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Full text of "Government Gazette Of Uttar Pradesh"

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184                               (JTTAR PRADESH GAZETTE, MA¥ U3 1955                                      PABT VI-IIj


TaK i-rnieruui'-d LiuVL-rnmoiiLPrumUsorj  Xofcsonguiallv aland-         TWB  Gcn'errum-nt Pronu-g&oiy   Notes  nofa.   B/EB001698,   dated

mirin th*nume»if'-; propiietor,  Ijy whoia      Aprii   17,   1942 for R,s..10()   -\/JSB01«4Ji for Rs.lUU, A/EE010425

tl«.j  UMVUPILI L^ndois-erl to nay othr-r pi-i-un. Inunjj   b-en   lust.     for    R^.luu, A/J2B0104JG for Rs.100,  A/EB010427  for RH. 100 sill

uaru-e I* hereby pveu that thr. pajmnu or   \he   notpf^J   anrl rhe     rhe^e four no«es, d-ited December 29, l!)(2of the 3i-p«rL-nnt. loan of

aaemt ..hereupnn ha- ^topped at    tliL    I'l-ibliL Debt   Ittu-e,     the E. E. Act   for Us ')OII  in all    originally and as yet   atandmc

Re-wrv.. Eftril: of Indu. Dell.i, and that jjpplicalioii  i*   aboxil  to lie     m the 1JQme of AIgt  yBPamii  W1dow ofKhashal Singh, resident of

mod*? lor the is-nc  of   Juplic,tti'(«>   m tavoui  ot the   propuetor.     ,sapera, Bbanpur, police station Harduagani, district Aligarii, and

Tho public are c«wfunrtl aajiii^t uiin-hii«.in? or ntheiwi<=t- denims     las|.   cndowpd to none the proprietor  by whom it   u.w endorsed to

with thf imdu-rnuti d   ,.ji unt u -.                                                        UUy other person,  hm-mA Ijpon lost not me is hereby given that, the

Vrt'jj" '>f ?/'e 1,-h-n' ^r — A.WD ^lOHAJOIAJj   KHAX.                  payment of the aLovo noLo   and the interest thereupon lia?   been

i,.'-f,,*,-VilUmn .Molum^nadmn   Jaar«ala,   OutncD   Buland-     Bopped at the Pablio Debt   Office, Reserve Bank of India    Delhi,

,                            °                         *                                                     and tuat application is aboui, to he made for the isiaue of duphca-

lfl                                                                                                tes fur payment of the discharge value in favour of the undnrsumed

\,uiil,Li                              LO.JU                              Amount                proprietor.    The public are cautioned against purchnsing   or other-

w-i^e ri^alln^ with the above mentioned security.

A/BB014W(./7i         .      Ji^JC^P. HE. Act      Ks-100 ea.h.                         ^ gf ^ ^.^.^^   NA1!AlNlf Wlllow

7,'00                      Dittt-                       .,

tf'"iidit,1— Village     Hapeia     iShanpui.
[7, 14 & 21-fi-'5S.]                                                                                Harduogonj. district Aligarh.

[30-4, 7 & U-.T 'no ]

S Qaz.

luting  uid  Btalta^, TJttar Prad^h.