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Full text of "Government Gazette Of Uttar Pradesh"

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PAST Vin]                                      UTTAR PJ&ADESH GAZETTE, JCtNE 2S, 1955

37. Election disputes—(i) If any doubt or dispute shall arise
aw to the qualification or disqualification of a pemui deemed or deo-
lajed to be elected or otherwise afl to the vttlirlity of the flection of ti
director or an auditor, any person interested, beiJi^ a ..unlirluie or share-
holder entitled to vote at mir-h election, may, within Moveu day-! o\
the date of the declaration of the result of such election, uive iniinui*
tion in writing tJiereof to the Chairman oi tlje Board iiiul shall in so
doing give full particulars of the gjoimdd upon which he doubts or
disputes the validity of such election.

(ii) On receipt of an intimation under clause (i), the Chairman shall

.- disputed. The State Movernmeut shall appc
a referee and refer the election dispute tu the referee so appointed,
who shah1 make such enquiry as he deems necessary and. if he finds that
the election was a valid election, he shall confirm the declared results
of the electio2i, or if he finds that the election was not a valid election
he shall make such order and give such directions including the holding
of a fresh election as shall in the circumstances appear just. His ordei
and directions made in pursuance of this regulation shall be conclusive,


38. Meetings of the Board —(i) Meetings of the Board shall be held
not less than four times a year and at intervals not exceeding three
months, and shall he called by the Managing Director.

(ii) Any three Directors may require the Managing Director to
convene a meeting of the Board at any time and the Managing Direc-
tor shall, on receipt of the requisition, convene a meeting of the Board
giving sufficient notice, provided that the date of the meeting so conven-
ed shall not be later than 21 days from the date of the receipt of the

(iii) Meetings of the Board shall be held at the place where the
Head Office of the Corporation is situate, or at such other place in
Uttar Pradesh as the Board may decide.

(iv) Ordinarily not less than 15 days' notice shah1 be given of each
meeting of the Board, and such notice shall be sent to every Director to
his registered address. Should it be found necessary to convene an
emergency meeting, a notice shall be sent to every Director at the
address registered with the Corporation sufficiently in advance to enable
him to attend.

(v) No business, other than that far which the mating was con-
vened shall be discussed at a meeting of the Botud. except with the
leave of the Chaiiman and a majority of the DirectciN present, unle^n
one clear week's notice has been given of the ttinie in siting to the

(vi) Four Directors, of whom at It-a^t one shall he a nominated
Diiector and one an elected Director, shall foim u. quoiuui for the tran-
saction of business.

(vii) In the event of there being a casual vacancy in the office
of the Chairman which cannot, according to the provisions of the
Act and the Regulations, he filled sooner than, cr before the date
on which a. meeting of the Board may have 1o be called, the Directors
•present at the meeting may elect from amongst themselves a Direc-
tor, other than the Managing Director, to preside at the meeting.

(viii) A copy of the proceedings of each Boaid's meeting shall
be circulated as noon as possible thereafter for the infoimation of
the Directors, and shall be signed by the Chaiiman at the nest suc-
ceeding meeting.

39 -Meetings of Ifce Executive CcmnzMtee— (i) lie Exccitne
Committee shall ordinarily meet at least once during each tocnth at the
Head Office of the Corporation (or such other place in Utlar Pradesh
as the Managing Director may decide) to attend to the ciuitnt busi-
ness of the Coiporation. Sufficient notice shall be given to the mem-
bers of the Committee to enable them to attend the meeting.