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TABLE  : Number of seizures, deaths and mortality
from infectious cattle diseases during the months of
January and February, 1955.


Jim.     Fob.    SMI.     Fob     Jan.     Feb.
2           11


Anthrax                              ..         .          04                   110      ..          94

Knemorrugiu Septicaemia,        U15      2U1      19!i      ^79        DO        DO

Black-quarter                   .           I-I        4<l        14        35      10U        HO

Rinderpest                               fi!)U      172      436      124        81        72

Foot-und-mouth               ..    5,17:5 5,US7       ^2        13      0-430-2:!

Otlior DiNOdHOB                .            0      ..            fl       ..          S3

..  5.U40    b',558      H70      G1J

Number oi deaths

Morlnlilji---------------------------------=-X 100

Number oi HUIZUTGH

V//—-Panto/rage, and fodder

Pasturage and fodder were generally reported to
be adequate in all tlie districts of the State except a
few where there was some scarcity of pasturage.

VIU—Health and labour in rural areas

The health of the labouring population engaged in
agriculture in rural areas was reported to Ibe generally

Director of Agriculture.


NO,     17

Api'ijicJATiuNH tiro invited for the undermentioned posta from
Indian citizjnn ami persons migrated from Pakistan with intention
of pjinidiieutly soLtling in Tudia or aubjeots of Nopal, Sikkim 01
Porfcugrowu or iormur Jfronch possessions in Indui. Upper ago-
limitrrlAxubloby B yoar« for Scheduled Castes, Tribal and Abori-
ginal comnuuiltiQH and up to 45 yearn for displaced persons from
PakibtJdi rtiul uon-liborated areas of Jammu and Kashmir. No
rolnxtiiion for othnrH, savo iii exceptional cases and -will in no • aaao be
relaxed huyonil tlu'ue yours. Particulars and application lorma
from Boerotaiy, Union Public Service Commission, Post Box No.
180, Now Dollu. Requests For forms must specify name of post
and uliould bo accompanied by self addressed imstamped envelope
for each post at loaat of sizie 0" X 4" indicating thereon name
of post for which forms arc required. Closing date for receipt of
npplwatioa uith treasury receipt or Crowed Indian Postal Orders
for Ra.7-S (RB.1-U for Scheduled Castos and Tribes) 2 1st May,
10S5 (4th. June, 1D5B for applicants from abroad). Commission
may remit genuinely indigent and oona fide displaced person .s
fee. Nopai-ato application with separate fee required for each post.
Candidates abroad may apply on plain paper if forms not available
and deposit foe with local Indian Embassy. If required can-
didalcs must appear for personal interview.

1. 1'hrw Civil Engineer* Jor the Salt Orffantiai ion.
Minulru oj Production. General Central Service, Class II. One
post permanent, Second post temporary but likely to be made pBr-
m meut and the third post in tomporary but hfcjy to ™^uaue. f "P :
Ks.273-25-500-KB.-30-650~,0-SOO Higher in- tial p ay to
specially qualified and experienced candidate. Affs - Helow M
ywm. I&uabUJor Government servants. gwatytwtwn* . Awm-
ti<il-(i) Degreo in Civil Engineering of a recognised University or
0(iuivalent ^ualificationa. (U) About two years' ^P^buMm^
civil engineer in the construction aud mamton ^enfl°/ ,™1m^«
roads, e«nalHf culverts and aluiflea, ^c. Qualmoationa rolaxablo at
CommisHion's discrstiottin -case of candidates otherwise well-quali-

2,   On* Director of Training nnd L^inff «•
Vwrtotni.   Ministry oj Conrwnioation*.
Post permanent;   Other thing.s being ^qnal,
to ScneduledOastes/Tribesoan^dates, Pay

100—1,700. High or initial pfi.\ to »pi'i_-ially qualified and experienced Aye- BiH-n een JU and -15 year». Itclazablejoi Govern-
ment servant^. Qualif irntinns • Essential—fi) Degree1 of lecoEj-
iiiserl University, (n) About 10 years' administrative cxpeiipnuo in
any branch of Aviation oi about five yeais experience as a Senior
Pilot (ir Captain in operative companies cr flying clubs or the Aii
Force, (in) Knowlerljio uf lans anrl regulation^, goveining Civil

. Aviabion particularly Ilio&L'relating to persoml h ending, Airline
operating standards. Air Traffic Control and Rules uf the Air and
Communication Pincodure. Qualifications relavaUe at Commis-

•   sion's discretion in cn^L* of candidates otherwise\vell-quahfied.

a. One JiLDeftnh (Jjjicer (Xnmjatiuns) In, ihc. Central Wafar
untl Fnwci JlevaiL-Ji Station, Ponna, Mmifify of linqntion and
Power. Post permanent, but the appointment will be made on
a temporary basis and Delected candidate will bp r*onsidered foi
confirmation along with cbheis m the same oi equiva'ent grades.
Pay Tlh.aaO—SOU—3SQ—330—30—.inn—E B.—3U— 770—40— SoO.
Hiyliei in tial jjuy to specially qualified and exptriemed candi-
date. A<fc : Bulow 40 yf-arp. Eela&ablr for Govern i-ent servant.
Qualification*: Emntial. (i) At least 2nd Cless degree in Engi-
neering, preferebly Electrical and Meohnical, Irom reeo|?nii3ed
University ur equivalent, (ii) About two years" expericnne in a
Hydraulic laboratory, preferably in harbour estuaiy and tidal mo-
duls. Qualifications relaxable <?t Commission's discretion, in cafle
of '•andiflaias atlierwisc well-qualified.

4. One Senior Mauler (Welder), Central Training Institute far
Inatwtora, KoniCainji, Dilaspur, Ministrt/of labour. Temporary
up to 31st August 19o5 for present hut likelv to continue and
be made permanent eventually. Reserved for Scheduled Caste
candidate if amiable candidate forthcoming otherwise treated aa
unrcdervetl. Pay : Rs.300—23—500 Hiffher intial pay to
specially qualified and experienced candidate. Age' Below
4,1 years, fichcxable for Government seiaants. Qual'Jirationat
Essential--(i) llatnculation of Eecognibod University or Board,
(ii) Ceitificate of Profic'ency in welding with apprenticeship and/or
training in welding in Industrial concern of reput*3. (iii) About
5 years' Industrial and/or teaching experience. Qualifications
relaxablc at Commission's discretion in case of candidates other-
TV lae well-qualified.

d. (a) Out Pathologic, JSafdar -rung, Hospital, New Delhi, (b)
one Patholoifial (Clfni' ul Path'ilogif)WittingiJoii Hospital andUur&ing
Home, New Delhi, under Ministry aj Hraltli. Post for Safdar Jnng
Hospital permanent and the other post temporary) but likely to be
made pcrmament. Pay: R&.300—25—500—E.E.—30—fi30—E.B.—
30—SuO plus non-practising allowance of 2 "5 p^r cent, of pay. Selet*- ^
ted candidates will be debarred from all prix'ate practice including
laboratory and consultant practice. Higher intial pay to specially
qualified and experienced candidate. Age : Below 45 years'
llela.cable Jor Gnenvnent servants. Qualifications: Essential' (i)
Medical qualification included in one of the schedules to the Indian
Medical Council Act, 1D33. (ii) Post-graduate degree Or diploma
in Pathology or in Bacteriology or in Medicine with Pathology aa
&pecial subject, (iii) About 3 years' practical experience in
Pathological laboratory or in Pathological Department of Medical
College or Hospital. Qualifications relaxable at Commission's
discretion in case of candidates otherwise well-qualified.

fi. Ten Assistant Executive Engineer (?i/r) Mihlnftf tiny Inner
Services, Ministry I/ Defence* Post temporary but likely to con-
tinue Two posts reseived far scheduled Oasterf and one post foi'
Scheduled Tribes, if such suitable oandidatpH available. Remaiiamg
postq unreMir^ed. Pay: Rs.35€— 350— 38C— 3SO— 30— 3BO—
jg B. _ 30 _ 7TO — 40—830. Higher initial pay to .specially qualifipd
and experienced candidates Age : Between 23 acd 40 years.
Rel'jxablejor Government sen tints. Qualifiraliwm : Essential i (i)
Degree in Civil Engineering or recojjnigcd Univeraity or equiva^
lent, (ii) About throa years' experience in Civil Engineering
covering good executive and Some drawing and dcsian. experience.
Qualifications relaxable at Commissian's discretion in case of can-
didates otherwise well-qualifled.

7. One Director, Child Guidance Clinir, Qolhffe of Parsing,
A eif Lelhi. Post temporary but likely to become permanent.
p,t'i Rs GOO— iO— 1,000. Higher intial pay to bpecially qualified


,t'i                —   — ,.

and experienced   candidate.    Aw : Between 35   and    45
Qunlifi-atuHia : Eswitt'il • d) master's Deer-se or equivalent
tication m Psychology,    (iij About 2 years'    experience   of
conneetedwith Child Guidance    Clinics and/or Mental Hvgience
Clinics,    (iii)   About   3   years' teaching experience in college or
nursing school,    (iv)   Some Administrative experience.    Qnalifica*
tions relaxable   at   Commission's   discretion  for   othennse   welU
qualified candidates.

8    One Superintendent of Nursing Services, Delhi   Stats under
the, Delia, State Government.   Poat tamporaty likely to continue.
:Rs.350-25-500-B.B.-30r650   plus       usual   alWance.
er initial pay to specially qualif ed and experienced candidate.
• Below 60 years.    Relaxable for Government servants.    Quahfi-
: Essential : (i) At least Matriculate erf recognised Univeraity
ent    (n\    'A* Grada Nurse with diploma of recognised
fa nJSLg administration,    (iii) Tracing as Tutor Sister.
10 vears' administrative experience in general hospitals
Nursing SuperintSdent of Matron of ho^ital.
indi.   Qualifications relaxable at Comnuaaion s
in oaae of candidates otherwise well-qualified.
One Animator, Cartoon Film Unit-Mi^ryofljtfowatwn,
Past temporary up to 29fch Fobrttary 1056,   Be.