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32 \)

The Grovuriimont Promissory Note no. DH01B660 of the 3 per
near. lom of 1953—55 for Rs.100 originally standing in tho name
of Reserve Bink of India, und last endorsed to Dudh Nath Misir,
(now deoeasod) thn proprietor, by whom it was never endorsed to
any other person, having beoii lost, notice is hereby given that tho
payment of tho ubove noto und tho interest thereupon 1ms been
sto'ppnd at tho Public Debt Office, Ro&erve Bank of India,
Delhi, u.nd that applicivUou is about to bo nmdo for tho payment of
bho diHchtii'gu valuo in favour of the legal heirs of the iLeooaseil
pr'ijinutor. Tho public are cautioned ngamst purchasing or othm-
wi3o tlonling with thu nbovementionod security.

Name, of the ndv&rLia&r—RAM AUTAR MIBIR Jiid ABHAI

Residence,—Village Awathahi ChatursL',l, p.irgana Mohamadabd-d
district Ghaziptir, U. P.


Tho ("Jovurnmonl Promissory Note no. DHO11213 of the 3 per
oenb ITirwl Development Loan, 1D70—7S for rupees five hundred
originally standing in bho name of the Reserve Bank of India, and
last endorsed to Doop Narain Singh, the proprietor, by whom it was
novor endorsed to any person, having been lost, notice is hereby
given thut the payment of the above note and the interest thereupon
has boen stopped at the Public Debt Office, Reserve Bank of India,
Dfllhi, and that application is about to be made for the isaun nf
duplicate in favour nf the proprietor. The public are cautioned
against purchasing or otherwise dealing with the abovementioned

Name of the, advertiser—THAKUR DEEP NARAIN SINGH.
Residence—Faizabad Road, Lucknow.
[4, 11 & 18-6.'55-]

Notice under secticn 87-^ (fl) of thz U. P. Municipalities
/ ,„/IT   f lr)lf.
M          J   J b)

4.11 member-   nf   Lha Municipal Board, Muz.iffaniug.-r und
to tht! President, Board, Muzpffjiruagar.

WHEREAS & tvi'ittpn noticr nf iiitrntinn to makf <t motion 'ifnoii.
I'oufidr-npp in the Prcaiclent of the Municipal Board, Jln^affamagHi,
lidw bt-en signed by sixteen members of the Boairl .md has been
delivered to mo, and wLerea.-, I have undei tliu1 pror.yons of section
S7-A(3) of tlip U. P. MuniripahtniH Act, convened a mf-ting for tLr
consideration nf ihu siurl mntion tdbc If Id nt the office, of thu Bo.ud
rtituai om Town Hall, Mu/dflVmi.-iiri i, on -lunr 27, 1^55 at." p-m-
which ini'd-mu .^biill he presided. u\ 1-1 |jy n .-.Kpi uUi.ay C-\ il Juiln u«l

od^mPiit Uue 1'j inloi'iu juu ofth» stinl IUL-I thi^r <unl U ui dntr antl

Ho pk'jw t.ik'- nolii'i- nf Un d.ih-, iJnn: and I)!*ILL «u dtldiled
above fixed lor Ihi- mi't-tiu^.

Signed by me this, 6th day of JUIJL'. ]'J33.

District Magistrate,   Muzajfarnugar.

, Uttor