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Companv Case no. 8 of rass

«F Uio
Boftra ^

tin.- .ibuvciiamed I'

J.-Lition fni" the winding up of
[_!• ",i Jj^tn'f. | ol- gubjuut to tlin lupervwion
^liiiicLT-urP nt ^llahnbnrl i or Distort Court of

"i »n ±H-'P-M.'-^    Ojl    tUi.                 day    of                 1.4    ,    pre-

,Liife-d TI, th' s.u.1 Court bv H,e *<«'l company petitioner/ u credi-
jLUttjiTii/"^l'^" iuy. tlu,i tint tlu=. pntitiOLi w directed to be
1 rnrl b'pfor-1- -'"J L1^1-1' 'ul1 *'"' twenly-iiinc-tb rlay of July, 1955;
"nil -- i-vxhfor in- r-iiHtiiiintnrv nf the s,ur| desirous of
'|jj*'i--iim anni'il'i tui ih' v iiiduu up ol th-' Haul company under
the iib»v" A'-'t -IjnLilil app.iir .tf thu time ul hearing by himself
or his advurdti- foi that pui'i'ci-t ; and a L««P.V of tho petition
will bo iuriiiilii d tu any i-reditur ur uoiitiiljiitory of tho said com-
pany requiring ilii.1 -jiiii- by rli'1 nndersium'd on payment of jjres-
I'ribeil i-luiigp tnr ibr_> -.oni' .

[il-5-'.V>.]                                  -Idi-ocatti far the petitionrtt.

Xoi'E—Any person vhu lutoudb to appear on thy hearing ol
tin.- 'a.nd patitiou miis-t luavo with or aend by registered post to
thu p'-tniriUf-r or hi* advoetati*, notice in writing of hit. intention
so to Ju. Tlie notmu must state the name and addresu of the
pert>un, or, if a firm, the iiami; find additjdd of thu firm, and must
be served, or if posted, must be sent by post in sufficient time to
reach thu abovmamed not later than 2 clear days before the dn\
_ uippoiiited for th« hearing of tliu petition.



BL it Imo-Hii to all that the businuda asaets of the Hindu
Undh id^d Family named and atj It d as Messrs. Gopinath Bansirlhar
ba\iiig its principal plar-f of ]niriiiics« at Mathura were partitioned
butwt-'Ln the various ra> mbers of the family on the 31st March, 195.1
From K April, 1[)53, the business has been taken up with all a^acK
•md liabilities Jiy u partnership uamed and styled as Messrs. Ciopi-
nath Baasidhai- M'th i^arrasn (1) Baniaidhar, (2) Radhasaran, (3)
Madhurisaran, i J-j, (.1) Ki-horisuran and Srimati Anchibni

For Gojjinalh Bansidkar.


NOTICE is hereby yiven than Lho partnership heretoforo subsis-
ting between Moti Ram, son of L. Bawa Mai, a representative
of the Hindu Undivided Family Vaishno Dass Bawa Mai and
Hunni Lai. nun of L Lachman Purshad, under the articles of
PartneraliiiJj dated the 3yth Xovember 1951, and registered with
the Retribtiar oj Films, I". 1J , Lucknow vidu registration no. 238S/
VIE—'201-22, datt'd tho llth March 1935, haa undergone a uhoug e
and the i-hange is Sri Moti Ram has ceased to be partner
in his n>pie?(?ntaTivi' Lapacity of the Hindu Undivided Family
Vaibhuo Dass Bawa Mai and thu following persona have been taken
m dr. partner*, bi'side* Sri Moti Ram now in hia individual capacity _
<1) SnDooki Nandau, son of L. Bawu. Mtil.
id) SuP.tuuj Lul, sou of L. Bawa Mai.

The Change is wirh effLct from tho i5th March, 1953.

All dt,bts ami claum owing by and due to the aaid firm will bo
paid and leui/ned by the new firm as constituted between Marva-
sri Mi«nni Lsl, Moti Ram. Dcoki Nanduu and Panna Lai.

MOTI RAM, Partner.

Kanpur Development Board

NOTICE is hereby givoii under section 53 of the Kanpur Urban
Area Development Act, 1945 (U. P. Aou VI of 1945), that the
Board has framed Gwaltoli Slum Clearance Scheme no. 36. The
boundaries of the schema are as under;

"Starting from the junction of 50' road and Gwaltoh
Bazar Road no. 55, near Gwaltoli Police Outpost moving
east along road no. 55 up to its junction with roadf no. 79, then
turning south and moving along road no. 79 up to its junction
with Gwaltoli Railway Siding, then moving south-west along
Railway Siding up to the junction of Railway Siding and
Nuwabganj Road, moving west along Nawabganj Road
up to its junction with Siaamau Nala Road, then moving
north along'tho fcjiaamuu Nala Road up to its junction with
,—•30' Road, than moving north along 50' Road up to Gwaltoli

Bazar Road no. 55, th1" starting point."

plan itnd estimates of the houses proposed to be acquired may
b« seen during office hours at the Development Board office.

Any objection to tho scheme and proposed acquisition can be
tiled at the Board's Office within sixty days from the date of teb

Executive Officer.

Kanpur Development Board

It is liorebv nnlified tinder section (30(1) of the Kanpur Urbii
iva Development Act, 19^5 (U. P. Ax L VI of 194-5) that in o wcis,
uovrers (louFerred under section 57 of tno aforesaid Act f-
^imr „«.,... i,.OJ^ud -rtur Htum 01earancc-ctt;i[-Re-building ^cher.,
no. J4 far Ahata no. Ifi/."i2, in Civil Liuea. FCanpur, knn-u u aa CiuU
•Rnboo ki-Alidi,tn sinrl it comes into force from thp dnln nF t,l

f2]-5-'B5.]                                                      Executive Ojfictt

Agia Improvement Trus;

(Notif under section 36)

As required by Hi't'tiou 36 of tho U. P. Town Improvement Aci
VIII of 1910 notice islieruby given that a sr'liemt' entitled "NoitTt
TDGAH DEVELOPMENT SCHEME " for providing residential pl0ts
stone and building materinl mEirkei has been clnly frampd and i,
Ijomg published.

The lioundaries of area comprised in the scheme arc •

Notth—Nala on the south of fiolrt no   nr"fi and 535 (Psrt
Sawade Shahr, A^ra

East—Existing nula along plofs nu. ,r)!]r> (part ) JiTfi  vjo
(part) and 577  (part).                                         "      ' "

South—Police linOH road.

TFest—Fire fltatiou (plots no.s. 57(1, odi) and SliS, Chafcl
Swade Shahr/Agra).

The map of tho area and a Htaicmi'ut of thu landa proposed fo
be acquired may bo mien at the office1 of the- Improvement Tmat,
118 Civil Lines (Swadeshi Bima Buildings), Agra, nu all workinr.
dnys between thn hourn II a.m. to 5 p.m.

Any person objecting to the achcm"" may, within aixty days
from the date of thin notice, Henri hie ohjentionn in writing to tte
Imrpvement Trust.

M   A.   QURAISH1,



The public ia hereby informed that H. U. Family firm Gaya
Nath Kesho Chaud, resident of Man district Azamgarh haa di^ *
solved.    Its members have partititioned.    But they have started
a freah business from April    J3th, 1954 with tho   samn name a
stylo namely Goya Nath Kcsho Ohand tit Mau district

The shares are •

Keshab Cha/nd Ghost-            5 uimas 4 pie.s.

Rajeshwar Ghose            .         Ditto

Nandip ChEiiid Ghost1     .           Ditto.

(ILLEGIBLE),        (


Marah 26, 195f>.                                                      M


(In the, matter of Industrial Research House Ltd., Allahabad)

At an. extraordinary general mooting of the aboveuamed Com1
paiiy held on April 30, 1955 at 4- .30 p.m. at, 36 Panna Lai Road,
Allahabad, the following resolution was unanimously pasHad as
extraordinary resolution :

" Resolved that the Company by reaaon of its liabilities
cannot continue ibs business aaid the company be wouno
up voluntarily and Sn B. C. Dey, Advocate, 7 Javr- -" °
Nehru Road, Allahabad be and ia hereby appointed
tor. •'

H, N. GHO«H,