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VIII]                                 UTTAR PRADESH GAZETTE, JUNE 4,1955                                                299


First Five-Year Plan— Price Es.6-10 (Ee.l and as. 8).      31.   Pa/merit  of  Wanes  (ProoGdur^   Knles,  19: '-7.

1.    Courses  of  Training  at  Civil Aviation Training   Price annas 3 (a. 1).

Centre, Allahabad.    Price annas 5 (a. 1 ps. 6).                     32.   Indian Electricity Rules.    Price Re.l-fl to* .3'

2.    Constitution o£ India with correction slips modified     33.    Audit Manual.    Price lle.1-4 (<w.6).

up to 1st September, 1951.    Price Re.1-10 fas. 8).               34.   White Puper  on  Taumiii  and Kashmir.    Price

3.    Constitution  of India in Hindi.    Price Re.1-10   auuas 8 (as. 2).

(W-8).                                                                                       35    Economic    Development  with    Stability.    Price

4.    Audit Code, First Edition   incorporating   correc-  Rs.2-8 faw.3).

tinn slips nos. 1 to 25.    Price Re.1-4 (aft A).                        36.    Import Trade  Control Policy  for the licenMrp.

5.    Indian Penal Code as modified up to 1st March,  period January— June, 1954    Price "Bs.2-8 (as. 4).
1051.    Price Rs.2-8   (afi.7).                                                   37.    Award    un   the   IndirU-ml   Disputes   betvreer

6.    Ancient  India  Bulletin no.  1 of the  Archaeob- Central    Banking   Companies    and    their    workmen.
gical Survey of India.    Price  Ra.2  (as.6)                        Price Re.1-6 (as°±).

7.    Civil Service  (Classification, Control and Appeal      38.   Programmes of Industrial Development 1951-5-2.
Rules), corrected up to 1st October, 1951.   Price annas 6  Price Rs.4-8 (tw.12).

(ft'l/-                                                                                      NOTE — The amounts in parentheses are fnr packing and postage.

8.    Information for the Students desiring to proceed  ------ — •

Overseas   for the   Advanced  Studies,   1947-48.    Price       IMPORTANT SAHSKltlT LlTF.RATCElE

annas 3 (a. 1 ps. 6).                                                                                         _

9.    Factories Act no. LXIII of 1948, as modified up to                             The Princess ol Wales

1st April, 1951.   Price annas 4 (a. 1 pj. 6).                          <J AH A^V&TI RIJ A17A1VA    I FYT

10.    First Report of the National Income Committee,         3 Aft A 3 wall Jftfil A V AHA    1 li& I
April, 1951.    Price Re.1-6 (as,. 2 ps. 6).                                                          EDITED B?

11.    CriminLil   Procedure  Code as   modified   up    to           Dr.  MAN GAL  DEYA  SHASTRI,   M.A.
June 1, 1951.   Price Rs.2-8 (as. 7).                                                          D.Phil.  (Oxon ),

12.    Indian Boilers Act aa modified    up   to    Novem-               Principal, Go¥ernment Sanskrit College, Eacaras
ber 1, 1949, Price annas 7 (tw.2).                                                                             -

13.     Co-operative   Societies   Act as modified   up to   ^ * to tiB an'1 73 edlted ** M-M- Pt- Gf'P™*1 Kl!vlfa>' ** *-*

yl, 1952.     Price annas 4 (a.l).                                                         (Figures in parentheses indu,,nc po<.tfl[/<"

14.     Payment of Wages Act as modified up  to May 15,      (1) The Eiranavali Bhuakan,     (Viigheshika),     a     Commentary on
,ne1      -,-, /                    ^   /    i\                                                       Udayana'a Kiranavali, Dravya section, by Padmanabha Misra.    Edited
1951.     Irice  annaS 4  (a.l).                                                     mih introduction, and Index,  by  Qopinath  Eaviraj,  M.A.   (Reduced

15.    The Poison Act as modified up to May 1, 1949. price AB. uj (las.)-

Pvipfl   RTrniH   9    mpkinrf   ind   nnataira   (n   11                           (2) The Advaita Chintamani (Yedanta), by Bangoji Bbatta, Edit* I

fries   annas   ^    packing   and  postage   W --U-                      ^th Introduction,  etc.,  by Narayana  Shastri  Ehiste  Sahityaebaiya.

1.   U. P. JZarnmdan   Abolition and Land   Reforms .Reduced pwie AS. ii> v'3a-9.j.

(Amendment)  Act no.  XVI Of 1953 IB  English.    Price     (3) The    Raaasara      (VaiBheshika),    Commentary    on    Udayana'a
n   /•   i         c\                                                                     Kiruiiavah, Quua sectioc, by Bhatta Vadindra.   Edited vdth Introduc-

lllinaa ^   (a.l p&.b).                                                                    tion, etc., by Gopxnath Kavkaj, M.A. (Reduced price As.U)  (3u.>...

2      U. P. Cinematograph Rules, 1951, made under the    Part H.— The Bhavana Viveka (Mimanea), by ^landana Misra, \dtli
Cinematograph Act, 1918 in English.    Price annas Ui$£S^&?^^^
fflS.2).                                                                                  AB.6)  (Zas.).

16.    The     Indian     Evidence    Act.    modified    up    to v & Part L^Toginihridayadipilia (Tantra),  by Amritananda Natha,
A          ,  ,   °   „:;      J .               /» /     n\                                bang a   Commentary on   Toginihndaya, a  part  of    Vamakeshvara
August 1, 1952.     Price annas 6 (fl*. 2).                                      Tantaia.   Edited    by    Qapmatfc    Kaviraj,    M.A.     (Reduced    price

17.    "Workmen   Compensation Act   modified    up to Aa.ia) (3w. 6ps.).

MUTT 1    10*0      PT-ino a« R (a   1 •««   fi^                            (5) The Kayyadakini (Alankaia), by Gangananda Kavindra,   Edited

May 1, 1952.     Price annas b Iff. 1 fW. W.                        ^ Inferoauction)  eto.f  by Jagannatha  Shasta Hoshing  Banityopa-

18.    Industrial    Dispute (Appellate    Tribunal)    Act dhyaya.   Deduced price AB.S-B) (2as.).


.           ..

110. XLYII'I o£ 1950.     Price annaS 4 (a.l).                           ») P«* I~T^ S*"1 ^af4^ (Bhakti Shastra)   a Commentary

-<«      -r   T        -T.    ....         .   .          TV     *  iono     m  J     m   Bandilya's   Bhaktisutraa,   by   JSiarayana   Putha-    Edited   Tntli   a

19.     Indian   Limitation   Act   no.   IX   Of  1908,   modi- p^ary Note,   by   aopinath  Eaviiaj,  UA.    (Reduced   price   Aa.7-6)

fied up to February 1, 1952.   Price annas 6 (a. 1 ps. 6). (2<w. GP«.J.

20.    Lmd  Aoquisilion Act nc. I oi 1898 aR modi-   ^   «*- fiS^ ^LfbV' Baud.™   Vidya^n
fied up to April 1, 1952.    Price annas 6 (a.l).                  Edited with Introduction, by Gopinatb Kariraj, M.A.    (Reduced price

21.    Indian    Electricity    Act    IX of    1910.    Price ^J <*"•»• _ .    .     .    „ . „.  ,,   .

_n  ,      0,                    J                                                          Part  U.    (Reduced price Re.1-6)   (4<w.).

annas 12 (as, 3).                                                                             (Bl The  Ptasapnadipa   (Alankara),  by  Prabhakara   Bhatta.   Edited

22.      HRcftq      $3    ^ff^TT Price Rs.2-2 (OS. 7).                    with Introduction, etc.,  by Narayana Shaafri Khiaie  Sabityacharya.

23.     Cmematograph Act no. X'XXVII of 1952, modi- ^^ ffitijSuSt"0a«ogBdm (Nathism of OortbuiQu Sect),

fied Up to September 1, 1953..    Price annas 2 (a.l).          by Balabhadura.   Edited with Introduction by Gopinath Eaviraj, H.A.,

24.    Motor YAId.. .Art IV of 193! IvOSM up to ««-g-»*J *£ <$&*, bj AsaarTO Bhsw.  Bdffiea ^
November 1, 1852.    Price Ee.1-10 (OS.S p«.6).                   fctwtocKon by  Sham,  S^diityc^adhy.ja,     u.*.,  and

25.    Minimum Wages Act modified up to March  1, Jagammtla etaatri Hoahiug BahitjopaJliyiya.   (Reduced price As.7)

1952.    Price annas 4 (n.l).                                                   "il'parts I n .nd in.— The Tripum Bahasya (Jnap. KhanJ.).

26.    Opium   Act   no. I   of   1878   modified   np   to narted by Qopinath Ea-rfraj, ii.». Part m.   (SeduceTpriw Ee.l)
Augnst 1, 1951.   Price annM 3 W).                               "StrSLa. Wpur. Eab»va p.™.

37.   E^-Tear   Pto  Process  Beport for the years &^S&<!£?&L3m2ZAS31^

1951-52 and 1952-53.    Price Ke.1-4 (OS.4;.                       padhyaya and Jagannatha Bhaatn Hoshing Sahityopadhyaya,   lUeduced

28.    Eeport ol the Dearness Allowance Committee, ^tag ^ ^^               ^^                Baaed
Price annas 7  (<W.2).                                                                     Introduction by Mahamahopadhyaya  Gan^anatha  Jha,  M.A.,  rj.twr,

29.    Eeport on toe Efficient Conduct of Piaffe* Inter- <ffi£&^£S£ aiahanta Sa,gMha

epo                                                                     -                                    aiahanta Sa,gMha ^^ rf aorufch,

price 1U51.    Pnce aamas 10 (o«.2).                                    oatha Beet).   Edited with a Prefatory Note, by Gopiiwrth Eartraj, M.A

30.   Minimum Wages Qentral Rules,  1950.   Prwe ffi±?Jtl^;7) ffiw PtakaaH by VWaJnchi  *a  tt.

s 10 (a.l).                       ^                                              Prab-ita Sanjiyam, by Bnsanta Raja    and Subodhim by