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r ^ffi,'fs. y»tl>J't<it;onv : Eaan.ttfil\            N-jtin-j under aaofciQii 10(6) oflliolridiitu Tr.iile UniounALt

IP'' -I !*i. rer '.y ni" i r rt>-   103C, H thei'ofore, heruby givn io *.hn Oil and Chemir. 1 M.vzdoov

!\. ni'il.i.' IM; M,, in ](i-i-iii,,' '•.••md-   Union, K vnpur, to show aiuriH to tho imdeiviigiUMl within two

< '. u 'ifnvi f'lllnAi i'i icintiiuv -^ 'l.iifjl,   iU'jntln from the dito of receipt of this notir.e, why thu ccrtifi

(j<i ' 'T u it i- IK] -.\. ill-? tit fi'iuiui--ion's-   i> 4tu uf rogigtn,lion Dinted to it be not cancelled, on the ground

il1-. i ' lid i -<• T.ti iJ-qualifiLc!                     P|I at tliL-Union h.ia now cpj,sed tu ex'nt

i f.    n ,: J - p,- '!>•: "' i.,/*",.,   t r,,tl I   i '.\~<ainni\(FuMd]i PlwH>,nj',

1 ".I* /«••;.,, _"/2*,' • " n/ //' ."'.*. Tr"i'r'.uaiy Lin 'ikulj 1-. uonlinne
M.d "lUiwU . n«li-, iliiiu- tiL'ing >, [.pel M -i L ^IVLII to scheduled

Hie.:1.!."* iiiiti'"! PL\V T., -|i citdly (ri.ih'iii-I and erf iMn-urrd c-andirlaie.
Afif : rt.'Ii»r-tn ji ,'i- 7Z2/",1 '<' /< i n', ••vn>wt'f "/ .';"-. Q'tnli-
fi"a!-<jt i : JjWH'in' -'ij ili-iln/ii q1T,il''! .ititui mrl idi-d in nne
oft.1- ,<n:i. d'Oi- tu t,i Jn,'i n jli-.ln-nl Count,] Act, 1933. (jij
A'jinif ihr^p "f.ij •" jii'i'fp^inriil L-'.IH 11 iifi-, iiir li'-lii'i' fxi'LTitiu r
iij 1';-rit.i'. (,,4 ilir'.r-iTt'L.JI-! iv! L\ Hi at C'»niiPNsiDu"- d^piL-Mr • "
•si-i' » f cajniitil * - ot'u '"<n~^ \\"\ >L>> ilifiuil.

f". *!.„• /.,' fff,tti-' r,'>in*ini'i -it Jfinsn,. , lJit,*t'itj oj EJ:
i.t'U'i Ajfru,'. Tt-T.ii -njtL* hut Lkily to 'L'litinui" mdtiiuitnlj.
Pay . Rs,.M"—m -inu—to— liu—Jj/'n—,"IJM. flighei mitii] pai-

yp;' it'ti^'ii'l-'f r /? ><"riii)'(<il *,,i'i,.,n. Qui'J'Ji-iitirni • Eftsvn.
ti-f <;j Dd'jr-1? i if ! 'i-,....mzL-'l Viiiv»-r-ity. |nl About tivo years,1

Ti1 JUT tiii,,ian co Er .I'*-   iiid vc- vers.i.    rjualnu-jtiDn-s vp],ix.ih]e at

WHEEEAS the Mazdoor Union N"tuvn Lgonj Cnnda
under no 705 of 1949-50 as a Trado Union under section 8 of the
Indian Trade Unions Act, 1926 (XVI of 1926), contravened thp
provisiong of asrtion 23 of tho =said Act by failing to submit to tho
imderdigned its annual return for the year ending on March 31,
lt)54, by July 31, Iflo4j rhp date prescribed by regulation 17 of the
Ecsulntiuna framed under tho Indian Trade Unions Act, 1920, a
uofico undw section 10(6) of thn said Act, was issued to tha stnd
Union to show cause, within two months of the service of tho uoticn,
why the uertiQctito of its registration should not bo cancelled. The
period of the notu-Q uzpirod on February 27, 1955. Tho annual
return fur the year dppcri'Lrd afanvp has not bi?nn furnished even un
to this data.                                                                                l

No cdu-3f natisfaftcrv LIUSO, having been shown, tho oertificatn of
ifgiptietiOTi of the Mazdoir Union N.iT'abgauj, Gonda IB
iiC-roby cancelled under arcli'on 10(6) of tho Indian Trade Urnuuh
^i-t. 1926


t nude* station 1^(0) of the Indian Trail e. Utiwm> Act, ]92ii ]

" 'llili<-T-Md. Ujij.-. .register. i i:itliL Utttii I'l.-dculi
.ml.r '-iu Lnl'vi IV >it Uiuoii.- Act, lOiti, up to 3I,in h 31, 1955,
t «IP iw i ~'i action 2'-« nf the s^ij Aft. winch read wi1 h regulation
17 of tli-i U. P. TiVu-1 Umoius B-5.ilu.tiui t., 1927j requirps the s,ud
Ti'id • Uuujs to Bubiait their Annsi •! R. turn for the yi;ar ending
il'iTCr. 3!, 10 jj, in xny uinu'-' by the Slst; July, 1955, pomi-vcly.

•2. A '--opy oi Eli'i Fui'u 'I1 11 '^scribM in the U- P. Tr. <lr UIUQIJS
H ^ il '.tious fur s'lhini.aioji <^t*, ft Annual Returns by Tr., rte Unions
hid -kU*i ndy bA"1 1 'a'-'.i" t j .« .i-a one of the Tndu Unionf noncerned. UnijiiT, -s-i.^'h h-j/j ixat rjcuived th" form of return m,iy ob-
t,,m ii lay nŁfluo inini^d. itf ly. In ,.ny cisc it is the statutory
rcspK-rJbility of r'aa Union to =of> tho return reL cLe^ my offic'-
pr?pj,rt'd i.i tlw yrnp T foi-m correctly flbd iml duly audited.

3. If default is m .d-3 on the p.irt of any registered Trade Union
\Ta.ali irj .•"qu-iijj. tT aubwit its AniiU. 1 Roturn, eA'pry office bearer
bu'iud by 'ts ruLj-i ro send the return, OL- if there is "no such ofljca
ba *rar, .> «-o.y la-'inbur of thp Executive nf t]ip Tr,',d.' Union m ty be
ILbleCo nra'i.'oucioa u'uLT section 31 of the Indian Unions

WiiKUKji'S A. 1 ilill iL-tzdoor Union, Luckno\r registered under
no. 547 of !9i7-tS «H a tr,i,dLj umon, was inspected on January
8, 1U33, by tli-- Ai^iat 111 Tr. de Union. Inspector rnd dm ing the
insp 'j-t-uri, it v, & .'jVv. KJ thtvt the Uninn did not possess & oopy
of iU ruijL'terjdcuri-titutijii, Lidm-stsion forms . nd proeeedirgboot.
Aaau 1 Mb-4ei.ptiou ws Mio'vn except thy roceint a," having been
.* iCi-iv^ \ ri-oja iom' ni^mbei-j bur this amount v/ • ,r set off by show-
iugit oa cut-1 "Spt'iidUU'*" ^ijp wiiliout ,-uy reuuiptH being nj.,.,intnined
ia sujpi'iil oftlVi11 jsn-'ii-iitiire. In acco-cLmpc wifh urticlo 10 of

• lit-  Oiimtttntlon  t!i«" m^niborsli'p -jf «i member i-c. SEE for default

• n jj  rja-'^t  L»f tliuji3 monthly mbtaluvnt  of aubsr-riptiou.   The
.»iiiij.dl • 1: T:nn id .ilau 1*0 1 hold ncrording to .irticle 37 of thr oon&-
t.ittt- '     '", t'.i'i'jioire, ,ippei'pa thiit fhf Uni-mh^s eej,=.eri to exisfi

X '•'• titt-iv".rt , i untie ', nndev section 1(1(1) of tho
U*Li'J Act, 1U2H. i- L. .-rtby given to At.i, Mill Mazdoor Union, Luck-
now * • •ha-i.T c ,,-o t j i "je uiirVrsigned on or bofoio the expiry of
two montli • f -yni the iLi - of d-pjjpt of this notice, \rhy the Certi-
-''                        to it mny not bo cancelled, on the

tMsed to  exisi and IB not properly

idert of the Union, Sri Ds;bi Pra-^ad, and tho Secretary
Sri Rajonilra fcjuigh, are nlso hereby -warned that this time
only the registration certificate of the Union is cancelled for non-
submission of the Return by the prescribed date. In future legal
action will bo taken against the officr bearers of the Union, under
•section 31 of the Indian Trade UDIOUH Act, 19?(i, in the event of
recurrence of such a default.

fic,*tr ./f
gj'ou'.1'  tl
workiug .

to 'is cunstitution.

;ii«r G?nei'»l Secretary of the Oil r.nd Cheiuiii<iv
Union. K r.pur, which is ipgistcr^d as «i Trade Un'o" under
Urt. 1007 of Uu Jitt>tf^l&51','i2'; w.if asked wtiZfl this offiL-t: letters
»JiTi'-i 4n* aSTSoAvjnh H', 1D5 t, 1th December, 1964,53rd Ber-em-
bcr.l'UU.r.nd "ill Fobruaiy, 1955 to present himself in this office*
fur iuBpuclion -jf clie Union ivorJa on 25th November, 195-1, 9th
De«mberld54, 33H; DMoniLer, 1954, and 19lh February, TJ55,
rfdp^ctivtily but noitlier nny of the officers presented himsc-lf for
inspection on the scheduled. d.iti:s not any reply w ^ received in
ih% »on«ectLon, Thsretiftei' one of the Asaistjuit Ti'ad^ Unions
efbOf* made sevontl attoTOpts to inspect the records of the
at its regiaicred office bat no paper w,ie available to
arinsijaotion. It therefore, appears that the Union ha* ceased

the Muniuipal shiksha Karrachan Afidooiatinn
Dhfimpnr district Bijnor registre'-ed under no. SR5 of 1950-51,
asaTradpUnion undfr gection 8 of the Indian Trade Unions Ant,
1926 (XVI of 1926). contravened the provision^ of section 28 of
the said Act by failing to submit to the undersized ita annual
return for the year ending on March 31, 1954, by ,luly 31, 19S4,
the dnte prescribed by regulation 17 of the Regulations framed
under the Indian Truck" Unions Ad, 1926, P notice under
section 10(6) of the ga..l Act was issued to the said Union to show
cause, within two months of the service of the notice, why the
certificate of itfi registration should not be cancelled. The poriorl
of tho notice expired oil March 13, 195.1. The annual return
for tha year described above has not bem furnished even up to
thia date.

No iviuSti 9 'tbfdi'tory Criuua, lidving b' L-n aho\vn, the nurtificftte of
registration of tlio Manieipal Shitaha Karmt-han Association
Dhampur rtitrict Binor, is hereby cancelled under section 10(6)
of th« Indian Trdda Unions Act, 1926.

The President of th« Union, Sri Puran Prasad Jain, and
the Secretary Sri KaHu Smgh. are also hereby warned
that this time nnly the registration certificate of the Union is
cancelled for non-mibmission of the Return by the prescribed date.
In futureIrgal action vill be taken against the office bearers of the
Union, under section 31 of the Indian Trade Unions Act, 1926, in
the fvrat of recurrent^ of such a default.

WHEREAS th.--Electric WorkeraUnion HjLlwani district Nami Tal
rcjri'-l r^d undn no 11TH of 19g3-5i, as a Twdo Union under section
S of the Indian Trade Unions Act, 1026 (XVT nf 192C), contravened
the proviaiont, of section 2R of the said Act. by failing to submit to
the undersigned its annual return for the year i-ndmg on March 31»
1954 by July 31, 1954, the dato prescribed by regulation 17 of the
Rngulations'framed under the Indian Tradu Unions Act, 1926, a
notice under section 10(6) of tho said Act was issued to the yt»id
Union to show cause, within two months of the service of the notice,
why the certificate of its registration should not be cancelled. Thf*
period of tha noWrP Pxpired on February 2S, 15)55. The annu.'l
return for the yfcir described pbove has not been furnished evm

No eduae satisfactory ciuse having been shown, the certificate uf
registration of tho Electric Workers Union, Haldwani District
Naini T?l ia hereby-cancelled under section 10(5) of the Indian
Trade Unions Act, 1920.

Tho President of the Union, fin Chnndia Bbokliar, and the
Secretary Sri B. L. Kanki, are nlao hereby warned that this
time only tha registration certificitp of tha Union is cancelled
for non-submission of the Return by tho prescribed date. In
future Ip.gfti pttion will be taken against tun office bearers of
the Union, under auction 31 of tho tidum Trade Unions Act, 1026,
in the ovont of recurrence of such ,1 default.

if. C. FANT,