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7.    0/ie Librarian and Ledge?  Keeper, Botanical Survey of Iia
Ministry nf Natural Rt&mircts and Scientific Resennh.    Posts tern.'

porpry at preqent but likely to continue. Other  things being equal
preference will bo given to a Scheduled^ Caste candidate.    "      '

preference will bo given to a Sche'luled Caste candidate Pen/ '
JR-.275—2;1)—500—30—GijO—30—800. Higher initial pay to ape-'
rially rjuahfird and experienced candidate. Age : Between 25 and"

APPLICATIONS ar« invitiM Cor the raulormenMonci! posts irom
InduJ citizens and puson" mijratpj fiam Pakistan with mipntiau
of permanently =ettlin'.r in. Iiulia or subjects of Nepal. Sikkim or
Portuguese or Vormer fi ranch possnp'ioug in India. Upper aso limit

i.thpw,<MVQiH i' .ropiinn.ilea-e-'.Tndwill mnor.i-o berolasodbryniid
liu-ofi >i'T.i«3.* and f mns from Secretary,
Union Pubh.' Service CnmrniBsinn. Pust Box iin 18fi. Nrv Dolhi-
Efqiicstrtfor forms mu*t ^xnfynim. nf pa-t find ^hould ba tiL-com-
pwiod liv tHf-aililrMii"! iiii-iainpi-d eiuvlope foi1 each po^t ab least
ofsiz" H' X 1' inilicaiiiur UiM-nii n.unu of po<3L fnr whirh forms are
inquired, t'lu-m^ dntf~ for ttv -ipt of application with tvcn«ury
receipt or ' '.rowd Indian Po-tal O^lm- for Ra.l-X (Re. L-l-4 for Scf.p-
duled Oa«UH andTi'iliQ*). '.'.neb June, J055 (nth Tuty, 133.1, for appli-
cants from abroudj. Commission may remit, genuinely mdiuent and
btna fitfr displ-wiu! pi-rgou's fof. Sflparatrj application with sepal ate
fro required for ear-h pn«fc. C^ididatea abroad may npjily on plain
papor if form* not availably .mi deposit foe with local Indian Em-
bassy. Łf requir* d randidatus muet appear for personal interview.

1.    Two  Executive  Engineers (Irrigation),    Government   of
Piniftya Pradesh.    Post temporary but likely to contmuo.    Pay :

R<3.450 (Hh yaar)—25—fiOO—E.B.—25—700—30—850. Higher
initial pay to specially qualified and experienced candidates. Aye. :
TJctweenSO and 40 yraw. Relavn>le for Qovernmrnt servants. Quali-
fications: Essential—.(0 Dagrre in Engineering of recognised Univer-
sity of equivalent, (ii) About 5 yeari' practical experience of Irri-
gation work. Qualifications relaxabla at Commission's discretion
in rase of candidates otherwise well-qualified.

2.    Four Regional Boanisls, Botanical Surrey of India, '11/nw/ny
of Natural Rcsmifcen and Scientific Research, Posts temporury at
present bvit likely to continue.    Other things beins? equal) preferences
will bryivento Scheduled Caste candidates. Fay.Ra.lJOO—40—1,000
—1,000—1,050—1.030—1,100—1,100—1,150. ,Higher initial pay to
specially qualified ar.d expeiir'nced   candidates." Aqc  • Below 45
y?ars.   QtinliJiBation* • Essential.—(i) Master'n or nquiv.ilrnt Hon-
our's degree in Botany,    (ii) About 5 years' experience of field work
in Botany,    (iii) Publication of research work   of   quality,    (iv)
Knowledge of   Heihaiium method".    Qualifications rclaxable at
Commission's dtX-retion in the case of candidate' otherwise wrll-

?j. Four Systematic Bfjtanish, Botanical Survey of India,
Ministry of Natural Seaoitrces and Scientific Research. Posts tem-
porary at present but likely to continue. Othei things being equal,
preference will be given to Scheduled Caato candidates. Pay \ Ra.350
—330—380—380—30—590—E.B.—30—770—40—B-O.         Hichor

initial pay to specially quahfiod and experienced candirlatog. A gs :
Below 40 years. Qualifications -, Essential—(i) Master's or equi-
valent Honour's de-jrce in Botany, (ii) About 3 yoara* research
espenonce in Systematic Botany, (ui) Experience of field rollec-
tion of plants. Qaalificaticna relaxable at Commission's discrc-tion
in case of candidates ntliprwi«0 well-qualiflod.



uandiddtes otheiwisn well

8. One Assiatnnt Research Officer (in tliti T. G. A.R. Scheme
for the estnbhsh.fient of Raffra RmcarcJi and Diagnostic Centre at the
'Indian VcfŁ?n,ary Rt.,rrvch Institute, Midttauar. Poat tomporary
ap to 31st March, 1958, for the pr(=&unt, Reserved for iSchcduled
Ciste/Tribn candidates if such suitable candidates available other-
wise to bo treated OR unreserved. Pny :Rs 275 — 2.") — 500 — E.n. — SO
.i50— E.B. — SO— SCO with rant fine unfurnished quarters at Muktes-
war so Ion y ttus concession is allowed but rnnt ai. 1 0 pnr c«3nt. of pay
will be chnftr.Tr] when GoverumenL quarters aro prnvidfrl at Iz

Higher initial pay to speoiully qualified nnd expeiieiiced candidate.
"     ars. JtelaxnMcfor Government {tenants.

Age; Below 3i"i years.

tions ; Essential — (i) Depree or diplrma in Veterinary Science of
recognised University or Iiist.itnt.ion. (n) Pofit-,yiatluato" training or
about thrc-e j*eais' exporicnc-cin Veterinary Bacteriology and Viiolojiy,
QualificationH rplaxable at Commission's dinnetion in cane of
candidates otherwise well-qualified.

9.    One Statistician, Central Institute of  Education.   Post per-
manent but appointment will be made? up to December, 1950,  only.
Pay : Ra.275 — 25—500.   Highnrmilial pay tu specially qualiPedand
raxperienced candidate.    Age : Below 35   years.    Qualifications •
Essential — (i) PirstClnss Master's or equivalent Honours degree of
recoflnised Univtrai^y in fcitatisbirs 01 in Mathematics economics with
Statistic? as special paper, (ii)  Bxperlenco of application of Statistics
io Education and/or Psychology, (iii)   Working knowledge of Hindi.

NOTE—If the selected candidate dooa not know Hindi, he ma?
he required to pass examination in Hindi. Qualifications relasabl8
at 'Commission's discretion in case of candidates otherwise wnll-

10. (a) Twn Lecturers I'M English, (b) 1 Lecturer in Mathematics,
(c) 4. Lecturers iii Physics and (d) 1 Lecturer in Hindi. National
Defence Academy, Kltaralvada. Posts tempOTory for B years but
likely to be made permanent. Pay : Rs.400—30—700. Either
initial pay to specially quahfiod and nxprrienced candidates. Age ;
Below 35 years. RrlaxnMa for Gtcvcrnmcnt servants. Qualifications :
Essential—(i) At least 2nd Class Muster's or equivalent dcgiee in
tho relevant subjects of recogniscdUunivorsity. (ii) About 3 years'
teaching experience in rerognisod Collefre/UnivDrsity. Qualificationa
relasablo at Commission'fi discretion in case of c
well, qualified.

f candidates othciwifle

4.    0lie Keeper ijf the Ceiural National Herbarium,   Botanical......__.....„,

Survey oflntll't. Winery of Natural Resources and Scientific Bcsrarch.   well qualified.
Post tempoiary .it present but likely to continue.    Other things

being equal, preference will ba given to Scheduled Caste candidates
Pay : R^fi'lO—40—1,000—1,000—l.OSO—l.OJJO—1,100 —1,100—
1,150. Hiahcr initiil p.iv to specially qualified and experienced can-
didate. A<f? '• Below ij years. Qualifications'. Essential—(')
Master's or equivalent Honour's decree iu Botany, (ii) About 4
years' research work m Systematic Botany, (iii) Experience of
moiera Herbarium methods. Qualificating rnlaxahle at Commif-
aian'g discretion in rhe oaso of candidates otherwise well-quali-

5.    One Curator i>f ths Central National Herbarium,   Botanical
fjurvey of Indii, Ministry of Natural Kcaottrces and Scientific Research.
Post temporary ai present butlikolv to oontinuo.    Other things being
flquil. preference will be given to Scheduled Castes eandida,tps.  Pay:
Rs.275—ij—300—30—C50.   Hiaher  initial pay to specially qnali-
fied and experipnced candidate*. Atfe:Below35years. Qualifiiationa i
Essential—(i) M.Ro.   or equivalent-  Honour's dfljrree  in    Botany,
(ii) Experience   of work    in mndprn Heibariiun.   Qualifications
rolaxdbla at Commission's dfcuietion in the caac of candidates other-
wise well-qualified.

tt. Si* Botartiite, Central National Herbarium, Botanicvl
Surrey oflndiit, Ministry ofXntural Resources nnd Scientific; Resc-mh,
Ports tura'ioiarv at pregpnt hut likely to continue. Othpi thuipH
beine equal, prefeionpe will be Riven to Scheduled Castes candidates
Pay': Rs.200—Iii—350—23—050. Hifih^t initial pay to apc-cially
qoalifiedami «xpnnenc-pd «>andidn to. Aye : Below30 y'para, Qtiali-
fbatfang : Essential—(i) M.Se. or equivalent Honour's flexr-ftp in
Botany. (ii> Knowlniurp of H-jrbftrium methods. Qualification?
rolarablfl at Commission's diecretion in the oaso of candidates obber-
wiw wetl.qaaUfied.

11. Th/ee Lecturer a in Mechanics, National Defence Academy,
Kharakvnala. Post temporary foi 5 years, but likely Io bo Made
permanent, Pay : Rq.40G—30—700. Highei initial pay to spe-
cially qualified and experienced candidates. Ago : Below 35 years.
Rela.utlilc for Government servants. Qualifications : Essential— (i)
At least Jnd Cln.1^ degree in Mechanical Engineering of recognised
UniveiPity or equivalent, (ii) About 3 years' experience of teaching
applied Mechanics in renognieed Univorsity/Collego. Qualification,"
reUxablp al Commiapion'a discretion in case of mvididatcs otherwise

12.    One Lecturer in  Burmese, National   Defence  Academy.
KhnraLiasln.    Postg temporary for 5 years, but likely to be made
permanent.    Pny : Rs.400—30—700.    Higher initial pay to flpe-
dally qualified and oxperipncod candidato.    Age : Below 35 yenra.
Rel&rahlc fur   Government servants.   Qualifications   :   E&iential—
(i) Degree or diploma in Burmeeo.    Must have resided for nt leash
oue year m the country in which the language is spoken,    (ii) About
2 years' experience of teaching Burmese.    Qualifications relaxable
at Commission's discretion in case of candidates otherwise well-

13.    One Lecturer   in Chemical Engineering and Technology,
Delhi Polytechnic, Ministry cf JUdvcatiori.   Post peimacpnt.   Re-
served for Scheduled Castes candidate, if such suitable candidate
available, otherwise pant trc.itod as unreserved.    Pay -. Rn.300—211
—BOO—30-5RO.   Higher initial pay to specially qualified and ex-
perienced candidate.    Age : Below 35 years.    Jielarahle for Govern-
ment servants.   Qualifirationu : Essential—(i) At least   2nd Class
degree in Chemical Engineering of recognised UnivPrtity cr  oqui-
velent with specialisation in Chemistry and Tor.-Imology or   High
Polvrners.    fill About thru* vpnwu1 o-»TioM«^n« :- *-—1.:«_. fi.—:—I