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Full text of "Government Gazette Of Uttar Pradesh"

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17TTAR PRADESH GLAZETXf3,  -i" JNB :!5,1955

•'••?r* n-i tlto joiuiu::.lici) rnu is vili^ u- L,.'L.Lfi 'r'T    "• • -"-i-1, ^uti
'Ji-t ho is no-*, .-r?Cnjr':fi:fl for election imc!ri sretocLi   ii. oi tho

(li) A JIOTO:. PI-nil "jc^ >e valid urlw- i.L- if, received in the Hond
OLJir-r. ,-,f ihe Corporation not, lri*-r tfrn 14 cl-r cli.ys li. fr<r<* tie date
fiwd t"-r the ejection.

St. Publication of list of ccnfliflr.tcB Icr jL'hcdculilF-Cn Ho
•pi. working day Mowing tl-e 3pet elf te fixed In- Vhe receipt of ncmina-

oc'rejection, shnll biicfJy rccoid his iea.*enfi ft-r po doing- The decision
of the Managing Director that p. ucnoJnatzcn in v-lfd or ii vnlkl shall,
*r>]'cct to the result of inference under regnlptirn '-^i t"> finr.l. If there
7= only one- vah'cl nominetion for any particulrr vacancy to "be filled by
election, the1 candidate vniic!ly nominal eel frr prch vncnroy shall bo
dftmedto he elected at the meeting convrcrd for the purpose, and hi.s
uamo nr.d address shr 11 he publiphtd as so clpctcd. Df the r.rmber of
vah'd nominations exceeds one, I jc Managing, Director rluvll CP»T:PO to Le
published in the official Gazette ?nd in ono newspaper circulating in
the .State of Utiar Pradesh, th^ nazres and nddrcpRnfl of candidates
vnlliUy nominated.

35. Nomination of candidates for Auditorship—(i) Tho shareholders
of the Corporation, other thrn the- State Gctvcinmmt nnd tho Bo'ervo
Bark shall, n,t ench Aminel Gcncrnl Mcctur , c'tct. rn Avdrier who
^hall hold clnce for one year, T'rovi^ed that mch (.'Icciccl Auditor
•;liall be requi.'cd to continue in office until tho "loofcioii uf his
.successor at the no?:b Ainnvl (vrnernl Mectiu^:.

(ii) ITo cfindidato for election a? an Auditcr CL ?." ( C'ovpcration tihall
lie validly nomin: t-~d unlc.1??—

(a] he is dvJy qunlificd to cct ns p.nditnr fu ctuppnicR under
sub-scc^on (1) of section T-14 of the Ir.o.'fn CimppnicF1. Act, 1913 ;
(6) he is nominated by two'oldcis rc-ir.g purlieu referred
to in clauses (c) r.nd (d) r,f scb-sction (") oft ceMon 4 v,ho arc quali-
fied to vote nt the mec-lmg at irhich ~kp ctc-c,1;cii in !o 1 c hold ;
(c) the nomination ]R in writing sigrcd by the- proposer ; or by
their duly constituted nttoirc^r, prrviocd that where P, propose]-
is a, body c iporatr, n, ncniinrJ'icn mny be mpde by a rcLQolution
( f theDhectors of the sharc-holclaig irrljt^ticnand where it is en
made, a copy of the resnlntimi certified io 1-c n. true copy by tho
Chairman cf the meeting rt which it ^ PM purecil. fiLall Lc f?cnt to
the Hend Office? of the Corporatlrn srrl pnch copy rholi bo deemed
to bo a nominntion. on br^.filf of «uch institution ;

(rZ) the nomination paper contains a declaration signed by
the candidate before a Judge, Magistrate, Registrar, or Sub-
"Rep,istrar of Assurances oi1 other Government Gazetted Officer,
that he accepts the nomination and is will'mg to accept the Audi-
torship of the* Corporation, if elected on auch remunej-ation as
the State Government may fix, and that he is duly qualified to
act as an Auditor of Companies under sub-section (I) of section
14-1 OL the Indian Companies Act.

(in) A nomination shall not b? valid unless it Is received in the
Head Office of the Corporation not later than fourteen clear days before
the date fixed for election.

30. Publication of list of candidates for Andltorsblp—On the work-
ing day following the last day fixed for the receipt of nomination papers,
the Managing Director shall take the same into consideration. He shall,
after such enquiry, if any, as he tainks necessary, accept or reject the
nomination of each candidate. The decision of the Managing Direc-
tor that the nomination is valid or invalid RWl, subject to the result
of any reference under regulation 37 b*5 final. If tVre is only one vah'd
nomination, the candidate validly nominate/I shall be deemed to be
elected at- the meeting convened for tlm purpose and his name and
address shall he published as so elected. If the number of valid nomina-
tions excp0ds «MW, the Managing Director eh all caiw* tho names and
addreaew of eaiwUdatw v&lldty uomitintea to be publi$hod in the
orated*! wrasse ^4 to one newspaper dwajating in Uttar ~ "