallin^
.stores required for use in Railways. Qualifications rulrixnlilu at
Commission's discretion in cnst? of candidates ol/henviNt; well-

f).   One  m.i.tra-Ajiaialant   Director   (Mechanical) Central   wnlcr

_.   *,*,*»..,..„*.------•-------              -        _   __„ -„.    , _,„..      and Power Comniinsion (Water Wing).    Post        tompnraiy     Imb       \

VinMijin PrndHji.   Post   permanent.    Pal/ :IU],2aO—jU—1,500.     lilely to oont,mUB     pay.   RH. 275—'23—300—TC.B.—30—r,0— 3D—

•--   '     •   •         -     -------"-    -~1-R°'1    —•»——-      -— *       goo    Higher mlial pay to   specially qualified     aiirl   cxpt-UL-nrfrl

Candidatr>.    Age   :   Below   30   years.    Rclaxable. for   (forrninifit    t
servants.    Qualifications : Essential      (i)     Dpgroo   in  Aim Unniral
Engineering of recognised Univorsit.y or equivalent, (ii) About, Iwo
year's oxptmenee    of mnmtauanrn und operation   of Sln-haninal
at, tractors, heavy vi'hirle-H uti-.
Valloy   Projects,    diosul     and

power  hotiSEH     Qualifications rola:iablc  ut,   Cominiaaion's
discretion in case of candidates otherwise woll-qualifiecl.

II). Five Engineers anrl Hhip Surveyors, Mercnn/tl*- Ma fins
Department, Minmtry of Transmit. Posts permanent. Prefai'Biinn
given to candidates belonging to aboriginal and Tribal rommuni-
tiefl and Scheduled CastPH, if such suitable candidates availnlile,
Pfliy:EsSOO—40—1,000—1,000—1,030—1,050—E.J3.—1J 00—1,100
—1,1-10—,"50 — 1,300. Higher initial pay to uppnally qualified
nnd experienced raudidates. Age : TBetwocu i.T and 40
years. Relasrnbh Jor Government servants. Quulijtcatvons :
'Kssenlial : (i) Certificate of competency as Jfivsl. ClaHri Enginepr.
(Steam and Motor), (ii) About five years' service at sea-, part
of winch as Chief En pin t-pr or Second Engineer in Foreign going
ships. Qualifications nMaxuble at Commission's rliHcrelmnincase
of candidates otherwise wpll-qualifind.

NOTE :—Selected candidates with First Claaa Certificates
only will he eligible for confirmation only IS months after
they obtain extra first class certificate with motor endorse-
ment and complete satisfactorily nuch drpartmonal training
as may be prescribed in India or m IT. JC. .Selected candidates
possessing extra Master's certificate will bo required to comploto
satisfactorily such training as may be prescribed by Uovornment
in India or U. K Thereafter they will be on probation for IS

211 .{Distant Mechanical Enfiiiipers, Ministry aj Railwnya.     months before   they   can he considered for confirmation.
PMtt^orao;   for two yaaw in flM   iiMtanra,   but    likely   to          u.    One Lady FuWic Health and Nwring Supervltor, PriMWJ

continues posts  Carved forSchoduled    Castes   onefor Schedu-     Henlth Centre, NajafgarJi. Delhi Staff, mnler Delhi Mate   Oatwi-
ledTw^undonefar Anglo_I«*jnji   jf *«h «"*•"• o-ndidatei    rileni.   Post temporary for Represent but likey to bocomo perm*-
,    H-,L?rfr-^J!~^Sti~™°-30-.190--EB-30-770    Bent.   Pay . Ra. 260-15-440-20-500.    Convoyancn dlowance
f.   Higher initial pay ta specially   qualified    and   exna-     u.   9n   pPr mensem.   Higher   initial   pay to  specially qualified

~~~ 45 years, ftelaasrible J<*)'
senwe up to the extent nf
• (i) B. Sc. (Honours) in
Public Health or M.Sr.

___ Midwife and Health Visitor

with Post-graduate training in Public Health, (ii) About 3 yearf'
experience in Public Health Field, (iii) Fluency in Hindu
Qualifications relaxablo at Commission's discretion jn'caso of oau-
diclatas otherwise well qualified.

™,,of «,t o-niiwfj L'mvcrsity on ijuivdlent     (ii) Ahnnt three 3 pam

^"i'liL/iiiUnvermnent oth'te (ptafridLly  tL-ctniral organhsatmn)

in suunrvisnrv . upacny, of work relating to administration,
vdcounta and establishment, (,j!) Knowledge of Government

rules anil rogulat'ona.   QuahfiLationq relaxahle   ut Commission a

discretion in cape of candidates otherwise •nell-rjujlifled.

r nf titalth Services and Insptilor Gemml oj   Prisons,
K«nnmin i-ni»(4A.    Pos^   permanent.    Pay : R=). 1,250—30—1,500.

Hi'dwr intial pay u> apaoially   ijuahfiecl    and experienced    candi.

data. (Private {iractice induing laboratory and consultant prac-
tice is prohibited). -4ye : Below 50 years. Eelaxattejor Govern.
mgatuwmtH. Qualijititii™ E»-i i./iol* : {i) Medical qualifi.

cationa inchirlt-d   inonuufthri   schedules to the Indian   Medical      ¥BW , t,MJ1,Jlcl^D    UJ  ^ulM1.vaMa.u-^
Couuril Acb, 1W33.   |ni Diploma   in   Public Health,     (iii) A bout     WorkHhnp machinery and cqtupnior

•lOjwN   ..sperionce of health   adrainihtratii-n   in preventive and     heavy  machinery,   usud in Kivor
cura,lii'? fields.    Qualifiedtionrelaiiible at Commission a discretion     ateam    power  housen     Quahfieatic
in ca^u of cdndidatos otherwiee well-qualified.

3. One Acecruntitnt Mwibess, lncomR~tax Appellate Tribunal,
under ^linittry aj Laiu. Post temporary at present butlikely
to eonrinnn indefinitely. Post luservpd for Scheduled Caste
candidatebbutifnoguitahle Scheduled Ca«te candidato available,
post troatcJ js unreserved- Pay: E.],800—100—2.000. Higher
initial pay to specially qualified and experienced candidate;

^gt> : Between. 40 jnd 4o yenif. Belaxablc Jor QoEerhintnl ser-
vant* (}miltjlentiatia ; Selection \vill be made from .iinorigst
randul.itu'dfrnm the accountancy profession ag-well a9 those al-
ready -n -• rviru. CandidJtu* from the prnfcgsion must ha-?e been,
for At lea-t ten vour-, in practice ,iri C'ljartared ^ccouJitant under
ChattdrvjJ -AfL'ountants ^ct, 1949 (XXXVIII of 194S) or as

ri-'i-jternd Accountant under any law formerly  m farce  or partly

a-, Begi«cen>i]  ^cuountuut  and portly as Chartered ^ccountsnt,

piefei'enct: buna given to those with same experience of income-tax

hiw jml practke.    CVuidulcites   from service  should have  heir] the

pi-^c uf A'sistant Commit on or (nr t'quiv.ilpnt post) in Income-
ox Pi-p-irtment fnr period of atlod<it four years profecence being

given     ta those    with  accountancy)  qualifications1    Other thingh

buinc;   uinial. pri-furence to candidates from the   servire.

3. One Aawtant Swfffim (Women) Grade 1 in Hospital
for MentaJ DwaAes, Ranch!. peinjanent. Pay - RH
200—10-S30 —1 a—3^5—E.B-—] 5—400—JO—43l). plus non-practi-
sing allowance of 25 per cent, of p«y plus fres unfumiahed
quartera. Higher initial pay to specially qualified and expe-
nano«d caudWsto. d&* : Below 35 yeara. Melaxablefar Govern-
tnpto 4D JMBH, Qualijifntian* s Mtatnlial : (i)
indeed ia anq of th& sohscluleB to the

Under Secretary,