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.(19) Ihnoniiiujaiu K-tata    EJiecd L, Dr. Mugd

^'UTibu'dM 'iSiwn.m  ,,uh to
r' M^l 1«. BL-ln. « i , . »a. (0,o».

Dsva SlMtii.   _ (I) Bom. A*«t. of the History and Doctrine, of the Nali,, ;,

by     (Tin IadS™Ue Ba,       Mamn.tha
As 5)


** «»

Itapl bm

AB-14)- (4°")'

P trt III _ Rs 2-12 (las )                                                                       Gopmath Kavira] .

(73J pflit I —The Chalara Sikaluno,    Genl    Editor, Dr Manga) Deva      W History and Bibliography of Nyaya Vaisheshika Literature, by

"SH 1'n" -ie'-Mr'- " " (J"'-)-

iMrap.uhunadmrtte.   General Editor Dr. Mangal Deva Shaatn, M.A.,

uran,   (OxOKl   Eg 3-4 (8u.)

lUioaj. ±H.04 IB   ^^^^

(1) Niti Maqjari, by DVS. Divedi (Vedie Literature)

(Jj Xvava EuuslmTha "(Part II) Anumanaskhanda, by Mahadeva

fS) Memamasa Chandnka by Brahmanand Sarasvati

(t) Tantrnratnu   (Part III), by Paitha Saiathi Misra

(5) TCavya Pi-akagg Dijuka fPart II), by  Sn Chandidasa.

(61 Tattva Chintamam with CorameutariL-g called Pragalbbi. Aluka
Darpanti and Kantakoddhaia.

(7) NayayuuiiLa  Saurabha by Vanamah Misra

.h) Kalntattvu Vivechana   (Purt  III),  by Haghunatli  Bhatta.

f9) Sakanda  .Shariika.

(lOj Siddbanta  burvabliauma.  by Muniawara,  Part IH.

The     PrinCeSS     Of     Wales'

«i    -i.       tr i       t   ^     -r-w        VA.   i   »       mr   i        i

Studies   YolS-   I  to  IX,   edited  by   Mahamaho-

padhyaya Gopinath Kariraj, M.A.,   Present
Editor, Dr. M. D. Shastri, Principal, Sanskrit

College,  BanaraS.

°  '                          _

Vol.  I -fa)  Studiea in Hindu Law-(l) It. Evolution, by Gang.,

Ph^ophy,   by
Pn™«.*i, iTn^^,,-

Vedic \\orda, by Sila Earn Joahi

e ^ Compariaon of the Contenta uf the Rig-Veda Vajnaneyj,
Taittiriya and Atbarva- Veda (Chaturadhyayika) Pratishkhyas, b,
Hi. Mangal Deva Shastri, M.A., D.THIL.

(/) An Index to the Eamayana   by Manmatha Nath Eoy.

(ffJ ^ I""^ to Shabara's by the late Col. G. A. Jacob.

CO Qleanrnga from the Tantras, by Gopinath Kaviraj

W ^be Data of Madhuoundana Saraavati, by Gopmath Kama].

(l) Inscriptive notes on Sanskrit Manuacripla, Gopinath Kaviraj.

M ^ note on the meaning of the term of Parardha, by Umeahfl
Rlisra.                                                                  _

Vol VIII.— (a^ Indian Philosophy (a Ee-naw), by Tarak Nath
Sanyal. (Reduced price Bs.2-8) (3as.)

(6) An Index to the Proper Namea occurring in Valmiki's Eaniayana,
by Manmatha Nath Eoy.

(c) An Index to the Shabara Bashya, by the late Col. G-. A. Jacob. ;

(J) Hariswami— The Commentator of the Shatapatha Brahmana- ,
an<1 t]le date of Standaavami— The Commentator of the Big-Veda, by*:
Mungal De\a Shastn.

(c) Mysticism m Veda, by Gopmath Kaviraj.

NaTh TEh0ByDevada81fl~a Brlef Hiatory of the InBtitutlon' by Mamnaths I
Llfe of fl Y°am' by Gopinath Kavurai' tMlu"d

) On the Antiqiuty of the Indian Art Cauona, by Haridaa Mima
(c) Prachya— Vargikarana Padhati,  by   Satiah   Chandra  (Juha.
^ Yt*tt VttbuhUia and Some of the Minor Upaniahadaa, by B. L


Mj^mn«r, ir.,,-n          n™«.*, in^^,,-

(/J Theism in Ancient India, by Gopinath Kaviraj.

(3) Jlindu "Poetics, by Batuknatha Sharma.

th\ A  Seventeenth  Century Astrolable,     by  Padamakara, Divivedi.

(i) Some Aspects of Vira Shaiva Philosophy, by Gopinath Kaviraj,

Q) tfayaya Kusumanjali (English Translation), by Gopmath Kaviraj

(A.) The definition of poetry, by Narayana Shaatri Khiate

(2t BoTdala Upadhyaya, by" Gopinath Kaviraj

il Pioceduie, by Ganganatha

(fl The Philosophy of Tripura Tantra, by


fe) SPorlB and GameB  aa  referred to   m     SanBtrJt
Anant  Shaatn Phadke.                                              i_    »   m.-   „ „„«,, -

Objects of Offerings m the Brauta    Sacrifices, by A. Chimaawaim  .

ri                                                                                                              '

1 Siudi, in Hmdu L^-,3)

(g) Agricultuie in the Vedas, by B. N. Jhorkhandi.

(h) An Enquiry into the Nature of Speech,     by    Horan Chandra

[ Objects  of Offerings in the    Srauta    Bacrificea, by

u) Theism in Ancient India, by Gopinath Eavaraj.
(dj History and Bibliography of Nayaya VaiBhaahika

Gopuaath Kavira.i

(!•) Xaishdha and Sri Harsha,  by Niaakamala Bhattacharva
W Indian Dramaturgj-, by P   N   Patankar                             "

Vol.   IV.— (a) Studies  m   Hindu  Law— (4)" Judicial  Piocedure    by

Ganganatha  Jha     CEeduced   price Ea.2-8)   (4a,?.).                        '

(i) Hiatory and Bibliography of Nyaya Vaiaheahika Literature, by

Oufinath Kavuaj.                                                                                J

^ B.gveda-Pr^ Sakhya w.h the
Gr/?'m^a.r' by ^^ T5«n Bhaata.                                     .

(® Kntl Kaumudi and its Author,  by  Santimoy Banerjee.

(JJ Tfae Sakti ^^ ftscnb6d to ^ga8tya> by Mangal Deva Shasta.

To be had on prepayment from THE SUPEEINTENDENT, PriatiDf
and Stationery, Uttur Pradesh, Allahabad. From Agents for sals
of State Goveriiment publications or from the Secretary, Sanskrit
ColleKe, Banaraa.


i'd) Narayana'a  Ganita Kauniudi,  by Padmakara Dvivedi

{es Puod and Drink in the Eamayanic Age, by Manmatha Nath Bov.

(ft aat-fcaryavada;  Casualty in Sankhya, by Gopinath Kavira]     '

(g] DiFoiphne by Conaeimences , by G. L. Sinha.

(h) History of the Origin and Expansion of the Aryans, by A- U,

(t) Punishments in Ancient Indian Schools, by G. L   Sinha.

Vol. V.— (a) Ancient Home of the Aryans and their' Migration to
Tndia, by A. C, Ganguli. (Eeduced price Es.2-8) (4<w Gps.)

(6) A Sitrap Coin, by Shyitra Lai Merh.

U-) An Estimate of the Civilization of the Vanaraa :ia depicted in
the Bamayana, by Manmatha Nath Eoy.

M) A Comparison of the Contenta of the Big- Veda Vaiaaneyi
Taittmya and Athava-Vefa {Chatnradhyayik, Pratiahakyas) by
Dr. Mangal Dava Shaatri, M.A.. D.PHIL.                                  '          7

(a) Doctrme of Formal Training and the Ancient Man Thought.
7/JrW- ' Sin&a-, ^.^ ,                                                                     "

(/> History and Bibliography qf Nyaya Vaiaaasbika Literature, by
(JopiMth Kavira], M.A.

, M.A.


BelvederCj Calcutta— 27

„      <

In response to public opinion, the working    houra of the Beading
Rooma  and the Lending  Section at Belvedere have     been extend^   I
with effect from the 26th August, 1958.   The revised working honw
ars specified below

Rea&ng Rooms— Week days (including Saturdays)— 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Sundays and holidays— 10 a.m.  to  5 p.m.

Lending Section— Week days (including Saturdaya)— 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sundays and holidays— 10 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

The Heading Rooms and the Lending Section will, however, remain
entirely closed on the following days of the year:

W Republic Day, (H) Independence Day, and (iK) Mahatma
Gandhi's Birthday.

J?«ncaia above 18 years of age are eligible to make use of the tflbrary,
^^i^i if a free Lending Library open to anyone residing in anv par*
of *** ^^an Union. There ia no subscription to pay, but security
in cash ia essential,