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VHiJ                                   UTTAK, JPB,AUESH GAZETTE, MAi 1, 1955

o/ new publications -published during the month oj       Annas 6 extra in each caste if sent by registered pu^t.

Inril   1955                                                 N.B.— The amounts in parentheses are for packing and  poatage

t   ' *•      '                                                         LOU bt. had, from —

Important und usual Publications on dillerent subject*           SUPERINTENDENT, PRINTING AND STATIONERY,


asu     by the Uttar Pradesh Government, are available
lor sale trom THE SUPERINTENDENT, PBIMT1NU     Llst °/ the f^nt  publications published during tht
AND STATIONERY, DTTAB PEADEBH, ALLAH-                            »tullth °/ APnl< 1053

• AJ3AD.    Catalogue free  on  application.                             The Educutioual (.'ode uoirecled up to September, 195-' J

rrut-uedmgs ol the Legislative Council, Vol. 30. 110. 11, m English.    Price Bs.3-9 (fl.Si.
.lulad September 15, 195d in Hindi.   1'rwu annas 2 lu.l).     U" p- Agricultural Reliei (Amendment) Act no. J\ .-I

Proceeding* ol the Legislate Council, Vol. U7, no. 1, 19?J ™ En^-hah.    Price annas -J (fl.l ^.6j.
dated September 10, l<J5'Uu Hindi.,   , U' p-  EnterLauunent    and Betting lax  I ^ ai   i-m--
,011 iho 11-iHuu Administration ol U. P. Joi  the          e) Act no. \H ol U)4H m English.    Price anud* -2

mil 1'JOu in English.    Price annay 15 (a.'6).                        .                            n,      .            .  u      ,.      0     ,

" Annual Beport on the Working    ul the l^nrnu ul . ?• P' ^ucaue  (HegalaUou ui  tiupphe. Purchase
Wag, Act, ¥™*^«^^ lor the ^'p^£^^^
^Bul» Ora^at'^n^ the enact.en, ^— ' ^^um-. 1054 in En,l,h.    Pr.e anna, 5

plying to U. P. IOL- Llio year 10BO in En8liSh.    Puce ^.tatmenL ol Electric Shock Chart in Eu.hO,    Pn,e
Hti.d-H   (                                                                   -^e j

Proceodinss ol th,    L^jylatn,    A^enibly     .Vol. 1«,      j ^     ^         ^             f T          ^ Land Recol.{,s

no, 1    dated   UecenibcL-   U,   1'J.i   in   Hindi,    l1^" Acl, no. VI ol 19B3 in fiigliBl..    Price auna 1 fcf-1 ^-G-.
ininas 5 with postage.                                                          U. P>     Zamindan   Abolition     and Land     lleform<

Proceedmss  ol the Legislative Assembly,   ^.   ^< >  (^rimml) Art uo. \\I   of 19-53    in Hindi.    Prun-
' uo. 1, dated    DecemLoi-    i2U, 1(J54   in    Hindi.    Price annag 2  ^j' ^ Cj
uiinas G with posttvge.                                                         ^ p^ Consoiidation oL1 Holdings Act no. Y of 11V.4

Proceedings u£ the JjegialuUvo Assembly, Vol.  14j. ]n ^1,-^.    price allllas 2  (flil ^..Q).
uo. 2, dated   December    lil,   1954   in   Hindi.    Price     n_ p>  Consolidation of Holdings Act no. V of 19.-.4
diinas C with postage,                                                      in Hmdi_   pri(re annaB 4 (ftil jJSi6)_

I'roceedrng ol the Legislative Assembly, .Vol. 14/ no. • Department 0£ Agriculture Bulletin no. 9L>— - Barseem
3 fluted Decenibuj V2, 1954 in Hindi. Price annas 5^An Ideal Fodaei- Crop) by S'altan Singh in English,
,uth postage.,               "                                                   i Price annas 2 (a.l ps.6).

A Handbook ol Mental Nursing in Hindi. Irice^ ^ B.— The amount in parentlieses ai'e for packiu-
anuaa 12 (a. 3).                                                                \nd po,5tage.

Sute Combined beryiou Exauimalion Paper lor 1953 -----

pnco EG. i .(-.a)                    ,                        nki       INDIAN   LAW REPORTS

,    Proceedings ul the Legiylakve Council, Vol. 3/, no. j,                                »TTn«ir-rt.        -OT

dated September i^4,  19(5^   m Hindi.   Price annas  -3                     ALLAHABAD SERIES

with postage.                                                                        (Lucknow series has been combined with it from

Proceeding ul' the Legislative Council, Vol. 37, no. 6,                                  January, 1949)

dated  September   c£2,   1(J54  in  Hindi.   Price  annas  3     The only official series may be obtained direct from rhe

with postage.                                                                     Superintendent, Printing- and Stationery, U. P. Allah-

U. P. Prison AdminiwirL-atJoii .Report lor 1953 in Hindi, abad, or agents for U. P. Government publications

Price anuas 13 (a. 3),                                                           Price Per annum, Es.9 including postage.

Industries .Bulletin no. 48, Manufacture oi' Agarbatties


m English.    Puce annas 2  (a.l p,.6);                                     OF THE ALLf^Bl LuNOw SERIES

Har Prasad Hiksha Nidhi, JBanaras CTransler of Pio- are available ftom the Superintendent, Printing anJ
l>erty) ConfirmaLion Act, no, XII of 1954 m Jimui. stationeryj -g. P., Allahabad, and may be obtain^
ljpiuo annas 2 (a.l jw.6).                                                   unbound at the reduced rates quoted below :

U. P. Electricity (Temporary) (Power ol Control)                r 1910f igu> 1912 4 191B to ig25 at RB.B per volume

Amendment Act no. XVI of 19,54 in English. Price Allahabad] 1936 to 1930                            „ Bs,6 „

1/1         f\                                                                                series.      j   1931 to 1940                                   ,,   iw.6   ,>         n

anna 1 (a.l ps.G).                                                  _                         [ 1941 to 1948 & 1950                      ^^

U. P.     (Temporary)     Accommodation    Bec[uisition                f Ig26                                       ^  ^  ^

Amendment)  Act no.  XV of 1954 in English.   Price   Lucknow j   192? to isso                           „' Ra.5   „

unua 1 (a 1 ps 6)                                                                    seriea'    1  1931 to 1937 aad 1039              •'  Ba'6   "

U. P ^. Legislative Members A fNatio^^ ^^ Sold onh* ^in ^$£" vton*. inSng Tnte
Prevention of Disqualification Act no. XXIII ol 19o4 m p - ^ Jndia ^^         volmne. ^^ ^ ^

-timdi,    Price anna 1   (a.l ^S.G),                                             Cheques on banks outside Allahabad should include Banker's

U. P. Legislative    Members    (National Plan    Loam          commission of 4 annas.   Cheques should not be crossed.

Prevention of Disqualification A.ot no. XXIII of 195'4 in ---

Price anna 1 (a.l ps.G).                               GOVERNMENT OF INDIA PUBLICATIONS

la-?6 A|™ Unirafliiy lAineudmeiit) Act no. ^x 0± gfflcfc   aVaMU   with   Superintendent,   Printing   and
U»4 m Hindi.    Price anna 1 (a.l p«.6).                    _       Stationery, Uttar Pradesh, Allahabad.

15,    Kiimbh Tragedy Enquiiy Committee Report in    pregs CommiBsion Report," price Rs.3, packing aud
English,   Price Rs.5-10    (as,8).                                     postage (As.B.Y

16.    Report of   the   GoSamva wlhan   Enquiry   Com- jjabour Appea) Cases, January 1954, price Es.2-8 (<w.9».
mittee, Parts I and II in Emglisb..  Pi'ice Rs-2 (as,6).   HJabour Appeal Cases, January 1954, price Es.2-8 r- '


1949, '   ~