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Full text of "Government Gazette Of Uttar Pradesh"

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HTTAU PU A DEiSIT GAZETTE, JULY !), 1955                                [_PAM yrjf

First Five-Year Plan— Price Es.6-10 (Re.l and us 8).      31.    Payment  of  Wages   (Pru'.'L'diims)   Kulea, 19:{7.

1.    Courses of Training  at  Civjl  Aviation  Tiiumug  Price tinnas 3 (a. 1).

Ctjntie, Allahabad.    Price 5 (a. 1 ps. I1,).                    3ii.    Indian Electricity llules     Trice Jle.3-6 (<w.2).

2.    Constitution of India with correction slips mudilicd     33.   Audit Manual.    Price Ee.1-4 (as.6).

up to let September, 1U51.    Price Be. 1-10 (as.S).              ,'U     While  I'aper  on  Jammu  ;md   Kashmir.    pr,,.c

b.    Constitution  of India in  Hindi.    Price  Hu 1-1') annas 8 fas. 2).
(as.8).                                                                                   U3     Economic    Development   with    Stnbilit.y.   Pr1Cf!

4.   Audit Code, First Edition   incorporating   enure- Rg.2-8 (as. 3).
Inn shpr. nus   1 10 25.    Price Ee 1-J (usJ).                       30    Import,  Trurle  Control  Policy  for the licenmin

0.    Indiun I'ennl Code as modified up Lo L4 iMaidi. period January — June, 1054.    Pucrj Rs.2-8 (asA).
J'.t-JJ.    Prjce  Rs.2-8   (ai.7).                                                 137.    Award    on    the    Indwtruil    Disputes   belwi-pu

C.    Ancienl   India  Bullc'lin   no.   1  of  Uiu   Air.Li.'i.l »- Central    Banking    CouipimicK     und    their    woikrnen.
j^ical  Survey of Indui     Pnce  IIa.2   (us. 6)                       Price Ec.1-6 (as A}.

7.    Hivil 'rfprvico  (Classification,  Control  :ual  Apju-ul      38    I'roynimmeB of Industrial Dovplnpinenl. J'.)51-,VJ.
Ivulefi), corrected up to 1st October, 1951.    Puce un'-iut G price fls 4-8 (fls.12).
((J.I).                                                                                   NOTE — TLu .iruounla in pajun theses are fur  packing  ,md postage.  " IK/tJSiTANI SAdSKKlT LITERATURE

jinnae 3 (a. 1 ps. 6).-                                                                                              -

9     Factories Act no, LXIII of 1948, as modified un t-i                              The Princess of Wales

IsL April, 1951.    Price annas i (a. 1 ps. G).                            „ , ,,. a wy A T| REil A V A W /L     S"CY T

10.    Fust Deport oilhe National lucomu C'OHJIIIII.JLL-          ,SI!vU A^ V it I fi DiaAY/ilirl    1 EA I
April, 1951.    Price Re.l-C (an.. 2 ps. G).                                                              EDITEI, *\

11.    Criminal   Procedure  Code  as   modified  up   in            [)r.   MAN GAL  DE¥A   SHASTK1,   M.A.
June I, 1951.   Price Es.2-8 (as.l).                                                             D.Phil,   (Oxon ),

12.    Indian Boilers Act as modified    up    *°    No vein-               Principal, Government Sanskrit College, Eauiuaa
her 1, 1949, Price annas 7 (as. 2,).                                                                          -

13.    Co-operative   Societius   Act as luodiriod   uji  K. ^'--- l '" «8 m<l 1B edltcd blJ M-M- pl   <J'^l'»«t/t h(«'""i> jl/ ')

July 1, 1952.     Price annas 4 (fl.l).                                                             (Figuies in parentheses indicate pusLaije)

14.     Payment of Wages Act as modified Up Lo May ]"»,      (1) The Kiranavali J3haskara     (Vaisheshika) ,     a     CommenUry on
IQfil       Pnn^  nTinflB 4  ffl 1\                                                      Udiyum'B luianavah, Diovya aectinn, by Padmanabha Miara.   Editn

,r     rnceBJUUa*(a.±).                                                     ^ih mtwdaetion, and Index,  by   Goputalh   Kaviraj,   M.A.   (HednceA

15.     The Poison Act as modified up to May J , Ltf49. Iiri,.e AB. 14) (la.?.).

Price   annas   2,   packing   and   postage   (a .1).                         '») The Advaita, Gbmtummi  (Vedanta), by Eangoji BhatLa, Edile.1

1.    U. P. Zammdar!   Abolition and Land   Eefoims S^,^^. tv &*™7™ **** ^ SahltyttcllBtya-

( \Uieildment.) Act IIO. XVI Of 1953 in English. Price ' 'fj) The Eaaaaara (Vaieheahika), Commentary on Udayami's
,,.,... >; /,, i ,,,, (i\                                                                    KiMiiuvalij LtiMi.i BecUoUj by Bhatta Vudmdra. Edited with Introdm:

' , T^T in .          ,          T T, i -u^i         i         i ji tion, etc., by Uflpinath KftYiraj, IC.A (Ecduced price Aa 0) 13m.)

*J. U. P. Cinematograph Killed, I'-J&J , llliulc lindCT tJifj parfc n_The Bhavana Vweta fMimansii), by Mandana Miera, vilh
( JmMliato'naph Act ]018 in Enqll^h. Price IIUIIUH L'j .• I'muni'-iiLai'v by Bhatltt Umboka. Edited with Intioduotion, etc., bj
, ,„ rn                                                                                          Ma'uiinahoimdbjaya tiaiiffanatha Jha, MA., D LITT. (Eednced price

(rts-2^                                                                                         Asfil (2n«.).

16      The     IridiilU     Evidence    Acti    modified    lip    tn      (4) Parb I.— yoginihridayadipika   (Tantra),  by Amntananda Natha,

]   1963.    rr,,e aunaa 6

11-      TUT   i             /i               j         A  j-          j f   i           j.   11-'"Ha i LI    jiiiiHBu    uj'    Gopinath    Kaviraj,     MA.

17.    Workmen    Compensation Act    modified    up to^aia) (3as. Qps.).
May 1, 1952.     Price annas 6  (a. 1 pS. 6).                              (51 The Eavyadakini (Alankara), by Gangananda Kavindra.   Edited

lh.    Industrial    Dispute   (Appellate    Tribunal J    Aci """" T~t"~J" J       ~A~    L~ T         ""  *"-—*- "-«-—
nn. XJjVITl of 1950.    Price annas 4 (fl.l).

]().    Indian  Limitation  Act no.   IX   of 1008,  modi-
fied up to Februiry 1, 1952.    Price aim PR G (a. 1 JJ.Y  (*)

•20.    Land A'.quisiliou Act no. I of 1898  ay modi-
fied up to April 1, 195'1    Price unnas (i (a.l).

21.    Indian    Electricity    Act    IX  of    1910.    Price
annas 1'J (as.3).

•wiih  Introduction,  etc.,  by  Jagannatha   Shaatri  Hoahing  Bahityopa-
dhj-aya.   (Eeduced price Aa.5-8)   (2os ).

(li) Part I.—The Ehakti Chandrika (Bhakti Shasko), a Commentary
on Snndilya'a Bhaktiautras, by Narayana Putha Edited with n
Pidaloiy Note, by Gopinath Kavira], MA. (Reduced price As.7-15)

I'.nl  IT.'  (Eednced   price  As.   12.)    (5ns.).

(7) Part 1.—The Siddhanta Eatna, by Baltideva Vidynbhusnu
Edited with Introduction, by Gopinath Kaviiai, M.A (Reduced price
AB.D) (8w).

.~*^0 _- ,—.„,.                                                                         fart  U.    (Reduced price  Re.1-6)   (4as.).

0°       WiTrfto      J»     rffawPrirp PC, Q 0 (ni 7^                       [Hi TLc   li.ibfipnadipa   (Alankara),   by   Prabhakara   Bhatta.   Edited

-i-.      »H^TII»I       •««     MIQVII j. HUB ain.da-<j \.uz.i).                    ^li  Introduction,  etc,  by Narayana  Shastri  Khiate   Bahityacharya-

23.     CinematncrrapL Act no   XXXVII of 1952, innili- (Reduced price Aa.fl)  (3o*.J.

fied UI) 10 September 1, 1953.     Price annas 2 (fl.l)            .  ^ The SiddhaBiddhanta Sangraha (Nathiam of Gorakhanatba Sect),

OA      TIT 4       TT i • i       *  4- TTT    jj nnnn         j -k   i         j     ^ Balabhadma.   Edited with Introduction by Gopinath Kavnaj, U.A.,

24.    Motor Vehicles Act IV of 1939, modified up tu (Reduced price As.7) (Zas.).

November 1, 1952.     Price Re. 1-10 (as.3 pS.6).                        (10) The Trnenika  (Alankara), by Asadrara  Bhatta.   Edited with

26.     Opium    Act    no.   I    of    1878    modified    up    to ^A]^la L -TI ^nd ni-ThB Tnpuia Eahaeya  (Jna^a Khanda).

AugQHt 1, 1951.   Price annas 3 (a.l),                                 fa*  ej£).G°plnatb KaTirail U'A' Part m>   (Eeduced price ^^

n         .         j  n   7                                         Part  IV.— The   Tripura  Rahaava   (Jnana  Khanda).   Edited    with

Reports and Rules                                  Introduction and Table of Contente, by Mahamahopadhyaya Gopinatb

nr,      T,.     «*          -ni                                                               Kaviraj, M.A.    (Reduced price As 12)   (3as )

27.     Fne-Year    Plan    Progress    Report for  the years     (12) The  Eavyavilaa    (Alankara),   by    bhairaajiva    Bhattach^ya-
1951-52 and 1952-53.     Price Re.1-4  (as 4)                '           Edited witU Introduction, etc., by Batukanalha Sharma, M.4., Sahityo-

28.     Report^of the Dearness Allowaiici  Connnittee. ^l*™}^^                                                 a**"*
Pl'ice annas 7 (flJ.2).                                                                            (13) The  Nyaya  Kalika   (Nyaya),   Bhatta   Jayanba.   Edited  with

29    Report on the EffiBient Conduct Of PlatES Inter- %£3*& ISFES*™ ^^^ 31* "*' "*

1951.    Pnce annas 10 (as 2)                                            0-*) P"11* L— The Vorakea Sidhanta SangraLa (J>|atuism                -


SO.   Minim™, W«gaa Central Btto. 3950.   Price "AS" {*?     )*

10 (d.l).                                                                            OB) Part L— The   Prakritta   Prakasha   by   Vararuchi   with   tU

Irakrita Saniiyani, by Basanta Eaja    and Subodhim by S»dftJ»afl.