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lf> 9

Advertisement No. 18

Apri.Ti'ATKivs arc- invited for the undermentioned porrt-, trum
Indian, niti/ens mid pt-vftoiiH mi^rater! from Pakistan ^ith intention
,ii permanently setting ui Jnrlin or subji'rts tif Nejinl, fiikkim m
L'urlugfucse or fnuner Freiuh possessions in Jndin. Vppor aye
limit rolaxable by 3 years lor scheduled ra,stoh, tribal find ubori^innl
communities and up to 4fi years lor displaced pcrijans from V,iki>.-
ta,u and non-hl )or aied areasi of Jiimmu and Kashmir, Xo ri'laxa-
tion for other.s, save in exceptional cases and wdl in no case he
relaxed beyond three years. Particulars and application f nrrns from
RetroLarv , Union Public Servire Commission, Post Kox no ISti,
»w fJiilhi Requests foi forms must bpec ify nami1 af puit and should,
be accompanied by self addressed unstamped envelope lor eacli post
.it, lea«it of siXR 9" 4" indicating thereon name of post for A\luc1i
forms are required Closing date for receipt of application with
treasury receipt or Crossed Indian Postal Orders for Ks 7-8 (Kc 1-14
for scheduled pastes and tribes) !»Sth May, I!).M (1 Lth June. 1!IV)
Jnr applicants from abroad) Commission may remit fjemiuielj
inrlif-ent and bonn fair displaced persons' fee fipp.u'nte application
nith separate iff iPLjuuvd for etu-h post Candidate abruad mti%
apply nn plain pnper if furroH not available and rlfpoait fee with
lucal Indian Embassy If required candidates must appear fni
porsonal interview.

] One Director, Xntiontil Centre for ftpsetirch fn Bnt>Lc Eil\i-
nttion, Ministry of Education Post temporary but likely to continue ,
Pay : Rs.600—40—800. Higher initial pay to apnpially qimlif ed
and oxperionrecl candidate J ao Below 40 yeau Rein mbh for
(lovernnient servants. Qutihfirntiontt -. Essential—(i) Hocond Class
' .Master's or er|invalent Honour's degree of recognised Umveiriitv
Hith degree nr diploma in erlueation, (u) About ,j years' experience
(including teaching), m the field of basic- education. (iii) Experience
uf rondnrtmg and guiding research in the field ol education. Quali-
fications relfixable at GommiHsion's discretion in case of candidates
utherviHO wcll-qualifierl.

2.    One Instructor in PuUw Health, Extension Twining Ceiitrr
Xilokheri,  Ministry  of food aurl  Agriculture.    Temporary  up  to
2f)th February,  11136 but likely to continue.     Other things being
equal preference given, to (Scheduled Cdste/Tnbe, candidate     1'nii .
lls.275—2.1—500—30—650—E.B — 30—SOU     Higher    initial    pay
In spocinlly qualified and experienced candidate.    Aye -. Belou 4"i
years.    Jlelarablefm-   Government aervants     Qualifications     EMSH-
}inl—(i) jMedmal qualification registerablo under the Intlian Medical
Conned Ant, ] 1I33.    (ii) Training or experience in Public- Health work.
(ML)  Winking   knowledge,   of   Hindi.    Qualifications   relaxablo   at
Ciimmission'a diserotinii m caae of candidates otherwise well-quali-

3.    One Ajtaistnnt Jtesearch Officer (Anaerobes),   Indian    Vr-
trnnarij Research Institute, Mukteswnr.    Temporary and likely to
continue.    .Reserved    for Schdulecl Caste/Tribe candidate if aucb
suitable candidate forthcoming , otherwise treated as unreservud.
Pay :   Us.275—25—500—E.B.—30—650—E.B.—30—SOO.    Higher

, mtial pay to specially qualified and experienced candidate. Age •
Uelow 35 years. Relrwable for Gorernment aerifinte. Qualificationi1
Essential. (i) Degree or' diploma, in Veterinary Science, fu)
Experience of working ui general Bacteriological Laboratory or
Post-graduate Laboratory training. Qualifications relaxuble at
Commission's discretion in case of randidntea otherwise well-quali-

4.     One GJnef Tenchntrrd Officer in the Central FoodLaborato),/,
(.'idfuttn, Ministry of Health.    Po&t temporary but likely to be made
permanent     Other things being equal preference given to Scheduled
L'uqtea/Ttibos candidates.    Pay : Us 600—40—1,000.    Higher initial
pay to spocially qualified and experienced candidate.    Age : Below
43   yoars.     Qualifications       Essential,    (i) at   least   second   class
Master's  or  equivalent  honours  degree  of recogui&ed University
with  organic   cliDmntry  aa   special subject,    (n) About   5  years
experience  of orga ic analysis,   particularly of food products m
responsible capacity.    Qualifications relaxablo at Commission's dii—
fi"tion in case of candidates otherwise well-qualified.

5.     One Senior Analyst at the Central  Food Laboratory,  Citlciittti
Ministry of Health.    Post temporary but likely to be made perma-
nent.    Other things being equal    preference given to  fjchedulpd
Castes/Tribes   candidates.    Pay   :   Ka.350—350—30—500—E.B.—
30_770—40—850.    Higher initial pay to specially qualified and
experienced candidate.    Age : Below 40 years.    Referable for ffovern-
nient servants upta 45 years,    (jualifkalians :  Essential,    (i) At least
second class Master's or equivalent Honours   degree   of recognised
university with  organic chemistry as special subject,    (ii) About
i years' experience of organic analysis, particularly of food products
m responsible capacity.    Qualifications   relaxable at Commission's
discretion in case of candidates otherwise well-qualified.

6.     Two Junior Analysts at the Central Food Luborntory, Cal-
rutta, Ministry of Health.    Posts temporary but likely to be made
permanent.    Ono poat reserved for Scheduled Hintes/Tribes, if such
suitable   candidates   avaiable  and   one   post   unreserved.    Pay •
Ks.275—25—500—E.B.—30—590.    Higher initial pay to specially
qualified and experienced candidates.    Age -. Below 35 years.    Rc-
iu-uble for   Clovernmrnt  servants upto  40   yen™.    itvnlififntionit   -.
Essential,    (i) Master's or equivalent honours degrye in Chemistry
of recognised University with organic chemistry as special subject,
Iii) AdacjTCUito trftining and^or experience of food analysis     Qu&li-
lica-taonn Telaxablo at CommiBHion's diflrretion in CHRP of candidate
Qtherwise vroll-qualifiecL

jiiuviry fur l\\« \IMIS .it jjie-Mit Im* In kly t.i .untune !•>•>>< '
IhfiOll—J,---7lin- E 1? - nn Pli-h. i untiil |.,n- rr> -j;..u.ill\
lliulifii-d.liiil .--ijeiMlicr.l i.iinhil.iti- 171 4H \.,ll-. -/'•/'"
llilf- fin flrjif'1'HHirnl'-HKlo lt iKllll n tll.n,, L < ,it nf liAtll.t-T

"frtiHJ CLissilmiiM 111 U.Hi,iiii..'l KiiL'iin '.IIIL. i.'i.ii.uF^.,,' I'niM'i-
Hv ui its ci|iin aMu qualifn ntiun-, in) Vlnnn 7 y ,11- JUMPIJI al
xperienre nh uliuh .ilirint J \! Ii- Ti.uniiiLi .unl ."• yi-Mj-
n po=.itifj[i of ii-,[ji)ii».iliility t it her in ifi huiii rji in |itnli —i<,n. Qu.iU-
fiiatioiir! n'hix.ihle at Cumnu'-.iim i discivrnju in f.i- o< uiinhflali >

,,                              ,         'j,,'     rlLi         i i

Xiipplte-, 1111,1 Difin^'tlt Po-t ]iiMra,inejit. ]{>s,'i\'d tnr .^eliPiliili 1 1
Cartes and Hr-herlulf d Tnlu,^ rnnili.iritr^ if sii. ). MUt.d.U- dn,lul,,tr-
•iViiiable, ntliernis-e pn^t tivfitt'il .1^ unr^oi i-cd l'>i'i f,h'iJt,-ii'

insult*    HS s.iii — Lin — 3S(N-3«n— sii— riiin --F-: n. — :jn— 7711 — in -

S.1U. For pei'Mmq ^hn have IJI-L-U iu i nunnmni-. • mpli\vint-ni "=11111
loth Julv, Kill R^ i(HI— .'lO— 7,jii Hiirli-T 'iiiii.d >..iv ir, -pccuillv
iliialifiod aurl cxpi'i'ii-in't d iiindirl.ilv !</» P.I rM^i-n An ami 4"
vi-,wfl. l^l'itnhl, fni if »<»<„. ,i/-.-.vf((^ V"',/' < MIM • E^n'Hil
(i) ^In^ti'i s in- i (|iu\ ril«-ut Hoii.iuis rlf-uu.,. m [',11, 1.1 Apjilinl I 'lir-
mistry rjf ii«iniini«ifrl L'niM-i-ity <r Diploma in Tr \f i\f ti't lumlriity
nf recogmyecl Luivrriity Hi) Abnut ,1 > ecus" pr.ietii «il i-xp* ncn« lii
testing uf textile matciials l^iiiditicdtnm» icla>:.i(il< .IT Coin-
mission'ri (li>rretioti in r-a^t1 nf • iuiriidafi'> ntlienvj^p Mvll-'iii.ilif'i d.
SI. One A^ibtmit Rrv'tirt], n/'Jirrr, Unfit I, n, tif t'Jtice. of tfn
Tinlin fielfi/titi'it, \nr York. Po^t tenijjoiary .mil hkelv to nnntiiuiL.*
mflefinitely Pay llg 3,Hi — Jo — -1IIO- E B - 3u — H2H. jjuv foreitrn
allowanrp, rent free npeomnuidation. passage farditu-«, mi-iticnl atten-
dance etr . as admiPhihlp to st.iff at Xt>« York from time
to time. At present foreign allnwanrc jdnn-sililr. 1-1 K-i.PMO [HI
mpnsem Hifflicr initial pay to p-pnally qutdififtl ,,iirl exp^rit'iii cil
candidate. Aye • JFS<>>nir ,'jd yearn Rflnpihle J»>' ffwtinit'rrit sfi-
ffinfi. tfiinlijicatinnt Ewn'tal. in MastnV nr pquivalr-nt
Honnnr's rtearre, preferably in Hiitmy, Pohtirs ur Intrriiutiojial
Vffairs from rue oanised ['mversity, ui) Almut 3 yeni-. i-xpcrifiu c
in responsible post m any nrs;nni>vitlon ur mstitutinn eomnHti il
\\ithinternation Affair^, (mi Knowleilge of i-uircut nffaii- Quali-
/ieationa relaxahlr- at C'nmmis-sian ft diipretiun in raai> ni' eandirlat--.

10.     TIIO  Antiiattin.   EnijuitT',,   fi/nl    Mtn>\   Lnbvui    \Vc1fni;<
fun<l,^Iini^trifofLnhoiir    Temporan and likely rn runtiiiue.    ljrnf
1^ o7rl_2,^_,-)oij_E B.— :{ll— tj.10 — E B —3D— SOU     Hiuhur  initial

Say to specially qualified and experienced camliilute*,. A,jc : Belnw
II yearri. Rein mile for (foivintntnt suntHt* 'Jimliftcutton*
Ementirtl. (i) Degren in Civil Encinpermg of rocoynised ITniversity
or equivalent, fn) About two yt'ius" L-xpt'i-ifnt-i- in buililing tuid
road constructiun. Quahfirntioiis lelaxable at Cammi-wmii's riis-
nretion in c-asc* of candidates othprviisr well-qualified.

11.    Out  ftpeeiitl ftiinvi Afwnfnut, Crmiiil Mtiriin'  Fisktrh <
Rrsfcifdi Station, Miiiiiiitjitnti, mulrr 3[iit!*tii/ nf Fond am? Agricnf-
tnre.    Posi temporary but likely to i-anTumc indefinitely.    Resor\vd
for candidates helonjrinjtr to Sr heiliuVd C'a^tes ur Sfht-dult-d Tnlics
it such ^mtali1 ranilulatti, available ntliprwi^e tr \itrfl as unreservi'fl.
P,n/ . Rs.250— ID — SlMI—l,1} — 4,jll— -2,~)'-2— ,>on,     Highc-r initial pay
ti) speeially qualified and experienced caniliilat,'      Aifr : Bi'ltm- 'Sit
years.    Rdn.r able for (Juitfinnent seii-antf*.    (Jnftlifirriti/Hix : Ettsrijtitil.
(i) Degree in Zoology of ri'i-oguiseri University,    in) Abour tliree
vearri experience of fisheries tain ey work on Marine fihlieries.    Quah-
ficatios relaxahlo at Commission's diseictinn in rase of candidates
otherwise well-qualifier],

12.     Two Licenced Emiiiierr* in tli? fjn'il At'ttit>'vn    Trniniiiii
Centre,   Allnlinlmrf,   I)ir??tni tit?   (itm-nil   uf   Pin?   Armtimi.
temporary but likely to continue for indefinite period     Oth^r thincs
being equal prpferenre to Schedule C,iste«,'Tn1ies ramlidd.te.s.    Fay :
Us 440 — 30 — CHO.    Higher   initial ]iay tn  specially    qualified nml
experienced candidates     Age   Between 25 in id 3.1 years,     JtrluxitMf
for   (iovt rumen"   wrwintv.    Ijuulificntioni*   :   JSxiemittl.    {i) Pn«i,ii'(l
Mrttnrnlation or equivalent examination     .ii> Trainiiisr aa appreu-
tue 111 either an approved Avuitiou Trdiiiinii OiXMuisation or in Air-
line operating Company or Airni«ift Enijmv overhaul «hop.    (iii)

- - -------»nymps

the other post, (ivl for one pnxt : Current Judi.ui i, M. E. lue-
in category "D" valid for unsupercluirged einjines Far the other pail
Current Indian A-M. E, licence in rategnnefv'A and '('' valid for tljf>
following types of airfrainos engines : Ca*tij(ir}i 'A*. Medium trail,--,
port types of air mift ot all miital nr compositn construction, ('a-
ifffary lf". Supercharged engines fitted with vnriwhle pitt*h pm-

Assistants' Grade Examination^ 1955

The Union PuVjlic Sen u-e <'uminissfm will hold nn examination
(it Allahahacl, Bombay, Calcutta. Delhi, Lurlbiana, Madron, JSTagpur.
Patna and Wimla and at such Itnlidii Missions abroad as coosiderod
necessary wometunt1 ui Nnvcniber. I!>3,), for recruitment To vaeant-ii^
in Grade IV (AwihtHiit's (Iradf) nf the I'entral Secretaruit Sendee.
Age Limits- Cundidates muBt havt1 fn'eit burn not ciirlIce than 1st May,
1930, and not later than 311th Ajml, JWS,'*. Upper «ge limit n--
laxtible in favour of Rc-lifdulecl Cftstfh. Scheduled Tribes, bonfifi'l?
displaced persuns from Pakistan and uiihheruteit arena of Jdininu
and Ktishmir and residents of Chandornaxai1 wlmm* meUiura of MW-
truction has beeir-Freach, tjiiaiyifHlitHi* : A dgree oritsrrniivalcnt.
Applications from candidates who have appeared ot intend apeor-
tng at the qualifying yxaminaiion acceptable provisionally,, p^y