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p?AF,T.VIII                               UTTAR PRADESH GAZETTE, JUNE 25, 1955                                      243

or jointly with another, loithwitb   upon c "-ding to be qualified to be
so registered to give iatmjatiu-i thereof to ohe Board.

has ceased to be so qualified t.,^ upon beiivi ^alisjjed a.nv
person has cej._.-d to bs b-j qualified it shall inform hru and.
where such fahareliuiii^r IjoI'-Is- .--I^res jointly \vith (mother, e.ioh of
the joint shai'd-iioltiej".,, tb^u ii'j is :io longer entitled CM be u shareholder
of the Corporation. Such A bhoreholder \rJl not 03 further entitled
to the payment of any dividend on airy suuh shares nor to exercise
any rights as a shareholder otherwise thfui for the purpose of the
transfer of t,uch ehi-rcs, and the Corpoiation shall make an entry
in the register to that effect.

(iii) Where the Board fjidti that a person vrho Ls not quah'fieJ
to be a shareholder of the Corporation is re^istsred by inadvertence
or otherwise, as a shareholder of the Corpor.itioii ("whether alone
or jointly with another), it s^all inform the shareholder find in the
caae of joint-holdings, tach joint-liolder, that he ib not entitled to
the payment of any dividend on w,ny such shares nor to exrrcise any
of the rights of a shareholder otherwise than for the purpose of
the transfer of such shares, and shall make an entry in the register to
that effect.

(iv) A determination of the Board under this regulation as to
whether a person is qualified to be a share-Judder or not shall be

CHAPTER III—JiIjsi,nKG   03 t.E^rrH'jLi*ir.fc

21.    Cnamnan ol meeting—In this chapter the \rord kt chairman/'
means the " Chairman " of a meelring under regulation 27.

22.    Annual Genera! Seating—The Annual General lUeetiiig    of
the Corporation shall bo held at the plr.ce where the Read Office of clie
Corporation is RituaLe. or if so directed by the Board, at such   other
place within the fotrAe where there is a branch of the   Corpoiation
Each Annual General Meeting shall be held vathm two months   from
the date on which uhc annual accounts of the  Corporation  are   closed.

23. Special General Sleeting—(i) The Bcn.u may convene- a
Special General Mooting at suen unie and plac^ a^s ma/ be decided
by the Board.

(ii) When it is necessary to hold a general meeting (other than the
Annual General Meeting) for the purpose of holding an election such
meeting shall be convened under the direction of the Board by the
Managing Director or in his absence by any other officer cf the Cor-
poration authorized by the Board in this behalf.

24.    Notice   convening a general meeting—A notice convening a
general meeting signed by   the Managing Director or the Secret ary
of the Corporation shall be sent to every registered shareholder find
published at least twenty-one days before the meeting in the  Oiftoiai
Gazette and in one newspaper circulating in Uttar Pradesh.

25.    Business at general  meetings—(i)   At the Annual General
Meeting the following business shall be i-ransacted namely:

(a) The annual accounts of the Corporation including reo?ipi>
a,nd expenditure accounts, the profit and loss account, and th •
balance-sheet for the year ending the 31st- March, togeth-r
with a report by the Board on the working of the Corporation
throughout the year and the Auditor's Report (s) on the said
balance-sheet and accounts shall be read and considered.

(6) The eboiion of the Auditor and the election, if any, of the
Directors under the Act shall be held.

(ii) No other business shall be transacted, or discussed, except
•with the consent of the Chairman or unless not less than j&ve weeks*
notice has been given of the same By the State Government, or the
Reserve Bank or by at least ten shareholders qualified to vote at
such meeting out of the remaining classes, Such, notice shall take
the form af a definite resolution to be put to the meeting and shall
be included in the notice of the meeting.