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A-v^liL'^LML, s'L X'J.  P.I

Indian   'inzi-rt-
' f I1

tii'.' uiuh rmentiuued pu^ta fiom
.uratL'.i from Pakistan ^H!I
India, or Mibjeut> of Ner

SiM'im ur I'iJituijiJ|--t'' or ioiui T r'n-m-h povdL-s-siuns m indu..    Lpf i. *
AiM-iinm. FvUxahV by -T .var* fw M?hi'dul.'fl i-iisto*. tubal ami aimn-

• rinal i-oiuinuiuti'T and up to 4', \-ais foi displaced puraon* ifoin
Pakistan and non hliem'"d urtM-s uf Jammu   and Jva-himr.    JSo
«• IPS..UVHI toi ottjiTs*. siiiu in ewjitioiiul L.IMI^ and will m no case
U/rtl«vd beyond three vtMr,.    iMiticutiiro and application fornj> S^ix'rup\, ruinnriujhr JSITM. i- I'ommwaioD, ljost Uoxiiu. iMi,
V - '• D'-llii   K' quest 1 t"rfumi-a miti -.pputy uamu uf po>t and -aioiml
n» ii-^uuipaHiPil lj> svli'-aiulre-tuil uu-inrnpu-d envelop* lor eai-hpost

, i(tv,t ,,t ,!/,• !J'' . I" iiidu',<tmjj   lln.'J'«'oii u.imc of  post fot nim,li

•          " ic*' r-qiPiud.    Clu'-m.: «trifi. ioi iuc.yipt nt application Till n
tr  i ii-% pM-eipi or Crowed Postal Order for Ks.7-S (R-.l-U
tJrVcUcduled Cii^s ,iml  Tnb.-s) IthJuut,   IMS  (ISth Tune, 1 Uo'i
Lor annlu-ant-a frnm abrasidj.    Commission may rumit y^numely iu
Jtwiit and Wii/'* di>plaet»l p-Thim-,' fa-.   Sepoiate   application
with separate   i'et- required   for each post.    Candidates    abroad
mav auuly i»n plain, papfr ii furnw not availably    and deposit fef
with local Indian Embury.    If UHuure.l   i annulate* mu*t appear

for  lKT30H.lI   UlttTVU'rt'.

I f)n* Urv/*W C'fjf'u "J ff tilth nndtr Delia .S.'uf.'. Post U'm-
uurary liut likely to iinilinui- ?«;i. Bn.83ii—J3—3HO -Su-lWU.

'^j__g'ljij plu-t i" per I'i'iil of pa^ as iiuu-parL'tiainij  ulluvaiicr.    Hi-

'•Uer initial pay Lo npcr'ially qufiLntd aud expeneuued oanrliddtu.
~L'{, nplnv a"* yrtirg. fi"l>u"ut>l<< Jar Gut'crnuient tiLrwnl!* by tin-
tmniwr °J comjtlttcd ynii of tJowrnitient aefi'ice (iiuiliju-ntifiii^
/i'«,u'' ntial. U) -VlPdical tiualiliL-atioii inc-ludi'd jn one ol the •auhuilalei
to "the Indian Medical L'oum-il Act, 1U33. (uj Diploma m Public-
Health, (m) Ahout- 8 years" experience of Public Health work in
district. Qualifications rclaxabte at CominiS3ian\ discretion in
t-asc uf r.miUfla'e'j otLurTii^e well-qualitied

i». tine ^fiminent S^tcin'i'ic Entomologist* In'ltan Aijricultufnl
Research litntitate* OthiT Liangs being enuul preference to ricbeduled
CMte/Tnlie candidates. Pay'. lig.tiUU—iu—1,000—1,01)0—l.Uo'J—
1,100—1,100—1,1.11). Higher initial pay to specially qaahfied and
f^peri^nred candidate. Aw, Belou* 10 years, llclitable Jor
tineerHnit >it Mri-ant*. (Junt>jl"ati'tnt. Exafnttul. (i) Masters or
uquivalt'nt Hoo«>urs degree m Zoology with Entomology as apuciol
auhjt-et or witKpoit-giaduate training in Entomology. Of Degree
in Acrusmtuiv with post-graduate tramuig, diploma iu Eutonioloyy
ItkcfliL' As*oe. 1. A- K. 1, v >) Abuut ~ yeais' exporiuenuo of re^uaruli
in Sy^romotic Entomology m relation to Agrir ultural pu<*t4 ti-s eyi-
den<*ed by publiihed papers copies of which should be sent with
application. Qualification relasaMe at Commi&siou^ discretion
m c^-- of vtiuihrltues otherwise \rf-Il qualified

3.    Fifteen'slunt b'eyiHil Kiujimer*, Mtmttrj/ f->J Hali'i-cif/tr.
1'uat temporary for two yeans in first instance, but likely to i ontuiue.
Two posts reherved for tSchPiluled O&tes, one for Scheduled Tribes
and one for  \.nglo-lnd<an>, if such suitable candidate? availablf.
/',!_/; R<i.».lt>—33i) -380-38U— 3U— 5')0—B.B.~30—770— iO—WU.
Higher initial pay to specially qualifaed and oxperienced candidate^.

lit; IS -twoen -J.» and J j j\-ar,-.. Reliunble Jor Government servants.
'Junl'ji^ilijno. Entteniial. (i) Deyroe in Mechanical or ELrii-
rau^l Knginuering or degrej in Teis-communu-ation Engineering
or equivalenb diplomas oi recognised Umv^rsitiL-s and Institutions.
(ii) About thru*) jvata' proteiaional uxpenenco. Quahficabioua
relaxablti at Commission s diacretiou m i:i>je of candidates other-
wi*>e \vt»H qualifiud. Dtsmibl?. Experience in Tele-commimicitiou
fur aruitiiatud in AleiMiamral or Eleccriinal Engineering and expurienef
in .Signal and M^oluuuud-l or Electric-al Eng-meering for graduates
jii TulQ-t'ommuuicutioiL Engineering.

4.    <)nt> Mtirketin'j Deeelopmeiit (ifficer, fruit Product*, Direc-
fontte of MurL-etlng and Jn,jjt/'tioH, Ministry uj Fyad and Ayn^ul-

mutable L-uidid-itL- fi-«ithpjiniuy , otherwise tieated as umeseiverl.
Piry Rs.273—2,j—.IIMi—B.B.—30—030— B.B.—-10 -800. HiglM-r
initial pay tn spiinallv qualilied ,md expericncuil i-.mdirlate A-IP
K-Knv4" ycMf,. R'lnibkfai (.ffit,efi-nenf si'n'nnfei. Qualijirattuns-
E<? ii'iol' in JL-Ht'T-s .ir^i/iuvdlonf- Honours cloi^reL' in Bioi-hemi-jtr
•H U,i!iL"r •> or cijuu.iluiit" Honoun d«*ifri-L« m C'li^mistry wilh tram
jiiJt m uutriunri cxp-'iim-nt-,. (11) About tluoe yoars1 iv-uin I,/
pr'fM'h^al LXp 'I'lu-nci- ot nutiitinn \vniU. Qnalincntioiis icliivnbl"
,it UonuaiiSiou'si di-M-nM i-jii in the cj,-,e u(' ftindidatps othei'\\i-i(> \vnll-

7, Out, itiiiiiuni-iii Ristaritt dfjictt (I'wholuqii) Indian, Vttni
nnfij Bc*e>uvli Instilult. Mun^y of J<no</ ainl Agrt,Jiltui<\ Ot\ t-i
things being rqual pi'-toieiiLp to .sdicduled Caste candidates. J;/lf>0-4li—l.OUU—1,000 —1,050—1,050----1.10C----1,100 --l,l.-,n

Hurhcr mitnl paj tu specially qualified and oxpern}nc,.,j
.andulaic Lys Hclo* 43 J-BOTB. Relnxahle for Lfu^mnienl
t'l-nnty. Qunlifiuiti'Jt^        flwiitial. (i) Deytee 01 rlipJnma

in Vetoruiary SI-IL-IIPL- o( reL-oyai&od institution. Dt-grw
oi diploma in Animal Pithology i.r U/u-tenology m luMitmii *
will bo pioferre 1 i'nj Post-ijiiiduate trriming for aboul
•2 years in PnrhotO{sm\ and Bai-tL-noloerj'' of iceogniaed iiul itutjon
including specialisation mHistopathnlogy and EeamatoJogy Op
A'SO'Jiatuslnp of Iiidiun Veterinary lieseai ch InbiiLute m Animal
Pathology ur Uactfiiolojjy. (in) Abnut a JPBIS' experience m m.
vestigation of animal djsoa-,0-. Qnahficationa relaxnble at Commi-
^iuns discretion far athewiio highly quahhud uandidateh.

S. One Miniiiu Engineer, Huiinrhul PrmlcaJi—Tfrapowrx
but lifcuty to coutim.L'. Pruj'. Ka.-Jli—-M — 300— 2.1—"JO. Hi-
jrlicr initial pay to specialty qualified and experienced panflidalp
Aije: Bclovf it years. Qimlij'it,attonx K^'titiul. (i) Maslt'r'.s oi
equivalent Honours degrcp in Mining Engineering of lecognined
University. OR Diploma 111 .Alinuig of Indian Wchool of UIIKV
und A.pplipd Geology, Dluiuhad. (u) about j yearn' praeticMl e.\-
perienco. Quahficatious relaxable at Commission s diycrptjon in
u-ase of candidates otherwise well qualified

y. One Btitholujiat, WiUintjdon Hospital anil Jfur&niff HUI»L.
Ne,o Delhi, under Minify rf Health.—Post temporary but hkulj'
to be retained on purmanent basn. PHI/ Rs.30U—'23—,5»0—
E.B.—30—630—E.H.—30-SOU plus 25 per L-eut of pay as non-
practising allowance. Pnvate practice ot any kind, whatsoever,
prohibited. Highei imlial pay to specially rjaalified and expeneno-
ud candidate. Age. Be!n\v 41 yt-aiu. Rdix'ible, Jor Gaivrnment
as f entity. Qnuliji<'utu)i3. EmMiitial. (i) Medical qunhtioafion
included in Schfldulea to Indian Jledical Council Act, 1!)33. (n)
Post-graduate qualification in Badiology. (in) About three years,'
suitable iraimnK and uxpunonco in hospital. Qualifications relaxa-
hie at Commission's dismetion in cast? of cdndidatp-j otherwise well-

111. OIIB Solicitor in the Company Laic and Invcslin^nt .4/7-
iiitntntnttion un'hi MLni^trtj of Finance.—Po'at trmpmary, hut
hliely to continue and eventually made permanent. Candidate*
who had applied in re*pon*e to Commission's earlier advertHeraPiil
no. 32 of 1 (J34 need not apply again. Pay. Rs.SOO—40—] ,000 Hi-
ghpr initial paj lo appriallj' qualified and experienced r-jiubdate.
A'le Below U) years. Rdaxalle, jor Government servant*. Quah
Jktntian. J8at,entml. ^Degree in Latt. (11) Practice as advocate
with abcut 5 year?,' experience in company matter. Qualifications
rslaxable at CommibSion'a discretion in casn of candidates other-
winewi'll qualified.

II. One Junior Stuff Surgeon, Contribittoiy Health tftrewe
RdiBiniJor Central Ooucrninrnt servants-in Delhi. Temporal y but
likely to be ret? mud on purmanent basis. Pay' Us.300—23—300—
£ B.—80—030—B.B.—30—&W plus non-practising ollonanre of
30 per cent of pay and conveyance allowance of Bs.l 50 per mentum
or Hs.fiiJ per m'ns'im aecorchng aa motor car or a motor cycle IK
maintained. Higher initial pay to specially qualified and ex-
perienced candidate. A'le. Below 40 years. Relaxable Jor (fover ?t-
uitnt MFC inti. Quiilifratlins.: Essential. • (i) Medical quahiiea-

roepgnwed University, (it) Pogt-graduate qiwlifications in Sac-
terwlogy. {iiij Alwut three years, tiainmg and experience in aerolo-
ay in veil o^tabliahod department preferably in teaching; institu-
tiou, Qualifu-atiuna relaxable at Commj9siou's discretion in case
of undid***, otlia«wi*e well qualified.

B. One AuMmi JteteurcJi, Officer, Italian Dnif-i Research Ins
titMr ««&r J«afart 00 Seeds Cw^tteXtiweforIn»Mtig™t» -•"
#01 B*t*ifmeiO* tf U'Uana;—Temporary for threo yeaw

suitable candidate forth1 'omin^, otherwise treated a-s unreserved,
Pa,f; I15.27.1!— •-'.-,—3iMj—E.U. -30— SUU. Higher initial pay
t-j sp'Jt-uiUy quahtiiid and experienced caudulate. A</e; JJelow
35yfjr>, /lejsiHcJor tfai'er'i'itwi servants. Qualifitatiyna' A'ss-
fittinL lij D-'Kre» in ^'t-ience, preferably Agriculture, (ii)' poat-
«r,idua,ti.', training iu Fruit or Food Technology (in) About 3
yenrs' espttriern-o m fruit and vegetable preservation either in faa-
f>ri*"j or Hmtieuliural Departme'ius of .States. Qusthiicafcions re-
Uvablo at Commission's discretion in case of caudidatns otherwise
well qnaliUed,

5.   Oue Serolugtat, Ineln Honpital, Delhi titate.   Post permanent
null p'.-n-ijnablw.   Pay: Ra,3UO—i5—500—E.B.—30—050—E.B.—

practice. Qualification* ralaxahle at Commission's discretion in
i-aae nt oaudidaips other wise well qualified.

\2. Tarn Cmmrumen (Documentaries) Films Division. Minii-
tiy of Intormutinii and Braa'hasinr]. Post temporary but likely
to continue. Pit,/-. Rs.400—J3—500—30—590. Higher initial
pa> to specially qualified and experienced candidate. Age; Below
-15 yeais. Rrlaxuble. Jor Government seronnts. Qunltf icaion?;
JUsoential. About n years' experience as motion picture camera-
man. Qualification rflaxable at Commission's discretion in case
of candidates obherwisa well-qualified.

13.    One   permanent   Under  Secretary   (Legislative   A^embtti)

Vtndltyn   Pradesh.   Fay.   Ba.250—250—-25—400—E.B.__20—600

—BOO—E.D.—23—75U. Higher initial pay to specially qualified
and experienced candidate. Age. Below 30 years. Relaxable for
Oarernment meant*. Qualification^: Eswntlal. (i) Degree of
recognised Uuivprsity. (ii) About, two years' experience in the
Legislative Department of State or the Centre or about two years'
experience at the Bar. fiii) Sound fcuowledi?e of Hindi. Quali-
fications relaxable at Commission's discretion in caae of candidates
otherwise well-qualified.

H. Onr Deputy Director. Research and Jltference. Division*
Ministry n/ information and Broadcasting. Temporary up to 29th
February, 1«)3G but Ufcely to conbinue thereafrer. Pay. Rs. 1,000—
•>0—1,31)0. Higher initial pay to specially qualified and experienced
candidate. Aye, Between 35 and SO years, RdatsaWt for