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IUJT^S ?'i< ;-5io'i i > -ininorn '»rt>r, non., *orn*
,511''. -' "ioT ..... i onn-rno. ilH" of lDd2-.u! us a Trad3 Union ander
loct-'cn s of tli- Inrlim Trpdo Unions Act. 10 2(1 (XVI nf lg2Q),
r"in*r1<rrn<:id tl,^ provu-ion^ of section 25 of the paid Act by failing
in ju'M.vr to '•In1 iin-l'-Trimied it5? annual return for tho year ending
<m. JLi .- 'i 31, Iflj-J. by .Inly Al, HJ*. tho ,litn iirescrmed by regula-
lion 17 of t'p Tlftstnhtioii3 frjined underlie Indian Trade Unions
Vet, IQ.'fi, n not V ' nnd r ^ntion lOf'j) of thn =?aid Act \rn* issued
n th*" <rii I CJnion i.j a. ioiv c.'iuv, within tv?o months of tho Rorvicp
of Tlii.- notice, wh.v tin rcitiGorite of its registration should not bo
••ancoIlTl. Tit" PL nod of thn notice aspired on March 29, 1955-
Tli;>.inniin!r,->tm'ii t'v-rhr- onr d^snnbpd nliov L T, notbnpn furnished
•'ri f

to maximum »f
ualified anrl

jj'jr month.    HiyliL-j   inHml pay To  Huecual]
cured   candidate     Aue      11 clow    45   yours.    Ktla-vublcfo
Hitnl iifiimnnta. Qualifications:   Essential; (1) Modieal qua
included m  onf of   thn Frhedulc1  of the  Indian Medioa
Art, V.rAA  (_') T'nst irraihiaLe diploma in pubhr health iinj
hyLiiini   uj   I-P, unused   UniM.'ihi1,\/   Institution   namely
.mil D T."H   n • 1'ijuivjli'nt,    (3) .Experience of wnik  m'rpl,
[iiibln health anil indiMunl hjj-ienp in Inr^e industrial roni
India nr hruniJ m m (jnwrnmP)il  srrvire     (junlrfirati


I'-'ji-'r.-iT'nii ri utsig
'rfnvikliimr, ish'.ivhi- cn
Trcuh Unions Act, lil-G.

lisivin-f 'itf-ii Mjown, tin. rvrt'ticMte of
flon Talhil Handloom Workers' Union.
naellPil tinder section 10(fc) of the* Indian

Th'1 Prpsilent of thr Ujjion, Sri ftatya Deo Shistn, and the
S. i Tv-tar;-. St: Badclmzanui. m-p al-o hereby warned thnt thin tinir
only ib>' repi.-livtf'rjn I'-rlifimre nf the mnon is caiicp]Ir>d ton nnn-
Hibmi=ioifm nf ''IP i-rurii by th>-> prc~LTibe<.l date. In fnTuie Ic-i^al
action will b" takan nzam-t Uio office bearers of thn Union, under
-."etio.i 31 of tho Indian Tr.ule Unions Act, 19*0, in the event of
nvnir.mce. of <?n=h n difauJr.

M. n- PANT,


ADVERTISEMENT      No.   21.

APpULATii iss arr» invited Du- thf TinderraentionPilposts from Indian
i-iti7cu, .mil jn r-ims murrat'Hl from P^ki^ran with intention nf per.
manently F^tthu. in Didui ru- subjects nf Xppal. S'ikkim nr Pnvt ngup=e
orfonaei-Fi'ent l> [ja^-aoium India, "lippnv ac^-hmir ivlaxableby
Z year-* fnr Sdu Jnlfd Cust^, tnhal ami aboriginal eoramnnitii-s ami
tip to J-.T yc.u'd for d^plan-d peisnus fimn Valdsrran and nnn-libPi.ited
IU<M-! of-r.iin.mii and Kashmir. No relaxation fui othwsj. s,u e in
r::i,(-ptioual en*pi and \vill in no case be ri'laxed beynnil three yrai'-i,
Pariieular*. and application forms from Si'L-retary, Union Publii1
^.•vvice Commission. Poyr Box No. ISO, New Delhi. Requests
for foi'nij- must ppi_eify naim1 of post and should be pccompanied by
iplf addrp"5Pd uu^tamppd envelope for each poat at least of size D';x
4" indipating thert on nmne of uost fnr-wliiL-h forms are required,
rio-'n^ dot.- for ivepipt of applications with treasury receipt or
ITo-^.d Indian Postal Order for B=.7-S (He. 1-14 for Scheduled
i as»ti'd and Tril.Ba) ISth -Tuno. l9/»3, (2nd July , 1955 for applicants
from ubiudd). Ornnii^ion may remit genuinely indigent and lona
Jidc disijl.ieeil poisons' ir-L. Separate application with separate fpt.
required for each po<it. C'andidatt-s abroad may apply onplainpaper
if forms not available, anrl ik-pusit fee -wall lor-al Indian Embassy
If required candiclatp>- mubti ap[ienr for personal mtnrvie\v.

1- OUR Deputy DiVtWoA, ItesccncJi a/if' Development, in fjie Civtl
Aviritiori DepartiiizHi, 3fniist/y of Cotiitiiitnicatianf. Post tpjuporaiy
nt prP^nt Imtlikely tobpt oice permanent. Othn1 things briny erjunf,
candidate bclnminu to Sc-h 'dulert Cartes and Scheduled Tnbea will be
prpfcrrcd. Pan : RO.finu—30—1,400. Higher initial pay to specially
qualified and ispi-in uepil L'cindid.ttp Ac/r\ Bptvc-on 2^ and 40ypni'h,
Relaxitble }'»• Ht»'>niHHi-t \ircant*. QvnliJ-i,,ltuta . Essential:'
(i) lla-iier'fl cu pfp-val'.-nt. Kiumui"-, de^-rei' in IVlathEmatica or '
Physics. Oli DfRrep or diplnnin in Mechanic^ or Auronautica]
Engineerintr. (ii'i Abnut (1 years' experience (including research)
on Aircraft ile&i^,n. Qutdification^ relaxablfi at Commi&sion's
di^L-ivtion in the ea-i- of eandidiites otherwise Tvcll-qualified.

'2. OneIi'i'i-naif n> Si<u}<itf1i. PcltnuJnf Foreiijti Luiirjiiages, Slinistn/
nf Defence. Tc ,aporar>- till 30 t>.l!J."i7 but likely io continue. Xon-
Indians elitfilil,', Pay : Rs. iJTo—2,"5—300—30—6oO. Higher
initial par tu»pL't-i,illy ijualified and experienced candidate. Age •.
Below45yt-ars. Kel\nnb]tfoi Gorrfiimcitt scivnntx, Qualifications'-
Usaential; <i| IJiph a^adonuc <(ii.i1ifieation m Spanish hi)"
Knowled?.- ..f English.                                          J         ' ' '

3. One Apjjfaificr in tin Customs JQepurlintnt, j\Hniitty t>J
Finance. Port permanent. P«j/ : For direct recruits-.
Bs. 275—:»5—300—EB—30—650. For persons who have been in
continuous employ piuue 13th July, 1931 and have not elected the
—;_„,! gcu]ll Oj ^^ay E3.250—20—450—2J3—EB—675. Higher

um t

,"». f^i,1 Jtrwrin'li Officer 111 tfif m tirtni'foj Vnmiiritiuii of eaiflt
biifftilni n, jfc'ryi mnl r/ocn* rit/mnrf rinflrrpew nt the fnilici}! Yettiinnrit
J}p*ein't'h fntllititli', Jlftiktexwar Post teir.purni> Lntl likely tu 1-011!
tinuf. JiL-sf'rvPil tor Si'lii'duled fnstes, Tribes r andulatcs if siirli
mutahle iMiidirlnti-H forthni'ining, otherwise post treated nn unrea.

ervPd     1\«j •—ftri. dOU—JO—1,000— 1,000—l.OiiU—1,030__1,100-1

1,101)— 1,1.")D. High'»r initial pay to specially qualified and oxpen.
f-nt-eil "ainlidntp. -l//r . BP!OW J3 years, fietaxrtMf Jor Government
\ifcfiiitt, QiKiliJuntiHiin,— Efi»cnlinl (i) Depn-c or diplomn
in V-'tcnntu1^ -ii IPIII-P uf ivpopiimprt fnivprsity/lnslitntoion. (U|
Abmit 2 yi'ai-' po^t ui'iidnarp l.iburftlory trnirnn^ m vptprinnn
bai'tpriolo^y \fith ,sp'*ei'd Htre^s OIL .niimnl va'afics, (m) Abourfc 3
y^-ur-.' I'xp'ijpiii-e of rps'Mi'i h on A'n'us di^eaaes with npeeial refereni'H
to iiadeippst. QiLiilifirationH rnlaxable a.t Commission 'H rlispreiTon
111 Pn^e fif pnnrlid.itps othpnvisp well ijiinlifiPd


Dm A*mr>tnntDiret'1i>f (I'/n/sicctl) Direttornlr (,'t'Hfrnloftfnppliet
ttittlJJifiii'iifll Tnpnitial modification of item o S ot tho ommiasion'a
Advertisement No. IS whu-h appeared on the 30th April, 1955, it
is notified for general information that the Heale of pay of Ks-iOO—
t10—750 wil' he applicable to purnoiig who havo been in continuous
employment wni-u 15th -fnly, l!)31 and WO'jt smco IfithJuly, I9ol
as advertiNPcl. Other conilitioiiN remain unrhFingBd.

Fiee Assistant Elfilntnl Emjinetrs, Hfiiitktrt/ nf finilwu'lls, lij
partial modifiratioii of item 7 of the CommiHsion'H advertiflpmenf
N"o. 1.1 tthieh appearpil onthp Hth April, IflSTi it is notified for ffPneral
nifui'inatinn tin-munbpj1 of posts has ln'cninereawcd fi'ojn/5 to 12;
2 i'p«.pvvpil foi Si hPiliilpdCnste, 1 for Scheduled TribcHniid 1 fnrAnglu
Iiuliiiiicommnnitips eaudidfttCH if sneh Riiitable ewulitlnti'M ti\ ailahlu,
Othi r poiiilitinns reniiini uwhmured Tin1 c-loHine: date pxtended


Under iSeci-cfuiy.


Pinii'itt. Sin }l()n i>. TLTI'AIL AHMAD, In solvency   Juclyc

Insolvency Case no. 112 of 1954
In tfiti mailer   <>l-
Si-aranoud.-\hirn, -im nl HakcHin Aluy tfnlu, i-Phiilmt

of Ainiuha. inohiillnSlmfnt-l'tita   Idpbtnr)           ,     Applirmit,

Sn Slnmhhu Lai and othoid (oreditor,s)                          Opposite

par ty.

l-i ih mfurmPd tlitit the Eiboveimmerl applicant IJH.S been adjudged
au insolvent by thir> Court on the -27th Api'Jl, J9fl.'5, nnd three years'
tirai- lifts hPL-ii aivun to him to apply for dim hai'ffp. Ofneinl Rereivi-r
ha« been appointed Lo take over hih Obfiet^

IflHued today the llrth of May, inii.1), with my aual and sij

By order,


____       ______     __ (_

of reenguHift "UniveTsity  or   equivalpnt

4.   One S>epHt>f Assistant Director oJHyyunt in the Directorate
eteiwrf. Ordnance Factories, Vdtciitta. Po&t permanent.   Pay s For
dmct recruit* : BH. 600-40—1,000—130/2—1 150 j>lus non-praotiging
oe of 20 per e.ent, of pay subject to maximnm of Bs.160 per
For pwuma who have  been  in  continuous employment
IWSx July,   1931 IK H50— 100— 1,230 plus non-practising



_,       . .      .,                 f ,      , . „ ,   , ,t   ,

USw:i,ing Ht* pww of Insolvena, J^g6)

Insolvency Case no, 13 of 1955

T    .,„   „„„,„-   nf

/JI   *'{C   matter  °'T~               ,            ,

BanarsiDass, son of Thonmal, L-antQ VtUHh Jami, re-
tiidentof mntiui "Hilwan, pargana Boraut, district
^Ipprut,                           ..              '.                 .- Applicant.

\VxmtA* the abovenomcil applicant has applied to this Court,
by u petition, dated the fithApnl, 1953, to bn declared an inaolvent,
under section 10/13 of the Provincial Insolvency Act V of 1920.
it is hereby notified that the Court has fixed the 13th (fiftrenth)
day of July, 1 9.W, for hearing of the af nremid application,