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N'O  a 'li-f.LC't" V    < aile-i,        KI'MUL        Ili-iU       MllO'.vn     til^     I'l'ltllll-Litii

i. • L.-r: -tun Jl'rk' Mf-lH'.; \Tu.vr- Uuinu, IJauM1.'-. i- 1- n-by
,i, " i'. .L r,r,i,.- - • -'..n HiiF,, ,.«• in- lu.b.,u Ti.ul. I n-on- AIM I'l2l.
Hi- JT,-..lfi.t .,t LI M- I\dm U,, ,'iltli S, , I.I.UA.
-:. VihJiuA.i/. '.H.u-uli'J I. • .. •>•• .1 in.ii Oi-Hiii-'.im thi i-_'i-
T,.:H.IM iiiii'.a »tiiu .IUH.IL ,- • ,uu, Ii. <l h.r iMj.i.-liimu-Biuu ut Tin
ii- i'ii.i l,j TU- ,1-. -,1. ill,- .I .1 •••• in IUTUM- ,u nun will h.- H
C.uti-l tO- uliu. I»MI i-ni tin- ! -min. mal. i ^rti.iii .11 ut Hi- Luih.tu
riv-lo Ui'iuu-, Art, lllJ'j, in tlu i'v lit til c> r-uir, in i *.t -MU Ii .1 iKaiilt
AVaiutti:^ ilu'S»'uvt,i.rv of ZiLi lihan..! Umuii liuia-Uhpui rfiru,-
tiT'.il -Hidi'i a-.. 'p"il nt I'.Mv-U) a-1 „ IY,M>- Uni-m. wa- n-k^J. i ,?, mv
,,ilii"- U-tt i.- in- "iSn/T-JI—.ISii. ii.iti'4 Julv -!'i I<>"i4, l.i pi.'-,'»il
hmiv ll \iith all fl" ii1 iv—>.«— p.'[it i- i.n1 IH-JJ. - in.u iu th' aiiir*.- ul
'In- Tti'.'iinul r\m. illation Oiln «T. <J.UMklipiu ou A.u'-'Ur.r. 7. 11,14
IK- Rt^iuni1 < iiimlKitiim ntiirei, Uor.iUijiji. ha'L *'Ko inlurmPil
the utti'-iH1.- tii tin- I'uom ini m*|n dton but no n-pri-'^-'nlatiM- ut tin-
L'up.u pi' -• nted huu-clt' Inv tl >• in«,]ji-4>tLLin hi addition tu thi- thi«
f. aim HI- Lii»p»'mr, fincakhpui. U.^d al-o in.uli an - uijuuy unout th&
,'M,ti'Ui,«j .it tin- L'IIUHI ami fiiunil that the- .itli- e ut tlir Uiiuni did
ii,,t <'\M f u« '«Mn — i"* r.-ni'.t, n ,1 pj my uHita.. At Tin- tiraL- nt hi-,
t'liijuiry m-irlii r thi- Pre-n'mt1 nur The> luid turiiu-rl up
riiHjviiiPi, thi- .S-in-t,u\ n.i- u-k.-il, < "it ui\ .ifhiv li-tter, rkui-d
S^|itfiubfi --' ll|."4. to oivjjni him-^r'lf with .ill tht- lormrds
fnr ui»pLi-tiuu in Juj nli'i on SL|itt-nilier '21, l!».l-t JS\t-n rhi-u thi'rc
w.i-' no leply tioiu the l~inou uor d'd any reppt-natativi- pr^spnt
liiinft'lf i>n thi; diiti- ut uH]j^ctmn Thu1-, it appears that the- Union
has now i-i- ,is.rii t i >j\Ht

J. And t\ the above L'ruuii lui» i.oinnuttfd d bruac-h of
riLL-tmn -JS of thu Imlian Trade Unions, Act, ll)2'i (XVI of 1»2G),
,md rtJ^ulation 17 ot the RH-jjuUtions under tlie aairl Act, by iailuie
to suhinit to the undonigned a correct annual return for tlif1 ye-or
undiujr March 31, 1934, by the prescribed date, vi/ July 31, IU34.
A noticu under beutiun lOlb) of tli^ said Act wa-> issued to the said
union to sliov.' fjiUac within two months of th>* "ervi'.e of tho nutice
why the cvrtinuatt.' of its ivgihtation should not bo c ant'elled. The
ptVhxl of the noiii-i- i-spu'L'rl on Fchnwry 14. 1935. The Annual
Return for tj^1 year mimti<m'j'-l above ha^ not beon furnished even
up to thia date.

3.    Xo aatiafactory vdasc having bi-en blinivn tlie certilicata ot
registration ot Zild Bhanai Union. Gorakhpur,  is hereby cani-pll^d
undsr eec-tion Kl'fti of thu Endian Trade Unions Act,   I92fi.

4.    The Pivsidcnt of the Union Sri Modhuker   Diuhey and the
the Su» iviary Sri Mata Pra«dd Pandey are nNo hereby warned
tlu-i tune a lily iht- reaistration certificate ot the union is   cancelled
In future letrat  a.moti will be t'ken asainat the office btarer-s of the
Gnion, undr-r section 31 of tlip Indian Trade Unions Art, 11)2(5, in thf

<--vcnt   of recuri'Liic.3 of •siic-h J, default.

WHRBKAS the General Secretary Zila Uhamra Kariear ijiibha
Gorakhpur ^Dcwtered under no. lull of IHol-Jj &•> .1 TraTlP Uniuu,
•vrte, ticked, P ,dt my office letter no. 3U91/T-II—1249, dated June 21.
If»"i4, to present !iiiu>-elf vith all the necea-ary papers for inspection
on .Tuly .", 1954, in the offic-L- of the Regional Conciliation Olfirer.
Gor iklif xii1, but m it her any icply wt»a received nor any representative
of the feabba preseittcd himself for the said uiapi'utitm. There-
attur. tin-l_ren»»ral Si-i-rciLirj \rasaif.iinaiked --id'' my offife registered
a''k i«wlcdini.- >" due letrec, dated July ^, 1034 tu present himself
with all tb' relevant reuuivls f-u- inspection on AiuiVii- U, If»-'i4 in my
offic'f. Lven then no n-ply was ivct-ivo.l trum tlie Mabho, nor
did any r^pnjsientatlvt- pit-sent himself at tin- time tif inspection.
Th'H. it appears tjidt ihe Sibha h.i« now t-^i^,l to exist.

2. Anil when Mr- ihe uhova Sabha hab committed u breach at sm--
ti.wi23 of the Inchon Trade Unions Act, li)iti|^VI of 192U), read with
reuuUtirm 17 of the Regulations framed under the said Act by fail-
ing to submit to the unclrraiuni'd tht.- annual rpturn ior thu ^ear
i niled T\ ith tin- Slst Mnrch ll'44 by the prtwnhi-'rt dntu-j viz. 3Ut July,
1034. A not ire uiuli r section l<»i"'j| of the s,md Ai t wat> issued tu the
said Uninn tj <Uo\v cause, within two mmith-3 of the service of the
notice-, why the certificate of its registration should not be cancelled.
The period uf th«* notii-e expired nu Januarj' 1H , 1955. Thu annual
return for tho year mijntioni-il above h,is not )nvn tumished t-vtn
up 10 this date.

5.    ISTo sati-sfaciuiy uuus,u liax mg Ijeeu shown, tlu-   ui-itifu-ate uf
registration of the Zila Cliamra Hangar Sabha,   Gnnildipur H hereby
rank-olled undev «rotiun 10(i) of the Indian Trade Unions Act,   192B.

4. Thf President of tlie Union, Sri Thun Tliun Ji oud Sri Mat
Pra«ad Pandty Lire hereby warned that this timp only the registra-
tion certificate of the Sauph ia cancelled. In future legul action w-Jl
be taken apiinst the otficp Jjeareia of the Union under section 31 of
the Indian Trat lo Unions Aut, 1026, in the event of recurrence of such
a default.

umi:'; wiLii an uu- ii uurut. lor Juapecnun witiiiu oiif month atioi
•vnuld be tafci-ij to cancel the registration of the Union' £Vf't,
rh^i no replv was received from the Union, nm tlirl any veTJr,N, ut,.
avo of the Union pi-pseiit himself fni inspt-< tmn. Thu«, it armpai.
that the Unum now ppa-ed tu exist.                    '

•2. And vi-lii-re,iH the abovp Union ho* . onunitted a breach ut
Motion 2S, of the Indimi Trade Unions Aft. 1926 (XVI of loW
read wir-U regulation 17 of the T-P. Trade Unions Regulations'
I'l J7 by failuijz to submit to tlie undei'MtmiMl its annual retuin fcr
i he. >ear ending 3lst March, l9-j4, by the pivmnhed elate viz fuh
.H, I9j4, .1 iiotin- under snrtion J <)(/;) of the said Act, was issued to
ihw said Union tu show LMUS". within t\vo nmnths of the huivir,
o? th" notii-e, why th- r Pitifli-die of its n^istratioii Bhaulrl nut h,-
\. me.-UVil. Th > pevlc-j of the notice expn-pd ni, Febrnajy 28, ]9.Tft

The Annual Rpturn for the year mentinnod above haa nof h«p,
famished even up to thia date.                                            beei

J.    No snTisfac-toiy cause having  bten   ahown flip   <,*,.+ f
of registration of Chim Mill Mazdoor SanghTrieUa   is     ±fe
ranoelled under hection 10(6) of the Indian Trade Unions Act, ig^j

of the Return by the prr&cribed date

e.      n fuuiv

legal action will be taken against the office bparprs of the TT«T '
under section 31 of the IndianTrade Unions Act 1926 in L e vS* r
recurrence of auc-h a default.                                      *                "r

Whereas, the Secretary, Lucknow Motor Drivers' Union Lur-bn^   ;
resmtered under no. 1189 of 1953-54 as a Trade Union wilJS  i
*ide my office letter dated June 17, 1854, to present himself S
.ill the npi-esaorv papers for inapertiun in the office of thf Re™al   f
Com-iliatiun Officer  Luefcnow, on June 23,  1954, but n^ith/r ™y   '
reply was revived from him nor any representative Of the UiuS   '
presented himselt for the Baid inspection.    Thereafter, the SetretaM   '
was asked vide my office registered A-D. letter dated July 31   S
to preaenthimbelf with all ihe relevant records and accoint boots
for inspection on August 6, 1954.    Even then neither anv replv ™I
roceived from the Union nor any representative presented hiJSi 'I
at the time of inspection.  appears   that   the   Unionhi   '
now rpfised TO  exit.                                                       union nan  t

2.    And whereas the above Union has committed a breach of
action 28, of thp Indian Trade Unions Act, (XVI of 1926) read with
ipgulation 17 of the Regulations under the said Act by failing £   '
submit no the undersigned a correct Annual Return for thu v*ir  f
ending March Slat, 15)54, by the pregcnbed date viz., 316t July 1954    f
a notue   under .suction 10(6) of the said Act was issued to Se said   '
Union to bhow ca use. within two months of the service of t*ie notice   i
why the ct-rtifiL-ate of its registration should not be cancelted    TV,.,
peiiod of iiotiL-e expired on February IS, 195o.    The   Annual   Rr
toe the year mentioned above has not been fuinished even UB in tin"
«urn date.                                                                         r       n"*

3.    No satisfactory uause having been hhown, the certificate of
ret-iatration of the Union, Lucknow Motor Drivers' Union Lucknow
i« Hereby cancelled under section 10(6) o± the Indian Trade Unions

4.    The President of tho Union Sri Indra Jeet Kohli and Secre- '
tavy Sri Santosh Singh are hereby warned that this time only the  t
registration certificate of the Union is cancelled for non-submission
of the return by the prescribed   date.    In future legal action will I
be taken azainst the office bearers of the Union under  section 11 nfU

Ihe Indi.ui Trad,' Umnns Aet, H)2(i, 111 tin- .«—* -*----------       '   '

^uoli a default

t of TepUPpl,

of 4

nf 1

By order.

tril April 30, I

M. C. PA.VT,
Registrar   of   Trade    Union*.