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(m) ^o buiiuedH ubiiei than the one lor which the meeting has been
Bpociocally convened, shall be transacted or discussed at any Special
U-eneral Meeting except -with biio leave of the Chairman.

-C. Quoilsm at General Meetings — ^otusmeaa shall be transacted
at any meeting oi the shtuenolders, whether it is the Annual General
Meeting or any other Genial .Meeting, unless a quoium oi ten share-
holders' entitled tu vute at such meeting in person or by proxy or "by
duly authorised representative is present at the commencement of such
business, rtud u. vithiii fifteen minutes irom the time appointed for the
meeting a quoiiun is not complete, tlic Chaiiman may dissolve the
meeting or adjourn ib to the same day m the following week at the same
time and place, and if at such adjourned meeting a quorum is not pre-
sent, the shareholders who are present shall form a quorum. Provided
that no Annual General Meeting shall be adjourned to a date later than
two months after the Blbt March and if adjournment would have this
effect, the Annual Ueneral Meeting shall not be adjourned but the
business of the meeting snail be commenced either as soon within one
hour from the time appointed lor i-he meeting as a quorum may be pre-
sent, or immediately alter expuy oi one hour from that time and those
shareholders who aie present in person or by pioxy or by duly authorised
representative shall lorm a quorum.

27. Chairman of General Meetings — (i) The Chairman of the Board
or, in his absence, a Director (other than the Managing Director)
authorised by the Chairman in writing in this behali, shall be the Chair-
man at all General Meetings, and m default oi auch authorization or in
the absence of the Du-ector so authorised, the meeting may elect any
other Director to be the Chairman of the meeting.

(ii) The Chairman bhall regulate the procedure at all General Meet-
ings, and, m particular, shall have full power to decide the order in
which shareholders can address the meeting, to fix a time limit for
speeches, to apply the closure when m his opinion any matter hag
been sufficiently discussed and to adjourn the meeting,

3d. Voting at General Meetjiigs— W A shaicholder, being one of
the parities mentioned in clause (d) oi sub-section (li) of section 4, and
being an individual or his proxy attending a General Meeting shall, for
the purposes of identification mid deteimining his voting rights, be
required to sign and deliver to the Corporation a form to be prescribed
by the Board giving the following particulars :

(a) his full name and registered address ;

(6) the registered numbers of his shares ;

(c) whether he is entitled to vote and the number of votes   to
\vhich he is entitled in person, or as proxy.

(ii) A declaration by the Chaiiman of a General Meeting that a
resolution has been carried or rejected thereab upon a show of hands
by thoso shareholders who are entitled to vote 011 the resolution, shall
be conclusive, and an entry to that effect in the book of proceedings
ui'the Corporation shall be sufficient evidence of that fact, without proof
of the number or proportion of the votes recorded in favour of or
against such resolution, unless immediately on such declaration a poll
be demanded in miring by three persona who are present at such meeting
and are entitled to vote on. the resolution.

(iii) If a poll be duly demanded, it shall be taken either at once or
at aucn time a,nd place and either by open voting or by ballot as tho^
Chairman may direct, and the result oi the poll snail be deemed to be
the resolution of the meeting at which the poll was demanded    At J
such poll a vote shall be given by a, shareholder entitled to vote either"!
personally or by proxy or by duly authorized  representative and the*
shareholders   snail exercise Dhe voting rights in   accordance with the*
rules made in that behalf by the fcitate Government.

(iv) The decision of the Chairman of the meeting as to the ouali
fication of any person to vote, and also in the case of a poll, as to the
number of votes any person is competent to exercise, shall be final,

29, Minutes oi General MeetingsMi) The Corporation shall cause
minutes of all jprooeetfings of (tenoiaJ Meetings to be recorded in books
kept for that purpose,