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PART VIII]                                 UTTA& PRADESH GAZETTE, -JULY !>, llKw                                        Uii!)

n^ ____ _j _ ___ ___   ___

List of new publications published during the month uj    Agriculture bulletin no, -1'j I'unditious det urn filling thy

'Area Suvrn \vitli Crops in the U. P. Part I b\ W. 11.
June, 1955.                                    Moreland WJD ju Eiu^li     I'ricu minus l:J ir/s-. 2'.

U.   T.   A»ricutuial   llici.un.-  TIK  AOL.   10-k?      ilU->j

Important and usuai Publications on different subjects edition i m English.    Price uuuat- 7 (»/*. J ^s. 0'.
issued by the Uttar Pradesh Government, are available     Department  of  Industries  Sew   Seues  iJullenn  un
for sale from THE SUPEEINTENDBNT, PRINTING 1-5 Commercial Gla&a    cunlainers by Dr. A.  Xadel    in
AND STATIONEEY, UTTAE PRADESH, ALLAH- Kli§hsh-   piice annas 5 la. I t>*. U-
ABAD.    Catalogue free on  application.                          .   ^culture Bulletin iu..     lili lied  Uol  nf  Mi^iivano

^                                                                                   bv Sn lurti Kar in English.    Trice .innu 1 M. 1-.

U I'. MoLur Vehicle Taxation AmiMidiiiLMil At-l no, Lli     U- P- Sn JJadriualh Temjilu AL-I im. XVI oi I'.J:i!) iu
,,i 10J5 m English.   Price aiina 1 ia.l ps (ii.                  English.   Price aima& 3 In. li.

U. P. Ztimnidari Abolition and Laud Eul'oriu (Amend-     N, B. — The amount iu nareutlie^oj    tin.1 lor ii.ickiu.i
meiit) Ordinance I of 1955 in Eiiyhah.    I'ricu anna 1 -^[^ postane
(a. 1 ps. 6;.                                                                                     ° '          _

The Lucknow University Amendment OrdmancL1 I LI
ul1 1'JjJ. HI EuyliMh     Price anna 1 (a. 1 ps. OK

U   P   Consolidation  of Holdings  (Amendment   Ai-i                                   SUPERINTENDENT,

nu. XXA'l of lU-jJ: in Hindi.    Price auna,s -2 (a  I /js   Hi.   Dinting and titalwnenj , Ultar Piadcsh, Mlnh<ib'i<l.

U   P-  Eiiciuiubered Estates     (Amendment)  Act no. - - — - ----------       - —

XIII of 19 54 j n English.    Price anna 1 (.u.l i**.&.                     T \TFkT AM                        rp

,     U. P. Laud Eef'orma  (Amendment) Act no.  XX  of           1JND1AN     LAW   REPORTS

l'Jj4 in English.    Price annas 3 (a. 2).

Eeport ou the Prison Administration of U. P. for the                    ALLAHABAD SERIES

\ear llfJ53 in English.    Price annas 15 (as   '2 pa. 6).           (Lucknow series has been combined with it trow

Aiiimal Report on the working of the    Local Euud                                 January, 1949)

Audit JJenaitnieiifc lor the year 1952-53 in Hindi.    Price                          .

imiias 12 (as   3)                                                                    Ttie only ofllclal series ma7 be obtained direct from the

'"                                                             • Superintendent, Printing and Stationery, U. P.  Allah-


. 1 -pi-. 6).                                                                         price Per annum, Es.9 including postage.

Irrigation Adminibtrtiou    Report of U.     P.  for the                                        -

3 ear ending March 31, 1953' in English.   Price lid 2-1                             BACK NUMBERS

(fli1. 3).

List' of Institutions recognized by Lhc Boards H-yli          OF raE ALLAHABAD AND LUCKNOW SERIES

School and ^ Intermediate Examination 1955 m H^- « av-itabh tan the    Superintendent,    Printing   a,J
Ince Ha. b-7 (M. 7).                                                       Stationery, U. P.,   Allahabad, and   may be   obtained

U.  P.   Itrigation  Department  Signallers'   and  Tele- unbound at the reduced rateb quuted below  :
Ljliuue Munslu's Service Rules 1-054 in English.    Price                r 1910i 1911a 1913 4 lflift to 4WB M Bfl 3       ToUmM>

aimas 6 (a.  1 ps.  6).                                                                    Allahabad ^j   1920  to  1930                                 „   Be.5    „

IS.   Kumbh Tragedy Enquiry Committee Report in   serie8'    [ ^ % JJ£a & IONI                    "  ^'6« "

English.   Price Rs.4-10    (as.8).                                                      f 1B26                                          ' Ra4


16.    Kejiort of  the   Gosamvardhan  Enquiry   Com-  I£j£uw.{ }S|{ £ \™ H,ld ,„,,,               -  *•«  ••
mittee, Parts I and II in English.  Pries Rs,2 (as.6),            '    [ iota. 1041' Ud IMP"             '.',  R7s ".     "..

17.    History of Services of Gazetted Officers  (Civil Sold   only   iu   complete    volumes,   including   Inde.
Department), Part IY(Judicial).cori-ected up to July 1,,     Postage in India Re.l per volume; abroad Rs 3
1949. in English.   Price Rs.5    (as.8).                                cha ^ ^ hanka outaide ^^^ shflul

Annas 6 extra in each caste if sent by registered post.          commission of 4 annas.   Cheques should not be crossed.

N.B.—The amounts in parentheses are for packing and postage -

C0n bB hadf»»»-                                                          GOVERNMENT OF INDIA PUBLICATIONS


UTTAR PRADESH, ALLAHABAn                               Stocfc  flflaiJobZe   ztjttfe   Superintendent,   Prmhny   and

Lwt of a. npM  ^Krfo^ fmUUM ton»g fte      Statitmery, Vttar Pradesh, AllaHabtd.

month of June, 1955'.                               Press Commission Eeport, price Ks.3, packing imd

Department of Agriculture Bulletin no. 78, notes ou Postage (^5-8-^

Agricultural Crops Castor (Kivinus    Communist L) b\ Labour Appeal Cases, January 1954, price Ra.2-8 (fl,s.3). -
Dr. M. E. Mehra in English.   Price annas 3 (fl.l p*.0i. Labour Appeal Cases, January 1951, price Rs.2-8 (flj.4'.
( Eules regulating  appointment to and conditions  of Labcmr Appeal Case?, February 1954, price Es.2-8 (asA).
aerviMH of the U. P. Services of Engineer*    Class II,              A       j 0        Mawh 1BM ^    Rti_2_8 (    ^

TlTiftation   (Fvdro Electric) Branch  in Enftliflh.   Price JJUJ"       .       , n         A    n ,nr,      •    t>   o Q ,    A
ttunuB 3 (a. 1 pff. 6),                                                           Tfflbtrar Appeal Oases, April 1054, price Us.3-8 (os,.4i.