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vni]                           UTTAR PRADESH GAZETTE, JULY 2,1955                                2,^9

List of new publications published during the month of      Annas 6 extra in each case if sent by registered post.

Mai]   1955                                                   ^'B'—The amounts in parentheses are for racking and  postage


Important and usual Publications on different subjects           SUPERINTENDENT, PRINTING AND STATIONERY,

issued by the Uttar Pradesh Government, are available                 aTTAB PRADESH' *LLAHABAi>

for sale from THE SUPERINTENDENT, PRINTING     Lwt of the reprint  publications published during the
AND STATIONERY, UTTAR PRADESH, ALLAH-                             month of May, 1955.

ABAD.    Catalogue free on application.                              Question papers set at the Naib-Tahsildar Examina-

tion 1952.   Price annas 2 (a.l ps.Q).
U. P. Land Acquisition (Amendment) Act no. XXTI      ,,   D     _                                .                            . .

*    .                ,   „                                    N. B.—The amount an parentheses    are for packing

of 1954 in'Hind].    Price anna 1 (a.l ps.G).                       ^   ^ &                        l                                 r        °

U. P. Agricultural Income Tax (Amendment) Act no.      Can be had from—
XVIH of 1954 in Hindi.    Price anna 1 (a.l ps.6).                                          SUPERINTENDENT,

Printing and Stationery, Uttar Pradesh, Allahabad.
U. P. Civjl Laws (Reforms and Amendment) Act no________.________________________________________

XXIV of 1954 in English.    Price anna 1 (a.l ps.6).                  INDIAN     LAW   REPORTS

The Lucknow University (Amendment) Ordn
HI of 1954 in Hindi.    Price anna 1 (a.l ps.6).

The Lucknow University (Amendment) Ordinance no                      ALLAHABAD  SERIES

(Lucknow series has been combined with it from
The U. P. Motor Vehicle Taxation (Amendmnet) Act                                 January  1949)

no. in of 1955 in Hindi.    Price anna 1 (a.l ps.G).                                   .         .          '

Ine only omcial series may be obtained direct from the

The U. P. Encumbered' Estates (Amendment} Act no.   Superintendent, Printing and Stationery, U. P. Allah-
XIII of 1954 in Hindi.    Price anna 1 (a.l ps.6).               abad, or agents for U. P. Government publications.

,   ,, .            _    _      ,        „            Price per annum, Rs.9 including postage.

U. P     Zamindan    Abolition    and   Land    Reforms

(Amendment) Ordinance no. I of 1955 m Hindi.   Price

anna 1 (a.l p.,6).                                                                                       BACK NUMBERS


U. P. Municipalities (Amendment) Act no. I of 1955 ^ ^^ feom ^    Supermtendentj    Printi        ^
in Hindi.    Price anna 1 (a.l ps. 6)                                    Stationery, U. P.,   Allahabad, and   may be   obtained

List of Members of U. P. Legislative Assembly con- Abound at the reduced rates quoted below :
taming then- usual Villages of residence corrected up to   Allahabad f j^' ^wo*1" * 1915 to 192B "* ifc fi ** 7Qhma
February 15', 1955 in English.   Price annas 12 (fl.3).         aeSea.    \ 1981 to 1940                           "  Ba'.e  '»       \\

.                                                                       L 1941 *° 1948 & l950                  .«  Bs.a   »       ..

U. P. Civil List, Part II corrected up to January 1,                f 1926                                      „  Ba.4  „

'                                    c                   J          Luckuowj   1927 to 1930                               .   fifl.5    „

19o5.   Price Rs. 2 including postage.                                   BeneH.    \  1931 to 1937 and 1939              „  Ra.8  „       „

L 1943, 1944 and 194B                      „   Es.6   „

Annual Report on the Working of the U. P. Shops   gold   only   in   complete    volumes,   including   Index
and Commercial Establishment Act, 1947 for the Calendar      postage m' Jndia Bel per volamQ,  abroad
year 1953 in English.    Price annas 11 («.S».                       ^^ m ^ ^ ^^ Md ^

T- . ,     „ ,     n                       -,!-,-       ,1                  -innn  P     xi                  commisaion of 4 annas.   Cheques should not be crossed.

List of books approved during the year 1953 for the

use of Libraries and teachers in Basic, Junior, Higher

Secondary Schools, Normal Schools, Training Colleges, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA PUBLICATIONS
Travelling and Circulating Libraries in Hindi. Price ^^ ^^ frfft SupetfaUwlent, Printing and
annas 2 (a.l ps.6).

Stationery, Uftar Pradesh, Allahabad.

IS.   Kumbh Tragedy Enquiry Committee Report in     p^ Commission Report, price Ra.3, packing and
English.   Price Rs,4-10    (aa,8).                                    poat^e (4fi.8.).                                                        __

16.    Report of   the   GoBamvardhan   Enquiry   Com- ^abour APPeaJ Cases' January 1954, price Rs.2-8 (os.3),
mittee, Parts I and II in English.  Price Rs.2 (as.6).    Labour Appeal Cases, January 1954, price Rs.2-8

17,    History of Services of Gazetted Officers (Civil ^bour Appeal Casea, Pebruary 1954, price Ea.2-8 <
Department), Part IY (Judicial), corrected up to July 1, M>our Appeal Oases, March 1954, price Rs.2-8
1959, in English.   Price Rs,5    (as.8),                         Labour Appeal Oases, April 1954, price Rs,S-8