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UTTAE PRADESH GAZETTE, JULY 2,1955                                 [PABT VHI

First Five-Year Plan-Price Es.6-10 (Re.l and aa.8).      31.   Payment  of  Wages   (Procedures)   Eules, 1937.

1     Courses of Training at  Civil Aviation Training  Price annas 3 (fl. 1).

Centre,' Alkhabad.   Pnce annas 5 (a. 1 p*. 6).                    32.   Indian Electricity Eules^   Price Ee.1-6 <w.2).

2     Constitution of India with correction slips modified     33.   Audit Manual.   Price Ee.1-4 (<"•«•      _

up to 1st September, 1951.    Price Ee.1-10 («.B).               34.    White Paper on Jammu  and  Kashmir.   Price

3     Constitution  of India in Hindi.   Price Ee.1-10   Bunas 8 (as.2).

(as 8)                                                                                     35-   Economic   Development  with    Stability.   Price

4.   'Audit Code, First Edition   incorporating   correc-  Es.2-8 (fl-s.3).
inn slips nos. 1 to 25.   Price Ee.1-4 (asA}.                       36.   Import  Trade Control Poaoy  to* the licensing,

5    Indian Penal Code as modified up to 1st March,  period January—June, 1954     Price Es.2-8 (asA).
LD51    Price Es.2-8  (as.11                                                  37.   Award   on   1'he   Industrial   Disputes   between

'6.' Ancient India Bulletin no.  1 of the Archaeob-  Central    Banking   Companies     and    their    workmen,

aical Survey of India.   Price Es.2  (as.6).                      Price Ee.1-6 (asA).

7.    Civil Service (Classification,  Control and Appeal      38    Programmes of Industrial Development 1951-52.
Eulea), corrected up to 1st October, 1951.    Price annas 6  Price Ss.4-8 (as.12).

(0.1).                                                                                                NOTE—The amounts in parentheses are for packing and postage,

8.    Information for the Students desiring' Lo proceed       IlfDni>T.MT cANClTlJiT FITCH A Til UK
Overseas   for the   Advanced Studies,   1947-48.    Price       IMPORT AN I SA1NSKKI1 111 tKA 1 URE

annae 3 (a. 1 ps. 6).                                                                                              ---------

9.    Factories Act no. LXIII of 1948, as modified up to                               The Princess of Wales

1st April, 1951.   Price annas 4 (a. 1 ps. 6).                           PAIJ A«VATI RHAVANA    TFYT

10.    First Eeport of the National Income Committee,         &AK AS V A11 ISH A V AW A    1 L\ 1

April, 1951.    Price Ee.1-6 (as,. 2 ps. 6).                                                          EDITED BI

11.    Criminal   Procedure  Code as   modified up    to           Dr.   MANGAL  DEYA  SHASTRI,   M.A.
June 1, 1951.   Price Es.2-8 (as.l).                                                          D. Phil.   (Oxon ),

12.    Indian Boilers Act as modified   up   to   Novem-                Principal, Government Sanskrit College, Banaras

as moaiM up to »- i * • - » —      «


July 1, 1952.    Price annas 4 (fl.l).                                                             (Figures vn parentheses indicate postage)

14.     Payment of Wages Act as modified up to May 15,    T W The Eirauavali Bhaabara     (VaisheBhika),     a     Commentary on
™JT     ^. J                  V /   iA                                                       Udflvana'a Kiranavah, Dravya section, by Fadmanabha Miara.   Edited

1951.     Pnce annas 4  (a.l).                                                     with Introduction,  and Index,  by   Gopaath   Kaviraj,   M.A.   (Eeduced

15.    The Poison Act as modified up to May 1, 1949. pnce As. 14) (4M.).

Price  annas  2    mckinff  and  nostaffe   (fl   1)                           (2) The Advaita Chmtamam (Vedanta), by RangO]i Bhatta, Edited

±Tlce   annas   ^,   pacinng   anQ   postage   10 ,1J.                      w-th Infcroducttoil!  etc    b    Narayana  Bhastn  Kbisle   Sahityacharya.

1.    U. P. Zannndan   Abolition and Land   Eeforms .Reduced pure As. 14) \3as)

(Amendment)  Act no.  XVI  of 1953 in English.    Price      (3) The    Easaaara      (Vaishesbika,),    Commentary    on    Udayana'a
n  /„ i  *„ c\                                                                     Kiranavali, Guna sccliun, by Bbatta Vadindra.    Edited with Ihtrodnc-

annas 2 (fl.l pS,.b).                                                                    tioDf Hto_i by Gopinath Kavkaj, MA. (Eeduced price As.9)  (8<u j.

2.     U. P. Cinematograph EuleS, 1951, made under the     Part II.— The Bhavana Viveka (Mimansa), by Mandana Misra, witb

Cmematograph Act, 1918 m English.   Price annas w-^^^f^^^^^^*^^

(as. 2).                                                                                              Aa.6) (2oj.).

16.     The     Indian     Evidence    Act    modified    up    to      W Part L— Yoginihndayadipika  (Tantra),  by Amritananda Natbo,
A,,m,r^ 1    IOKO      T> -n    n  ^      c //,„ o^                                    being a   Commentary on   Yogimlmdaya,   a  part   of    Vamakeahvarn

August 1, 1952.    Price annaa 6 (w.2).                              Tantsara   Edlted   by'   Gopmaeth    Ka^r'aj>   ^    Deduced   price

17.    Workmen    Compensation Act   modified    up to As.12) (3as   &ps.),

May 1, 1952.    Price annaa 6 (a. I ps.  6).                              .g? ^ fayadakini (Alaokua), by Gangananda Kavindra.   Edited

,r      T   j    j. • i      T-»-       ^     //       11 i       m -i         TV       »   ,   Wltl1 Introduction,   etc.,  by  Jagannatha  Shastri  Hosbing   BahityDpa-

1S.   Induatnal    Dispute  (Appellate    Tribunal)    Act  dhyaya.   (Eeduced price As 5-8) (Zas.)

r.o. XLVII'I of 1950.    Price annas 4 (a.l).                             (6) Part I.— The BBakti Chandnka (Bhakti Shastra), a Commentary

1Q      Indian   Tiimitdtinn    Ant   nn    TY   nf   1 QnR     mr^i    on   Sundilya's   Bhaktisutras,   by   Narayana   Putha     Edited   witb   a

19.     Indian   Jjimitation   Act   no.   IX   Ot   laOB,   mud-  Prefat       Not     b     Gopmath  Kaviraj,  M.A.    (Eeduced   price  Aa.7-0)

fied up to February 1, 1952.   Price annas 6 (a. 1 ps  PV (2<u. 6ps.).

20.    Land Acquisition Act no. I of 1898 as modi-    ^'Vl   (B±ced D^e As- 12-)   (5flJ-)-

fifl^ ,-,« 4-^, A^^l 1    TOKO      T) ;«      ^         c  c« i i                        (7) Part  I. — The    Siddhanta   Eatna,   by    Baladeva    Vidyabhuaan

fied up to April I, 1952.    Price annas 6  (a.l).                    Edlted with reduction, by Gopinath Kaviraj,  M.A.    (Eeduced price

21.    Indian    Electricity    Act    IX  of   1910.    Price As.9) HM),

annas 12 (a^.3)                                                                               ^  n-    Deduced price  Ee.1-6)   (4as.).

no       «   ,,        •>,     rffe-, r, -      -D   n n /     ™                        fB1 Ths   E^apnadipa   (Alankara),   by   Prabhakara   Bhatta    Edited

22.      * >H*.      iS     Tf|c?r Price Es.2-2 (05. 7).                    with Introduction,  etc, by Narayana  Shastri Khiale  Sahityacbarya

23.    Cinematograph Act no. XXXVII of 1952, modi- ^jfe* PJ?™ A?-9) (3flflO-
fiedup to Septe.fbe?!  1953^ Price annas 2 (. 1).        ^ShS±^S'

24.    Motor Vehicles Act IV of 1939, modified up ti> (Eeduced price Aa.7) (2aj.).

November 1, 1952.     Price Ee.1-10 (as.S W.6).                     T {10), TJB T^e^f  (AlwkaM), by Asadrara  Bhatta.    Edited with

OS      Ar-«'^  «,  TKT          A  i        j-a, j         A    TVT     11    iDtooduction  by Batukanatha  Sharma  Sahityc-padhyaya,     M.A.,  and

2D.    Minimum  Wages Act  modified  Up  to  March   1, Jagamiatha Shastri Hoahing Sahityopadhyaya.    (Eeduced price A a. 7J

1952.    Price annaa 4 (a.l).                                                 (aw.).

modifiea ar to      ••      Ta  -

_         .          ,  „  ,                                          Part  IV.—The  Tripura  Eahaava   (Jnana  Khanda).   Edited    with

Reports and Rules                                  Introduction and Table of Contents, by Mahamahopadhyaya Gopinath

-«_                                                                                              Kaviraj, MA.    (Reduced price As.lS)   (3as.).

217.    Five-Year    Plan    Progress    Eeport  for the years     f.12) The Kavyavilaa    (Alankara),   by    Ohairanjiva    Bhattfichirya,

1951-52 and 1952-53     Price Ee 1-4  (as 4)                             d^ed with Introdacti^. etc., by Batukanatha Sharm.i, M.A., Sahityo-

oo      TS         i.         *i_'    TN                                    ft                      paoayaya and Jagannatha Shastri Hoshing Bahityopadhyaya     (Jteduced

^so.   rleport or the Dearness Allowance Comniittee. price As.9) (3as.).

Price annas 7 *{<W.2).                                  f                                  Cia) The  Nyaya   Kahka   (Nyaya),   Bhatta   Jayanta.   Edited   with

on     t>        i          i-       AS                                                           introduction by Maharnahopadhyaya  Ganganatha  Jha,   M.A.J  D.IJIIT,

Ła.   Keport on the Efficient Conduct of Plates Inter- (Itednced price AB,T) (3a«4.

price 1861.   Prica w™ 10 («.«.                         Jf ^^TSTpS±± SS^SSif,'-------

30., Minimum Wages Central Enles, 1950.   Price