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Official Papers s Statement of Cotton Pressed : Vital Statistics; Seizures and Deaths; Crops and
Reports; Price Current; Notices and  Advertisements, etc.

June 7, 1955

* No. 1587(L)/XXXVI(B)—248-53.—In pursuance of
the provisions of section 8 of the U. P. Sugar and
Power Alcohol Industries Labour Welfare and Develop-
ment Fund Act, 1950 (U. P. Act no. XVI of 1951),

, the Governor is pleased to direct the publication,
in the Schedule to this notification, of estimates of
receipts info, and expenditure from, the U. P. Sugar
and Power Alchol Industries Labour Welfare and
Development/ Fund:


1.    Actiuilp   for  the   year   ] 953-54.

2.    Estimate*  and  Revinecl  Estimates    for  the
yew 1051-5,1.

3.    Budget Estimates for 1955-56.

4.    Statement of Accounts for 1953-54.

>f 5. Report on the activities of the U. P. Sugar
and Power Alcohol Industries Labour Welfare and
Development Fund for the year 1953-64.

Report on the activities o] the, U. P. Sugar and Power
Alcohol Industries: labour Welfare and Development
Fund fortheyear 1953-54.

Under the Sugar Housing   Scheme sponsored by
the State Government  it   was   decided to construct
some ],500 houses in the different sugar factories of
i the State.

During the year under review, 6 more  factories
1  started construction work bringing tfye total no.   of

such factories to 37. Out of the ncun.nhv7 '"-4 3 b vim
which could not start construction wor!:, li factories
had no land. Steps f- r acquiring Liii.rl ibr these factories
were taken. Other factories could mk, 3*1 v:t work
due to somo other admimst.rativo cliifi-'nlvioa. Six
factories had declined to participate in t!i * sah^no
and it wa^ proposed t>> rodisfoibiibo fcli/:r nJlrn Limit
money to other factories. The pro n-ess of coii^iM-^ion
at different stages WT.S as follows :

During the year construction work on 164 mora
quarters was started in various sugar factories, bring-
ing the total number of quarters uudei* const?mfcion
to 740. 176 quartets which were under construction
last year had boon completed during the year under
review, bringing the total no. of quaa'tors C3mpletecl
bo 364. Out of the remain ing 63 wore up to plinth
level, 32 up to* roofs level but roofs not laid, 72 up to
roofa level and all roofs laid, 193 up to all roofs laid
and plastering etc., done and li wore below plinth

Payments amounting to" Rs,5,40,213-8 nrere
ma'de to a number of sugar factories during the year
towards the part payment of the cost of construction
work bringing the tot,U payment made so far to
Eg, 11,82,398-8.

The Executive Engineer continued to vidit all
the factories as often as necessary, 4^^see that the
work was being carried out according totiIST9ia.ns and
estimates approved by the Board. He alao gavo spot
advice to the factories as and when necessary, regard-
ing construction work.