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UTTAP, PRADESH GAZETTE, J|JNE3:.S 1956                          PART VIII]

(e* [nsiu-ance Comj>."jilcp. Invest™ r-ui T. us-itf, tin! ollK-i-
financial uiotituiions, excluriing (c) and (d),

(/) Parties other thf.n tho&e refeired to in clauses (ft) to (c)

8.    Joint holding of shares— (a) Joint holding of shares, except
in the case of individuals, ahull not he recognized by the Corporation.

(&) In the case of a fiim. the shares shall be registered in the
name of the partner* of the fiim and not in the name of the firm as

9.    Share  register— (i) The  Corporation  shall maintain,    at  its
Head Office, a register   of shtireholdeifl qualified by   blio Act   to   be
• e-iifet-tn-d therein, tiiitl shall writer therein the following pariioulai's :

(« ) The- name of each shareholder and. a statement of the
shares held by him distinguishing each cf the whore a held l.-y
him by ils numbej' ;

(b} the postal address of each shareholder or the address at
nhich 1-he ahareholdc-r hay his principal place ol business;

(c)  the clause of .sub-section (3) of section" 4 of the Act   under
which the shareholder is qualified to be so registered and the
class of shareholders to which he belongs; provided, however, that
if the entry relates to the shares registered in the nam? of the
State Government subscribed for by it, under sub-section (5) of
aeotiou 4 of the Act, the reference shall be made to the said
provision of the Act and not to any clause of sub-section (3)
of section 4 of the Act ;

(d) the date en which each person is entered as a  shareholder,
the manner in which, he acquired his shares and, except in the
case of first allotment, the name of the previous holder ;

(e)  the date on which any person ceases to be a shareholder
and the name of the person to whom and the lodger   to which
the shares are transferred.

(ii) A separate ledger shall be maintained in the register for each
chiss of shareholders.

.siiali b

(in) In the case of joint-holders of any share the particulars
uired by clause (i) shall be enteied under the name of any one of
h joint-IinklerH specified by them end the names of other holders
li bo entered i-flor the name of such specified ; joinlliolder.

10.    Trusts not to be recognized— The Corporation shall deal with
the shareholders nicspeclive of whether they are full owners of their
shares 01 trustees for some other person or persons.    No notice of
uny trust, expressed, implied or constructive, shall be eiiLercd on the
register, nor shall any trust be recognized by the Corporation.

11.    Exercise of rights of joint-holders— If any share stands in
the name of two or more persons, the person first named in the regis-
ter shall, as regard-*    voting, receipt of dividends, service of notices
and all or any other matter connected with the Corporation,   except,
the transfer of Lhe she re, be deemed the sole-holder thereof.

12.    Inspection of share register— (i) The share register prescribed
by   regulation 9, except when closed under the provisions of these
.Regulations, shall be open to the inspection   of   any    shareholder
free of charge at the Head Office of the Corporation during business
hours subject to such reasonable restrictions as the Corporation may
impose, but so that not less than two hours on each working clay may
be allowed for inspection.

(ii) A shareholder shall not himself make a copy of any enfcrv in
any such register, but may, except when the register is closed ask
the Corporation to supply a copy of any such register or of any '-part
thereof on pre-payment therefor at the rate of 8 annas for every
hundred words or fraction thereof required to be copied.

weeks at my on, time   " *V in