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!       Notice is hereby given to the electorate specified
in rule !(/) (M) of bchedule A of the U. P. State Medi-

- cal Faculty Election Rules, that a vacancy will occur
uii the State Medical Faculty on September 2il, l'J55 due

•  to expiry o l't lie term   of office   of   Dr.   Halena Lai
David, 26 Cantonment Road, Lucknow.

Candidates for election should be nominated by
means of nomination papers, which will be supplied
to electors on application to the Secretary of the U.P.
State Medical Faculty, at his office in Lucknow,

Nomination papers duly subscribed by two elc-
1 ctors as proposer and seconder should be returned to
the Secretary of the U. P. State Medical Faculty
(the Returning Officer) befort 12 noon on July 19,1955.
Nomination papers which aic not received by the
"Returning Officer at his office ; t Lucknow before 12
noon on July 19, 1955, shall be rejected. The
Returning Officer who is the Sec etary of the U. P.
State Medical Faculty, will under the rules for elections,
scrutinize and examine the nomination papers of all
candidates which have been received by him as afore-
said at the office of the U. P. State Medical Faculty,
Lucknow, 12 noon on July 19, 1955. Any duly
nominated candidate can withdraw his candidature by
the Angus L 4, 1955, by sending a written letter to
the Returning Officer for the same.

In the event of more than one candidate being
nominated to fill the vacancy voting papers will be
issued to all electors concerned not later than
September 4, 1955. Any elector who does not
receive his voting paper by that date, should apply
for it to the Returning Officer. All voting papers
duly filled in must reach the Returning Officer at the
„ office of the U. P. State Medical Faculty at Lucknow,
not later than 11 a.m. on September 20, 1955, on which
date and time they will be examined by him and the
result of the election declared.

(Sd.)   A. N.CHOPRA,
/ resident U. P. titate Medical Faculty.

[2 &, 9-7-55.]


Applications are invited for the   undermentioned   posts   from
Indian citizens and persons migrated from Pakistan with inten-
tion of   permanently settling in India  or   subjects   of   Nepal,
Sikkim   or    Portuguese    or   former     French     possessions   in
India.   Upper    age   limit   relaxable   by   5    ^ears     for     sc-
heduled   castes, tribal and aboriginal communities and up to   45
• years for displaced persons from Pakistan and non-liberated areas
of Jammu and Kashmir.   No relaxation for others, save in exce-
ptional cases and will in no case be relaxed beyond three years.
jrParticulars and application forms from Secretary, Union   Public
I Service Commission, Post Box No. 186, New Delhi.    Requests for
forma must specify name of post and should bo accompanied by self-
f addressed unstamped envelope for eaoh   post at least of size 9" X
I 4* indicating thereon name of post for which forma   are required.
| Closing date for receipt of application with tereaaury receipt or
i Crossed Indian Postal Order for Rs.7-8 (Re.1-14 for scheduled Castes
! and tribes) 23rd July,   1955   (6th August,   1955, for  applicants
1 from abroad). genuinely indigent and bona
jide, displaced persons' fee.    Separate application with separate fea
required for each post.    Candidates abroad may apply on   plain
paper if forms not available,  and deposit fee wiih local   Indian
Embassy.   If required candidates must appear for personal inter-

i 1. One Appraiser in the Customs Dttpartmtia, Ministry of Fi-
nance, Post permanent but vacancy is temporary at present.
Selected candidate is however likely to bo absorbed permanently.

[Pay   •   ;FOI   direct   recruits.    R*.275—25—500—E.B.-—30—6SQ.

, *or persona who have been in continents employment since 16th
July, 1931, and who have not elected the prescribed scale of pay


above, Rs 250— 20— 450— 25—675. Higher initial pay to specia-
lly qualified ami uxporiuncoil oamlul.itn. _lrja : Bi-low f!"» yean.
Relftsmble for Government aerurt,,tn. Qiinlijicntion* : Ejsi-^tvil : (i)
At least aoconcl ol.isa Mjsti.T\ or uquualpiit Hnmmr di^i.."- in
Chemistry. Or At lea&t second Hast BachulnrV dugu c in
Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical C'liuim&try.

2.    OI\B Research Officer in the. Health bn.iun* nf II,-'   Pl.iiutiniJ
ConumaaLon.    Post temporary and likely to coiita-uo ujito M<irch
1057.    Other Ihinjra beme equal prefriuiro will  lio  1:1*011 to Sche-
duled Castea/Trifaes candidate.    Pay :    Rs.3j(J — 2.3— oOU — E B. —
•JO — 650 — E,B. — 30 — SOU.    Higher   initial pay   tn i-p-.-cinlly quali-
fied  and exporioiiL-ed candidate.    Jr/e :    Buiweun i."3 and  -lOytars.
Relaxable for Government servants.    Qvhjicatwni :    L^tntinl :    (i)
At loast second clusj Master's dogruu in ritatisticd or M.iiliematic'a
•with Statistics as ona of the subjoc't-s.    (ii) Podt-graduate training
in st ataticb at recognised Universitj ur Institution,    (mj Practical
experience  of compilation  and processing of statistics.    Qualifi-
cations relaxablo at Commission's discretion m IMSL- of etmdidatua
otherwise woll-quahfied.

3.    One Statistician in the 2. C. A, E. Pot,t\ uptn L'Uth
February, 1936 but likely to continue for mdeilmto pL-riuil.    Qttar
things being equal preference will be given to fli-hlihilc-d    L'aitea
candidate-.        faij  .      Ra.350 — 350 — 3SU — 3SU — IJn— ^[)(j — E.E. —
30 — 770 — iO — 850 for direct recruit*.    If otriccr sel^i'ter] is already
in Uovcrnmom; service ho wili be   entitle i to draw nt his option his
grade paj plus deputation allowance not exetvjduiji   20 per   cent.
of the grade pay.    Higher initial pay to hp^cidlly quahiled    and
experienced  candidate.    Age  .    Belov 4.3 year*.    Qualifications
Essential :    (i) At luast second class JItiiater'a ore quii alent Honours
degree in Mathematics or Statistics.    (11) TiMiiung m agricultural
statistics or Qipenence of statistical -v^ork on agricultural problu'ma.
Qualifications relaxable  at Commi'-ision a discretion in cjte of can-
didates   otherwise   well-qualified.

4.    j.Vine   Civil Assistant Surgeons (Female) Grade I, Bfiofal.
Temporary and likely to baLome pormaiitnt.    Pay  :    Rs.223 —
225— 250— 2U— 350— E.B.— 13— 500— 500— E.B.— JO— 000     plus
rent free    quarters if available.    Higher initial pay to specially
qualified    and experienced candidates.    Age  :    Below 35 years.
Belaxable for  Government servants. Qualification*   :    Essential  :
(1) Medical qualification included in one of the  schedules to the In-
dian Medical Council ^ct 1D33.   (iij About one years' house-appoint-
ment in teaching hospital.    Qualifications rclaxuble in ease of can-
didates otherwise wall -qualified.

5.    One Radiologist, Ajmer   State Hedical   Department.    Post
permanent,   but   appointment     made    on     temporary basis for
one year in the first instance.    Pay -.    Kd.oOU — 30 — 800, plus non-
praotismg allowance at 20 per cent of basic pay.    Higher initial pay
to specially qualified and experienced candidate .    Age :    Between
30 and 45 years.    Relaxable, for Government servants.    Qualifications
Essential :    (i) Degree  in Medicine and   Surgery   included in one
of the schedules to  Indian Medical   Council ^ct, 1933.    (ii)   Post-
graduate qualification in Radiology   lifco  D. M. R. T. London or
D. M. R. D. London,    (hi) About tbree years' practical experience
of Radiological work.    Qualifications relaxable at Commission's
discretion in case of candidates otherwise well- qualified.

6.    One  Assistant   Director   (Publicity),   Community   Pojects
Administration.   Temporary   but likely to continue indefinitely.
Pay :   Ra.350— 350— 380— 380— 30— 590— E.B.— 30— 850.      Hi-
gher initial pay to specially  qualified and experienced candidate.
Age :   Below 35 years.    B&laxabls    for  Government servants.
Qualifications   :    Essential :    (i) Degree of recognised University.
(ii) About five years" experience of public relations/publicity work
m organisation of repute or about five years' journal] stio experience
in Newspaper or News Agency of standing or under Government.
Qualifications relaxablo at Commission's discretion in case of can-
didates otherwise well-qualified.

7* One Gopy-ionter, Ministry oflnjornyition and Broadcasting.
Temporary and likely to continue indefinitely. Pay -. Bg.350— -
25 — 300 — E.B. — 30 — 620. Higher initial pay to specially quali-
fied and experienced candidate. Age-: Between i Band 35 yeara.
Relaxable for Government servants. Qualijications : Essential :
(i) Degree of recognised University, (ii) About 3 years journalistic
expedience including knowledge of advertising tachinique in news-
paper or publicity organisation or advertising asency. Qualifi-
cations refaxablo at Commission's discretion in case uf candidates
otherwise well -qualified.

8. 4 Informaion Assistants, External Publicity
Ministry of External Affairs. Temporary and likely to contuiue
indefinitely. Two posts reserved for Scheduled Caates/Tribea
candidates, if suitable candidates available otherwise treated as
unreserved. Pay : Rs.300 — 20 — 500 plus usual allowances as
admissible to smilar staff. If posted afcroad will be entitled to
allowances admissible for the station. Higher initial pay to speci-
ally qualified and exprienced candidates. Age : Between 21 and
35 years. Ralaxable, for Government servants. Qualifications :
Essential : (i) Degree of recognised University, {ii) About two
years journalistic experience in newspaper or news-agency of
standing or in publicity organisation, (iii) Wide interest in curr-
ent affairs in India and abroad in economic, cultural and politi-
tical fields, as evidenced by travol, courses of study, writings etc,
Qualifications relaxable at Commission's discretion in case of can,.
didatea otherwise well-qualified.