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DTTAfl PEADESH GAZETTE, .TTONS i, 1055                            [PAET VHT

--                ~              ~~                    .     A.         t,    f       Annas 6 extra in each caste if sent by registered pust,

List of new publications published during the, month oj

J                                                                                               JV.S. The amounts in parentheses are for packing and

\l<iy, lH-55.


Important and usual Publications on different subjects                  ITTTAB PRADESH, ALLAHABAD


ABAD.   Catalogue free on application.                             Ration papers ret at the Nmb-Uliajldnr Exaiuha-

lion 1032.   Price nunau 2 (.l ps.6).

(j. P. Laud ArqauitiuD (Aimuiiliiient) Act no. XXU      jy   g  rpjle amount in parentheses    an for packing
u 1954 in Hindi.   Price anua 1 l.l /<>)                      jjjd postage.

U. P. Aancohoial Income Tax , Xmmlmenb, Act iu,      <-'- ^ *rf /,-         _

XVTII of 195 1 in Kindi.   Pn-e amiti J  (a.l {>s U).                                         SUPERINTENDENT,

Printing and MLationery, Uttnr Pradesh, Allahabad.
U. P- <'i\il Laws CEefrirms and Amendiiienli Act no. -- . ------

xxiv of nm in jBiigiwii. rricp amia i (fl.i fw.j.                 INDIAN   LAW REPORTS

The Liickuuw University fAmeiidmeiitt Ordinance no                       ALLAHABAD  SERIES

III of 1954 m Hindi.    Price antu 1 (a.l P*.6).

(Lucknow seriea has been combined with it from

The U. P. Motor Vehicle Ta^ittiou (Auieiidruiiefcj Ad                                 -January, 1949)

no. HI of 1956 in Hindi.   Price ami* 1 fi.l ^-6).              The on]y offidaj serieg may be obtained ^^ from ^

Hie U. T'. KucniJibenid 'Estates (Amendment) Acl- u*..   Superintendent, Printing) and Stationery, U. P. Allah-
XIII of 190 1 in Hindi.   Price anna 1 lo.l ?^.6J.               abad' r agents for U. P. Government publication!,.

Price per annum, Us. 9 including postage.

t". P.    Zaiiriuduri    Abolition    und    Land
i Amendment) Ordinance no. 1 of Woo in Hindi.    Pri'-t--
,una M-M p.6).                                                                                      BACK NUMBERS


1 1. V. Municjpahties uNJiiendmentj Acl no. 1 of l*JOo   Qw   n^nilol,T    .      JT.      a            a    A     -r, -  ,

.    IT    ,      ,, .              ,                                                       are available j*rom Ihe   Superintendent,    Printing   anil

m Hjinli.    Price anna 1 (a.l ps.fa                                       q*.,f,-n,   rr-p      AH T. i. j       j            i        i       3

*                                             atationery, U. P.,   Allahabad, and   may be   obtained

Lint of ileiuberh of I". P. Legislative Assembly c-ou-   ^bo^d at tfle reduced rates quoted below :

their iibuul ^'illa^et, of rebideuce corrected up lo                  f 191- 1911> 19la * in* to 1925 at Bs.a per volume

Allahabad 1   1926 to 1930                                      Ea 6

Febmurj 13, J9-3-5 in Kiiglish.   J'rice annas 12 (a. 3).           aenps<    1 1931 to 1940                               |J  EC'S  ,"

L 1941 to 1948  & 1930                           Be.8    

F. P. Civil LiHt, Part U corrected up to ..human J,                 f 1926                                         1^4

IM.   Pm.efc.l!U,dudiUgpo0ta,SB.                       "         '" -j Jig t SB ^ 1939              " Jj-*   -       "

L 1948, 1944 and 1948                      '   Bfl.8 ",       ",

Annual Ji^m-r on the Workmy of the U. P. Shops   Sold   only   in   complete    volumes,   including   Index
atul ( 'oiiiniervial Establish inent Act, 1U47 for the Calendar      -o

jr IflSa in English.   Prir,e annas U (cu.2)                               g" *         & Efll P6r Vlum8;  abl'ad Es'2'

Cheques on banks outside Allahabad should include Banker's

Litel of books approved' during the year 1953 for the            comisflion of * annas.   Cheques should not be crossed,

U6e of Libraries and teachers in Basic, Junior, Higher

t-econdary Schools, Xonnal Schools, Training Colleges,  GOVERNMENT OF INDIA PUBLICATIONS

Travelling and Circulating Libraries m Hindi.   Price

annas 2 (a.l ps.6).                                                            SiocJc  Bailable   with   Superintendent,   Printing   and

4R    WlTmK .  ,   , ,   _     .                                              Stationery, Uttar Pradesh, Allahabad.

15.    Kumbh Tragedy Enquiry Committee Report in     -n       n       .  .

English,   Price Rs.i-10    fas 8^                                                   Commission Report, price Rs.3, packing;  and

1   '                                          postage W*.8.).

16.    Report of  the   Gosamyardhan   Enquiry   Com- labour Appeal Cases, January 1954, price Rs.2-8 (.3J.
mlttea, Parts I and II in ft**.  Prloe Rs.2 (as.6)t   Latar Appeal 0^ ^^ ^ ^ ^^ (fl^}

17.    History of Sendees of Gazetted Officers (CM r'abonr Appeal Cases, February 1954, price Rs.2-6 (

1?*  (*'*W)' 00ractal1 P  Wf 1, rjboBr APP^ Oases, March 1954, price Ea.2-8 to..
M. M