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[ Notice, io creditors of tho dad- of hairing of an involvcHrij petilnn j


Present    Riu KAMTANATH GOTTA, Judtjt

Insolvency Petition no. 71 of 1955

Application under section  13

(Noticp under sediuu 19J
In llir iiifillff »/—

Ham Pi.ii e.Vi *»»" of lliim Naih, roHideiiL of village Harakhijur Driulalpur, pargauj, Miranpiu, I ali^il ,uitl
L-,PusLOtlic-e Uandhuii HLisaiipur                            .               ...               .

\ViusHBAS thi) abovo nam^d insolvent has applied lo thin Court by a petition, dated the 29th CktMhin1, I!»54, lo be der alaieil au ajsul-
vent under thu Provincial liwolvenoy Art, 1021), and youi namo appears m the list nf crtditora tiled by the afoi^aid debtor, this is to givo
yoariotico that, thn (Jourt han (ixorltlio 2lht (tvveniy-firai) May, 1 an.!, for the hearing of tho aforesaid petition and the exnnimatinn of'the
rlebtoi If you di-siri' tn bii rcprnspnted in tho matter, you should attend in per&oii or by duly instructed pleadci. The particulars of rho
debt in thu potiLuin Lo bu due to you are as follows •

Thi' humble jJi'tiLiuii oftlni nboveiiumed petit louur most re,spi!C'tfully begs to h! ,nc ,i-, uuili'i
(') Th.iL   thi'   petiLionoi1   iw  imablo to pay  his deb L

(_') That IIB ordinarily reHidoa in village Haraklipui' Ditulatpur and works as a labour   m Bandluiri Ha^onpur, p.irgana
Mininmir, tahnil and district Sulfcanpur.

(3) Thai Lho umo-ml, and particulars oUUI pecuniary ehums against thu   petitions  wnh names and resulcnie  ul thu cre-
ditors IH   £»ivou in liyt A below

(I) That tho amount and particulars of all the property jf the petitioner is jjivcn. inliht 13 and it? value j^, tdr lens than Rs,,"»H(.
(.1) Thtit tho petitioner IH willing to place all Ina assuts at tho disposal of th-j   Him bin  Cunri.
fi>) That thu petitioner has never   before applied for insolvency.

(7) That tho petitioner, thernfnru, prays that the petition may kindly bu aJjudired an   msulvi-nt and the pentmner\ estate
niiiv kindly bo adminiaturcd in a aummary manner.

RAM WAKEY, Ptftitioiin.

[ LAL, Act rut an.)

F, Rum Puu'ury, tho abovonamed petitioner humbly verify that the contents*  of the   above application are  true to the   bc&t of
my knowlodgo and bul'of

Vorifiod thi.H tho mh clay of OcLobor, 1054, in Civil Court compound. Faizabad.

list A

Serial      N uun> of creditor with father's name


Amount of nature of loan

1    Main Pvoaad, non of Cauri Shankor
J    Chliudi, HUII ol'Mahiulucj
:J    1-3 ii/.ari, HUII of Makhdum   .

Bandhua Kulan, pargfana Miranpur, tahbil      Hs.jOO pronote and receipts.

and   diatnrb Sultanpur.
Villago Narakhpur-Daulatpur, polico   ata-    Rs.^UUU  dearer  of tlie    Munaif (South

tiou Bandhua, dictnct Sultanpur
Villago   Bandhua Kalan,   police    stntio:
Bandhua, district Sultanpur.

Wultanpur, -J3rd October, 193-1.
Rs.300 Dagtgarclau

^1     KiiHhi   Limn, aon nf Dargahi 5    Muhadoo, won of Makhdum
	Ditto Ditto
	Rs. 400        Do. Ry. 230        Do.


List E A — Cooking uteHuilu —
 J.    Palili, pibal (1) i.    Thali, pital (1) 3.    Lota, pital (1) 4.   GilM, koaknt (1) fl.    Haiti, iron (1) fi.    Tawa, iron (1) 7.    Chamcha, iron (1) S.    Knrchul, iron (1) 9.    Tadtari, kaskut (1)
 B— Wearing apparels — 1.    Kurta  (S) puraiia 2.    Dhoti   (1)    .-3.    Angochha (1) 4.    Ganji  (I) 5.    Dhoti zanani (1) 0,   Haluka purana (2)
 0— Bedding— 1.    Kabhn   (L)    .. 2.    Kaural   (1)    .. 3.    Dori   (1)
	Rs   a. p. ..     I    U    I) .     ]     U   0 ..     1    40 .     U    6    0 ..100 .040 .     020 ..030 ..     0    S    0

	..ISO ..100 ..040 ..     0    S   0 ..106 ..    0 12    0
	..     4 14   0
	..     1     0 ' 0 ..140 ,.080
	..     2 12    0
	. .   12 15    0
	4,037    1    0
[7..5-'55.]                                      ,„
	' *
	RAM  PTAREY, Fe/to'ouer. By order, B. P. MA.THT7R, Munaarim.