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Statement Showing the operations of the Registration Department Uttar Pradesh, for the quarter ending

December 31, 1954

Total number of documents registered in Books I, III and IV
					Total Expenditure

	Total .Receipts
 Fn iifii qiiarti-r pf 1!)5*     (Oi-tnbfcr., NomnLer and Dectmber, 19i34j l-'i'i Ih riutirtfr of l'J53 (October, Xo^mbrr and Der ember, iPn.'J)
51,393 49,674
 3,323 3,759
 54,716 53,433
 «, 26,409 M7.541
 3,43,618 3,38,271

Fur the whule yi i\t 1954
For the whole year 1953

+ 1,719

+ 1,283         —8,868



253,815       30,78,011     —13,69,64J
221,716        28,39.850        13,39,048

+33,173          —1.U74

+32,099    +2,38,161



Inspector General of  fiegixtration

Monthly Agricultural Report o! Uttar Pradesh for the
Month of February, 1955

/ — tfeasoit

During the first and second weeks of tlie month
under review, there were light showers to moderate
rain in most districts of the State and no rain in the
rest. During the third and fourth weeks, there was
practically no rain throughout the State. The total
rainfall for the month was in defect of the normal in
all the districts except a few, where it was in excess.

// — Agricultural operation,*

Preparation of land for, and sowing of. the next
sugarcane and :aifJ crops continued practically
throughout the State. Harvesting and crushing of
the standing sugarcane crop for the manufacture of
.sugar, ynr and fdb were in progress. Harvesting of
t'iirly fubi crops, particularly peas, mustard and saican
also commenced in some districts The standing
nibi and the newly sown -nitl crops were irrigated in
a few districts.

Ill — Stttftdiny crops

fV — Prospects of harvest

llains during the month proved beneficial to the
standing crops. The condition of the standing rabi
crops and their prospects of outturn continued to be
generally satisfactory except in areas a fectecl by
hail, frost and drought. On the basis of the informa-
tion. received so far from the District Officers,, the
average anna condition of rabi crops for the State is
estimated at 13'5 annas or about 84 per cent, of the
normal (10 annas- denoting the normal crop).

V — Damage to crops

Slight damage to tlw» standing rabi crops by frosit
waft reported from the Allahabad, Banda and Rae
Bareli district*. There was hailstorm towards the
close of the mouth in certain villages of the Muzaffar-
nagar, Banaras and Azamgarh districts. Localized
damagf to the wheat and Iwnley crops by water-logging

and rust was reported from the Sultanpur district.
According to the reports received from the Entomolo-
gist to Government. Uttar Pradesh, some damage by
field rats to the wheat, barley, gram, peas and sugar-
cane crops was caused in several districts of the State.
Stray attacks by insect pests on the standing crops
were also reported from several districts. Control
measures against these field rats and peats were under-
taken by the Plant Protection Service, Uttar Pradesh.

VI—Agricultural stock

The condition of the live-stock was on the whole
satisfactory although cattle diseases have, aa usual,
been reported from a number of districts. The figures
for the number of seizures, deaths and mortality from
infectious cattle diseases during this and the preceding
months are presented in the table given below, which
has been prepared from the data furnished by the
Director of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries, Uttar
Pradesh. It would be seen from this table that, as
compared with the previous month, there was a
of 10-3 per cent, in the total number of seizures but a
decline of 23'7 per cent, in the total number of deaths,
resulting in a decline in mortality from 11 to 8. As
regards Anthrax, there were 64 cases of seizures and 60
cases of deaths as against no case of seizure or death
during the preceding month. In respect of Haeni.
Sept. there was a rise of 35 3 per cent, in the number
of seizures and a rise of 44 6 per cent, in the number of
deaths, giving a rise in mortality from 90 to 96. In
the caae of Black-quarter, both the number of seizures
and deaths increased to about 3 and 2 5 times respec-
tively those in the preceding month, but mortality fell
from 100 to 80. There were decreases of 68-1 per
cent, and 71-6 pe; cent, respectively in the nuinbe,- of
seizures and deaths from Rinderpest and mortality also
fell from 81 to 72. As regards Foot-and-Mouth disease,
there was a rise of 15-8 per cent, in the number of
seizures but a decline of 40*9 per cent, in the number
of deaths, resulting in a decline in jnortality from 0*43
to 0-22. There was no case of seizure or death from
Other Diseases during this month as against 6 cases
of seizures and 5 of deaths in the previous month,