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Full text of "Government Gazette Of Uttar Pradesh"

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U.    Share eartlfieate— (i) JSveiy share certificate sluill   be
under tho common seal of the Corporation.

(ii) Every shai-3 certificate shall bear a serial mi uber and shall
specify the number of shares in respect of which it is issued and their
distinguishing nuinbers.

15. IGSU3 01 share eertitotes free of charge— (i) Tlie State Govern -
ment and the Reserve Bank shall each be entitled, free uf oharjie,
to ono certificate for all the shares registered in their names at each
allotmeat under clauses (a) and (&) of sub-section (3) of section 4 of
the Act.

If any shares are allotted to the State Government in pur-sun noc
uF sub-section (oj of section i of tho Act, an additional e in
respect of such shares shall also be issued, free of charge, to the
State Government.

(ii) Every shareholder, othei than the State Government and the
Reserve Bank, shall be entitled, free of charge, to one share certi-
ficate, for each 25 shares and one additional share certificate for a
number of shares in excess of a multiple of 25 shares registered in his
name. A shareholder holding less than 25 shares shall be entitled.
free of charge to one share certificate for all the shares registered
in his name. Should any shareholder require more than the number
of the share certificate or certificates to which he is entitled free of
charge under this regulation ha shall pay the sum of rupee one for
each additional share certificate.

(in) In the case of shares held jointly by several persons, delivery
of the relative share certificate or certificates to one of such joint -
holders, shall be sufficient delivery to all and a receipt therefor signe < I
by any one of such joint holders, shall effectually bind all the joint -

1G. Renewal oŁ share certificate — (i) If any share-certinVnfi-
is worn out or defaced or tendered for sub-division, then on production
thereof to the Head Office of the Corporation, it may order the same
to be caiicellad and have a new certificate or certificates issued in lieu

(ii) If any share certificate is alleged to have been lost or de-
stroyed then, on production of such evidence of the loss or destruction.
thereof as the Board may consider satisfactory and, further, on &uch
indemm'ty with, or without security as the Board may require, a new
certificate in lieu of the one lost or destroyed may be given to the
party entitled. Any person availing himself of*the provisions of this
regulation, shall pay to the Corporation all expenses incidental to
the invetigation of the evidence and advertisement of loss or de-
struction and to the preparation of the requisite form of indemnity
as aforesaid.

(iii) For every certificate issued under this regulation there shall
be paid to the Corporation a sum of rupee one.

17. Transfer of shares — (i) Subject to the restrictions contained
in the Act and in these Regulations, shares shall be transferable,
but every transfer must be in writing in the following form :

es I/ We - of - in consideration of the gjum
Of jj,Si - - — paid   to   me/us   by -   of


O    ,Si - - —

(hereinafter called the ' transferee ') do hereby   transfer   the
shares numbered -- in the   Utter   Pradesh  3'^nancial
Corporation to hold up to the transferee, his/their executors,
administrators, and assignees, subject to the seiveral conditions
on which I/ we held the same at   the time   of  the   execution
thereof,   and I/ we the transferee do hereby agree r to take   the
riaid shares subject to the conditions aforesaid and   I/we,   the
transferee request that I/ we be registered in respect of the said
shares of the Corporation.
As witness our hands - — —day of— — - - - -

Transferor       . .     [Name