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Full text of "Government Gazette Of Uttar Pradesh"

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to* VUT|                               TJTTAR PfDBSH aAZJBTTE, JU:^ J5.  JOSS

wh M * ^ SltCh ^illUte' If Sl'-lle(1 L? tlie Oi ILf-

which the proceedings look place or by U,u   C],i Li^n -»i
dQflceeding meeting, shd! be sufficient Evidence of «,dl p

t     «        he contrav-7   i               >       wy

&peot of the proceeding* whereof minutes bP.v_         ,«„ T, cnriuin

toe deemed to have beiai duly called and held. :vr1 ,.|: . u^ ,[11^ t.,i,:P.
place thereat, lu hare duly taken plaee                *             "'


Special Proiisioas .'Ltjcmliyy lie dtclici, M Lt^vlt^s trml,*

3o. Determination by lot of IHiecttis to j;— rjlc iV^u .3 . -
tion by lot puesc-,ibrd by the pioviVo to r>nb-sf * iirnt (2) of section 11 of
tin; Act shall be made at a meeting of tlie En; r,l Lu Le helrl not Intn
than three mouths Ix-We the exphy of iJJt ptn'otl .sjDecinc-d hi lh-
yaiJ proviso and the result phall bo deck- red imir.erlialeU- tlic-reuftrr.

31.   Issue of notice of election— Where nt any Gennol Mt^tiim an
election of any directors or of the auditor is in be held, notic-c'

32. Lists Of Shareholders— (i) For il.c piupo&e of election of  Dm-c-
tors mentioned in clauses (d) and (e) cf section 10, rnd/or of the auditor
under sub-section (1) of section 37 of the Act, z ?--;iiate l>t hhcll be
prepared for each of the following classes of ?l:ra«.hoIJei,-. iu lutly :

(a) Scheduled Bunks ;
(6) Co-operative Banks ;

(c) Insurance Companies. Investment Tn ate, and other Finan-
cial Institutions excluding the- Scheduled Buniis rncl^Co-opeiativr
Banks ; and

(<7) Parties other than those refened to in clauses (a), (t). and
(c) of sub-section (3) of section 4,

(ii) Each such list shall contain names of the bhaiehcldeis, their
reaisteied addresses, the number and denoting numbers of thares held
by them with the dalea on -which the shares xrtie registered and the
number of votes to which they Trill be entitled, on the date fixed for
the election, and shall be available for purcLa&e(&t least three weeks
before the date at which the election is to'tbe held at a price of one
rupee per copy, on application at the Head Office of the Corporation.

33.    Nomination of candidates for Directorship— (i) No condid&t- r>
for election as a Director of the Boaid shall be valJilly nuninatcd
unless —

(a) he is, on. the last date for receipt of humiliations, not dis-
qualified to be a Director under sectiuji 12 of the Act ;

(6) in the case of election of a Director pursuant to clause (d)
of section 10 of the Act, he is nominated by one shareholder, and
in the case of an election of a Director pursuant to clause ft)
of section 10 of the Act by five shareholders, in respect of which
the election is to be held ;

(c)  the nomination is in writing signed by the proposer or by
their duly constituted attorneys, provided that where a proposer
is a body corporate   a nomination may be made by a resolution
of the Directors of the alipre-holdbg institution and where it is so
made, a copy of the resolution certified to be a true copy "by the
Chairman of the meeting at which it was passed shall be sent
to the Head Office of the Corporation and Btioh copy shall be
deemed to be nomination on behalf of such institution ;

(d)  the nomination paper contains a. declaration signed by the
candidate before a Judge, Magistrate, Registrar or ftub-Ucgislvbi1
of Assurances, or other Government Gazetted Officer that he