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-j-mil icr rfc'h^luk'd 1',-^tL- candidate if -null suitable candidates
na'l.'bli1 i.thiTwi-f tn-iitud a- uniev-rved. Pn't ' Ra.720 — 4U —
I.I'HHI. HiJj-r imti.l paj tn -peci.illv qualified and experienced
• •amlirljt, . |i^:HL>l<w 43 \<-ar>s. /.'• tn mblt Jor (fueein incut *rr
'nit''-. mmiifivftirjii* Kwiitinl U) Diploma in Coniineruidl
nr I'm.' An- iV'Jtu n <-uuui.-3t.-d Si-honl ur C'llleyts ut \rts. (u) Ab.mL
-o^.-u vcuia' •.•.vperieiiLt- in Commercial Art (til) Adequate Eilu-
putioual anil Cultural background, Qualifications lelaxabk jl
rummi-fcinii'- i LN<.T*ti.jn m c-iis- oi iimdidat^ othnmidt wHJ-qiiHli-

10.    TILO f,i-Rifm.*n Attuutmfs Uaitoon Film   L'n't

<ifXtifor)iittt'ott andfiromli-a/ilinff Post temporary up to 29th Febr-
'j«ry, I'JfiU. 1'ini : K3 fiUU—3n—Oi. Higher initial pay to specially
quali 1'ed rind uxpuneuced candidate Aye'. Bdow 45 years}.
liibuabh for (iatrrnment stn-ants. (jitnUftciitiot^ : Essential : fil
ruplomu in C'uiuiiiL-rtial or Fine Arts from rei oam>5ie4l School or Collect1
nf Art- in) About fi\e j tar- experience in Commercial Art. fin)
Adeqimtf Educational iiud Cultural background. Qualifications
r^la\abli- tit Cotnmi^ion^ disr-retion in ca=n of candidates -4"1---------

11.    O/K Junior fr tenttflc Off leu, Iiidiitu Xwal G/iciHnul and
Mtl>irlnnitinl Labuintvrt/1 Humba-/    Ministfi/ uf Di-fence.    Pu&t tem-
porary but hkeh to b* nuiile permanent.    Pan : Ks.275— 25— 5UU—
K.B.— 30 — UJO — £ B. — 3U — SUU.    Higher  initial pay  to  specially
qualified diid expentnced   candidate.    Atju : Preferably below 30
years.    Quulifimtitinx : Essential : At    least  second class   Master &
or fuumdent Honour* ilcareu in Physics of recognised University,
preferably with reseaich experience in onw or more of the following :
in)   Chemical Physics, \b) Spoctroscopy, (c) Electrical and Magnetic
medflurenii ntn ttf) IiHtrmnentatioii.

12.    Tito   Junior   Scinnfffic   Off kef a,   Indian   Saval   Physical
Znbnmtori/, Canfiin : M mint fit of Dttencc*   Post temporary but likely

tn be mtide permanent. Pay : fid.275— 25— 500— E.B.— 3D— 650—
E.H.— 30— SUO. Higher initial pay to specially qualified and ex-
perienced candidates. Aqe : Preferably below 30 yeard. Qualiftca-
ftoitt i Essential : (0 At least second ola«s Ala-ter's or equivalonl
Honours degree in Physicn of recognised University, preferably with
reseiroh experience in one or more of the following subjects : Far
uite post -, (a) Electro-Acoustics, (b) Phyaic-a of underwater sound.
(c.) Seisomology or Marine Physics. For second pa*t : (a) Ionospheric
ivtieurch. (b) Eadar.

13.  _ One Assistant  Education Offtctr (Teihnical) : Mlnistiy of
bducattofl.   Post temporal v, but likely to  be made   permanent.
Pay : -Rs.350— 350— 380—380—30—390.    Higher     initial  pay   to
specially  qualiried   and  experienced   candidate.    Age • Below   25
>e,irs.    Beltwttble fur  GoL-erninent servants.    Qualifications: Essen-
tial : (i) Degree in Engineering or Technology preferably first class
of irTognised Univer-ity or (u) Master's degree in Science of recoff-
mst'd Uuivetsiiy with ti'i-ht class at graduate or poat-graduate level.
(juolificotiona relnsable at Uoinmission> fliscretion in case of can-
didatn-3   otherwise   well-qualified.


It is notified for general information that recruitment to 19 posts
of TranwuiM-iioii Aagistanb in All-India Radio. Ministry of Information
,iiul BroadL-a^ting adverri&ed m Commiasion's advertisement no. 52
of 11)54 (item 14 of Part "A'J which appear -d on llth December,
19.14, ia herewith L-aiicelbd, Application fee will be refunded to
candidates m due t?oui>f .

H. 3. -DEVG'AN,
Under Sccrutary,


[Xrilte twbr -ffttufl lOli) of the Indian Trade Unions Ait, 19201

WHEREAS* the Railway Potters and Coolies Union, Dshra Dun
iv-s»ist°red uail-* no. 117? of 1953-34, a^ a Trade Union under sec-
tion R of the Indian T»de Union.3 Act, 1926 (XVI of 1926) contra-
\*pnedth" provisions of Action 28 of the said Act by failin-* to
submit to the undesigned its annual return/a correct annual return
fr te ,

\\nFBJ3AS Liu1 Star Papw Mdlts Workers Union, fcjaharaiipUr.
regibten-d >i& a Trade U^iun under no. 486 of 1948-4'J, wa.j inspected
bv the AH^tant Ti-jdo Unions J nftpector on January 22, 1955, ami
hih bjiot enquiries fovi-'.ik'd that no inumber of the Union had puid
sub^' 1'iptiou for the last one your.

And whereas, tli<- ini'mliL-rHhip CL-USLH on failure tu pay b\\i\ c/m
.-"i'iitn-e inunihl> lust.dmeina of subacuptinn atJCortlme; irj urtic'le
9 nf tlie iinioiiri rijgistcii-(l conatituticm.

Anil \nheiva^, no meeting ot the Umou way held and tin- union
did unt maintain any admias-iou form, proicecliny books tlnd mcm-
b'-HJhip ri'uialL'i1, .uitl tlio yi'uretary of thu Uuion had Jutiniated in
Ins letter rl.itL-d fcjijpti'iubin- 3, 1U54, that he had bouii trying to or-
ouuisi- the Union autl nNo to ori'auge tor tlio t;loctioii but ho uould
iiot b" sateRfihtul.

No\t therefuro, it appears that the above named Union htis now

Notice uuder seutioit 10(6) of the ]ndmn Traclo Unions Aut, 1U2(5
H, thfrefoiv, heiehy given to the Star Paprr Mills Workers Union,
fe'tihdranput', to show cause to tlio undesigned within 2 months
from the date of the repHiptolthia notice why th« certifiLate of
regiritratimi granted tu it should not be i-mii cllprl on tlif ground Ihiifc
the Union h-iH unw piMWil tu exist.

WTIEEBAH the Tradu LTnioiia lUnpecloi1 niHjjeuted the
_Bi'at*y Sheet Mills Workmens Trade Union, Morridab-id, I'egihtureil
aa a trade union under no. 1247 of 1953-54, on January 18, I!)(i5.
and WH npot enquiries revealed that the Secretary of tho Qmou had
taken no actionto remove tho diffitienoios pointed out to him during
the course of the last inspection of tho U nion on May 27, 1954. At
tJif» timn of tho ingpection the rc-giatrtitinu oertificnto and tho
copy of the registered oonatitution of the union wero not found with
the Union Tho Union had no nubmiHHion forms iind it wan alsn
noticed thut iao maetiiig of the union had been conducted alter
December 15, 1053. No member of the union had paid «my Hub-
cviption foi the last 9 months in tho year 1954-55, whoii according
to registered constitution of the union a person tieasDa to bo a member
of the union on hia failure m payment of throe successive instalments
of hia subscription. The union has also failed to comply with the
statutory formalities for getting its changed address registered.
The Union was instructed vide my office letter dated August Q, 1954,
that if the rccoids of HIP union Avere not kept propwly and the
provisions of its con&litutinn wen- not complied with the regi&tm-
lion of the union shall have 1 o bo nine oiled but nn notic-i- was takin
It, therefore, appears that the union is not functioning now and it
has ceased to exist.

Xotice under section 10(6) read with section 12 of thu Indian
Trade Unions Act, 1926 ia, therefore, hereby given to the UraaH
Slioet Mill Workmen's Trade Union, Mora-dabad, to allow cause to the
undersgined within 2 inonlha from the receipt oi this notke why the
cnrtificate of registration grunted to it should not be cancelled on tho
ground that union hap now ceased to exist and h«,s committed a
breach of aforesaid section 12,

g s annua reurna correct annual return
for the , yaar ending on Ihrch 31, 1954, by July 31, 1954, the date
PRKAtwd by regulation 17 of the Regujfttiona framed under th«
Indian Tradf Unions Act J926. n notice under section lu(b) of the
Mid Act -was itturd to the aold Union to show cause, within two
month? of th« sen-ice of the notice, why the certificate of ita reeia-
tratiQu should not be cancelled. The period of the notice expired
on March 22, 1855. The annual return/a correct annual Stum
date y*" dweribed al)0vB has not beeu toaWud even up to this

rf t

\\THEBEA3 the Wimco KarmachrU'i Union Clutterbuckgan j, BareHlj
registernd under no. 1013. of 1951-52, aa a Trade Union under sec-
tiou 8 of the Indian Trade Unions Ant, 1926 (XVI of 1926), cont-
ravened the provsions of section 28 of the said Act by failirg to
submit to the- undersigned its Annual Be turn for the year ending
on March 31, 1954, by July 31, 1954, the date prescribed ty regu-
lation 17 uf the Regulations fremed under the Inditn Titde UEICIIS
Act 1926, a notice under section 10(6) of tic said Act wre issued to
thn said Union to show cause, within two months of the service
of the notice, why the certificate of its registratirn stculd ret be
cancelled. The period of the notice expnrd en March 17, 1S55-
The Annual Ketum for the year described above has not been furni-
shed even up to thifl date.

No cause having bean shown, the certificate, of registration of the
Wimco Kannaehari Union, Cluttcrbuckganj, Br,reilly, is ierety
cancelled under section 10(6) of the Indian Trade Unions, Act 1926.

The President of the Union, Sri Dasbari Lai Sharma, and the
Secretary/General Secretary, Sri Koran Singh, are also hereby
warned that this time only the regiatratirn certificate cf tl e -Uriai
ia cancelled for non-submission of the Eeturn by the presented

- ^uwaaa «ir non-suomisaion oi TJDB jxeuurn Dy the presented
d<ltfl- In fa*™e legal action will be taken agairst the cffice bearaa
?f the ITnion, under section 31 of the Indian Trade Uniona Act, 1926,
in the event of recurrence of such a default.