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Monthly AsrieultXiral Report of Uttar Pradesh for the
month of March, 1955

May 19, 1955

During the first week of the month under report,
there were light showers in a number of districts of
the State and no rain in the rest. During the second
week, there was practically no rain throughout the
State. During the third and fourth weeks, there
was no rain except for scanty showers in some dis-
1 iricts. The total rainfall for the month was in defect
of the normal in almost all the districts of the State
except a few where it was in excess. .Rains during
the month were generally accompanied by hailstorm
in a number of districts.

11—'Agriculiural Operations

Preparation of land for, and sowing of, the next
sugarcane and zaid crops were in progress in some dis-
tricts. Harvesting and crushing of sugarcane for the
manufacture of sugar and guv continued in a few dis-
tricts. Harvesting and threshing of rabi crops were
in full swing throughout the State. The newly sown
sugarcane and zaid crops were irrigated in some districts.
Preparation of seed-bed for Jcharif crops commenced
in a few districts.

171—Standing Crops

IV—-.Prospects   of Harvest

The condition of the standing crops and the pros-
pects of outturn of rabi crops were generally satis-
factory, except in a few districts where some localiz-
ed damage to the crops was caused by hailstorms and
frost during the season. On the basis of information
received so far from the District Officers, the figures
of average anna condition (expressed as percentage)
of the mango and mahuva crops for the State are es-
timated at about 85 and 82 per cent, of the normal

V—Damage,   to crops

Reports of localized damage to the standing rabi
crops by hailstorm were received from a number of
districts, the damage being particularly severe in the
districts of Saharanpur, Jalauii, Jaunpur, Almora
and Azamgarh. Some localized damage to crops by
fire was reported from the Allahabad district. Acc-
ording to the reports received from the Entomologist
to Government, U. P., some damage to the wheat,
barley gram, arhar and peas crops was caused by
field rats in several districts. Stray attacks by in-
sect pests on the standing crops were also reported
from several districts. Control measures against
these field rats and pests were undertaken by the
Plant Protection Service, U. P.


The condition of the live-stock was, on the whole,
satisfactory although cattle diseases have as usual,
been reported from a number of districts. The
figures for the number of seizures, deaths and mor-
tality from infectious cattle diseases during this and
the preceding months are presented in the table given
below, which has been prepared from the data furnish-
ed by the Director of Animal Husbandry andFisheries,

Q. P. It would be .seen from this table that, as com-
pared with the previous month, there was a decline
of 28- 6 per cent, in the total number of seizures and
of 38- 2 per cent, in the total number of deaths, result-
ing in a slight decline in mortality from S to 7. As
regards Anthra, there was a fall of 75' 0 per cent, in
the number of seizures and of 7G1 7 per cent, in the
number of deaths, which brought about a decline
in mortality from 94 to 87. In the case of Haemorr-
hagic Septicaemia, there was a decline of 55'3 per
cent, in the number of seizures and of 59'j per cent,
in the number of deaths, giving a decline in mortality
from 96 to 87. As for Black Quarter, there was a
decline of 54*5 per cent, in the number of seizures
and of 42-9 per cent, in the number of deaths,
but the mortality rose from 80 to 100. There were
decreases of 12'2 and 27'4 per cent, respectively
in the number of seizures and deaths from Rinder-
pest and mortality also fell from 72 to 60. As regards
Foot and Mouth disease, there was a decline of 2 8'2
per cent, in the number of seizures but the number
of deaths were a little more than double that of the
preceding month, resulting in a rise in mortality from
0-22 to 0-67. There were 70 and 50 cases of seizures
and deaths respectively from other diseases as against
no case of seizure or death during the preceding

TABLE—Number of seizures, deaths and mortality ficm
infectious cattle diseases during the months
of February and March, 1955.

Seizures                 Deaths                   Mortality

Diseases         ---------------------------------------------------------------

February March February March February

Anthrax     ..            04           16           60            14            04            87

Hacm.Sept.           291         130         279         HB           06            S?

Black Quarter           44           20           33            20            80          100

Rinderpest              172         151          124            90            72            fiO

5,987       4,298            13            23        0'22       0'67


Other Diseases




6,55S       4,685

Number of Deaths

Mortality =


Number of seizures
VII — Pasturage and Fodder

Pasturage and fodder were geneially reported to
bo adequate in all the districts of the State except a
few where there was some scarcity ot" pasturage.

— Health and Labou r in Rural Areas

The health of the labouring populatiojumgaged in
agriculture in rural areas was reported to be generally \
satisfactory.                                                                  ,

Director of Agriculture,