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(ii)Tiie statement to be furnished by the Corporation under
sub-section (2) of section 38 of the Act showing the classification of the
luans and investments made by the Corporation, the loans guaranteed
by it and the underwriting agreements entered into by it in
the form spacified in Schedule "D" annexed hereto.

62. Dividends : (i) Dividends shall be declared and paid u.b tioon
as may be, after the closing of the annual accounts.

(ii)No interest shall be payable by the Corporation 031 any divi-

(iii) Any one of several perNons who are registered as joint -holders
of any share may give effectual receipts for all dividends in respect
of such shares.

(iv) A dividend shall be paid by cheque or warrant drawn on the
Corporation's bankers at the place where its Head Office is situate,
and shall be sent to the registered address of the share-holder entitled,
or in the cise of j oint-h oldens, to the registered address of the one whose
name stands first on the register in respect of the joint-holding, and
every cheque or warrant so sent whall be made payable, to tJir order of
the share-holder to whom it in sent.

(v)The Corporation shall not make payment, of dividend in any
person not entitled thereto under the Act or these regulations, but
shall retain the same and make payment thereof to the person who next
becomes registered in respect of the shurew on which Mich dividend
is payable.

(vi)JSki share-holder shall be entitled to receive payment, <_>(' any
dividend in respect of his shares until all moneyw due or owing
by him to the Corporation in respect of such shares have been paid.

63. Accrual of dividend— Dividend will accrue and be paid from
April 1, 1955, and no share-holder shall have any right to claim divi-
dend for any period prior to that date.


Balance Client a« on 81st Mi noli .............

Ba- a. p.

Capital and Lmbilitiofi              ..                 Property and Asaeta

1. Capital—                                                ]. Cash in hand

Authorized capital —

Shares of Ra.       each          ..                 3.    Balance with   the   banks   in

c-urreut account.
lanued oagital—ahares of Ra                      3. other deposits with bankers

Subscribed       and      paid                      4, Investments in Government and

up capital— shares of Bs.                         other securities (stating mode of

T         f^ri       t            .          ---     valuation, e.g. coal, of market

Less— Allotment money man-ears                 price),

' ' -- 5- Guarttllte<* a*d underwriting
. .                     agreements per contra.

R. Reserve for bad and doubtful                  6. Lomw and Advances

dsWa—                                              7, Other aaaeta

Reaerve for bad and doubtful

debts as per last balance-

Add : Provision made   during

the yaar.                           ___