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WHERKAa the U T Iwumnou Employees Association, Lurknow,
regigbered as n, Trade Union undor no. 57R of the year 1948-4D, has
committed, a broach of sec-toon 28 of the Indian Trade Unions Act,
J026 (XVI of 1920), read with regulation 17 of the Regulations
under tho said Act-by failing to submit tr» tho undersipnnd a
correct Annual Tlaturn for the year ended with the 31st of
March, 1954, by the prescribed date, viz., tho 31st of July,
1954. notice under section 10(6) of the Indian Trade Union" Act,
19215, ia hereby given to tho U. l>. Insurance Employees Auho-
cutioJi, Lueknuw, to show cause to the undersigned on or before
the expiry of two months from the date of receipt of this notice,
why the iWtilicate of Ilogistrntion granted to it should not he

\Vff03RB\q thn LU'-hwil Mofcoi- Transport, Waders (Jnion, Kot-
dw.mi, Gnrliwn.1, registered as a Trade Union under no. 1145 of
the veur 19fi;!-i)-l, has committed abroach of section 28 of the
Indian Trarlw Unuins Act, 192R, (XVI of 15)26). read with regula-
tion 17 of the Bogul.ilionH under the said Act by failing to
submit to Lhe undorsignr-d u correct Annual Return for the year
ended with the 81st of Mamh, 1954, by the proscribed date,
vi!!., tho 31st of July, 1954, notice- under section 10(6) of the
Indian Trade Umona Act, 1026, is hereby given to the Uarhwal
Motuv TranHpurt \Vorkoi-N Union, Kotdwara, Gtirhwal, to show
cause to tho uudursigried on or before the expiry of two
months from the dnto of receipt of th'is notice, why the Certificate
of Registration granted to it should not be cancelled.


( Notice nude/- ^eH-ton :\L oj the, Town I^utoi" >u< nt Act VIII 0/1919)


Aa I'L'tjuirud by tuition 3U ui the U. P. Tuvn liupro\ tWeui
Act VIII of liM9, notice is lit-ieby giwii a fcUu flats unlit lee
ACCOMODATION IN CHIPITOLA. " lirt- !•• .«n ,unl 1*
lii-ing pxiblis-hed •

The bounddi'iL'3  of J.IL-J   comprised  in   HIL-  is'th* in^ »re :
North — Kiiflu.  ^ay and liou-se  iiu j;i7(J_
Eaat — 10' widtjJaiie and Cantoi'Bitiit Limit
South— Shop nu. 527ti on Olia roadaud house   no.  527u.
Wust— Houses iioti. 5275, o274 and -3^73 mid ChipitoLi road.

The mip tit the area tincL a bta-tL-pitiil ijl the lands piopubfd
to be acquired may be seen at the office uf tliu Improvement Tm-t,
118, On a Lines " Swadeshi Bima Building ", ASIEI, on fill -working
duyia between the huura 11 n.jn,to5pDi

Any person objecting to the Scheme
of this notice, send hiw objection in wutjn

iLiy, "witliin &jit^ dujc
lo tLt-   Impi nvc ment

'ltrtl .-\iifil Hi, 1955

M. 0. PANT.


MIJ it knnun in all <hnt tliu joint family business styled as Messrs.
Bubu Limn Tnlm Kiim >vt I'lii-lcinsgauj, Sultanpur, has been divi-
ded .uiil convurtufl JtiUj ii ]j.ir1.niTfcihip concern with the following
pfti'tnr-rH, with effect from 71 h Octobor, I!)fi4- :


Minnrn, ndinitted to the houefibs  ot


hi Ki-ttiii KiitniiT.")
n VHlmL Kumur.J


ITimoi!) in liuroby gi\ron that the firmGaupatrai Maunalal, Deoria,
dissolved dim tn thu death of Uaiuudhar on 30th .February, 1D55,
and tho olUi'i1 pnrtnera of tho firm agreed to lake his widow Gogi
as a partner m tlio HUM! firm with effect from 21st February, 1955, and
ndmittod ,higul KiHhoro tho minor, son of Banaidliar to the bene-
fits oi parliifrHhip in tin* extwit of I/8th in a rupee.




Thu duvermnuut prumiasoiy note no. DH01946' of the 3 per cent.
Victroy Lonii 195 J for Ra.200 originally standing in the name of
Imperial Hank of India and last endorsed to Jhaman. Lai, The
proprietor by whom it was never eudorged to any other person,
having boon detttroyud. Notice is hereby given that the payment
oi' tho abovo noto and tho interest thereupon has been stopped at
the Public Debt Office, Kosorvo Bank gf India, Delhi, and that appli-
cation ia about to be madw for tho issue of duplicate for payment
of the discharge valuo in favour of the proprietor. The public are
uautioned against purchaning or otherwises dealing with tbe above-
mentioned Becurity.

e oj wZ

[30-4, 7,14.5.55,]


Resident of Jantwa-Katra,
District Agra,,

M. A. QUE AISHI, i.c s..


[23-30-4 & 7-5-!ao.]


THE bond nos. L. K. 00039501, L. K. 0003S502, L. K. 00039303.
L.K. 0003950 t,L. K.0003S505, L. K. U0030506 and L K. 0003U507,
of the 2k per cent, of U. P. Zamindsn Abolition Compensation
Bonds for Rs 50, Rs.100, Rs.500, rts.1,000, Rs. 1,000, Rs.1,000 and
Ra.1,000, respectively, originally standing in the name of Satin
Daman Prasad, Narain Singh, by whom they wore never endorsed
lo any other person having been lo?t or stolen, notice is hereby
given that the payment of the above bonds and the interest there-
upon hag been stopped at the Public Debt Office, Reserve Bank of
India, Lucknow and that application ia about to be made for tha
issue of the duplicates in favour of the proprietor. The public aro
nautioned against purchasing or otherwise dealing- with the above-
mentioned securities.

Name of the person notifying—Sfaatru Daman Prasad Ndrtiin
Singh Sharma, Advocate.

Residence—Shankerpur Estate, post office Mania, district Sarnn.
(Tempy. rwidence—Kadctuikuan (Nala side), Patna—3.
LG, 23 a 30-4-'55.1


" Krishna Kumar, minor, having attained majority has become
partner in Messrs. Bool Chand Faqir Ohand, Dhampur, with effect
&om 9th October, 19S4".



NuTl'OE is heieby given under sectirn o3 oi line Kijtjiir TTibcn
Arua Development Act, 1945 (VI of 1945) that the Kanpur Develop-
ment Board hatf framed a tilum Clearance-cKW-Re-Hcueirg Sclicinp
no. 56, for insanitary area in Civil Lines behind the piemifced of
Messrs. Ford and ^Vlacdonald Ltd. The boundaries of the Scheme
are a9 under:

" Ooinmencing from north-west iromer of promises no. 14/
35. and going east along Parbati Bagla load up to north-east
((orner of premises no. 14/35, then moving south along western
boundary of bungalow no. 14/36 ; and thtu moving ea&t along
southern boundary of bungalow no. 14/36, 14/b7 and 14/38
up to Koad no. 54, then moving south along this road up to
narth-east comer of premises no. 14/42; then moving wesb
along western boundary of bungalow no. 14/42 and 14/44( up
to road no, 55 ; then, moving \vesl along road no. 55, up to
the south-west corner of i ngalow no. 14/45 ; then moving
nurth along western bounaary of h»imgalow no. 14/45 and
14'35, up to the atortng -ioint."
Plan of the Scheme showing the lands and houses proposed

bo be acquired may be seen during office hours at the Development

Board Office.

Any objection to the Scheme and proposed atquisilicn ircy te
filed at the Board's Office within sixty days ot the date of this


Executive OJfict-r,