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[PART Vllf

oxii-is-ii. -•! • Jiirlid I'P J<7-' • Prrf«Mlilyb''loTr,:!H*; 7,' In^Alc
fir f,'<t'"r^,-fnt s-Ti'iiJT). Q '«l>f •*>itin,n \ r^^,,!ml. (i) T'lOinuglt
kii'jwl' In.- .,f Sp.-im^h 1 inj,n .<j», ,|iok,-n and \VIIHPH, to 1m 3iinpnit~il
liv p|iplnm,i m hull protii-n n.-y i ritilii .itn in (' In L'H.icri' iiiun r. -
piijin-.l iii-ti*-i«i.i'i. fill \.l"| I-M.M!.-I.;- MI R uSi ;,. gn.'h-
liivitiMii ivb,\ it.!.' ar i:.->m'jii--i.ju , 'U-'i ivti.-fi HI I-,,,- nt i ,m,li ! it'
ntlii-iWl-i vll-q'Hillfi. rl.

l!>       '),«'    Rnrnrrt    <>$f'r,f}   _\'<lln,illl  I;' j.,|.    U,,U      Aftif-.l     ,

i./ FH,.{(J,V P.j^t ti-mpij-'in loir li,:.'lyti r-'itiuiL- uiJ.MMiit. 1-
P.I } • JI-.T3M -jr.—liili—E fi.—.10—'MI>—E P..— 'Ji>—Siin. Hicl.iv
imt'.il j-i.iv 10 Sl. " i.rlh q.i.ili'l il iiiil >•' p -rn IK 'V, i .-; nr :
Below I!.' y*.is /,' /-<,•-,'^ /r,r rV" M/,,K/;' ...-i"r>N Qnnbfx-at.rn, \.
En'i'ii-il- (i) Yr ka*t n-cnn I cl.i---, M^U'r •inr.Tjnh ..lentHonouis
il'Vrr'iMU SnitHti.!.?, iliiT.lium.itir'sOi' Eennniiiii- ? nfrccosniscJUiino"-
Pity OR titatHtiiMin'srliplum.i Pr.rtlceiti'ic.iteof thel'idmnSlal.-.-
tic-rtl rtntiLat^, OR Uth^riMjiinnl-nt qiiilifintiti--n (11) E^p^'ienfr
nf n^i-aiolMTurkin \p|jli-'il K< OILOIIIK - inr .bom t-^-o vrnr-, Oil
Experii'ni'i' of woi'l: in * 'inu'-.'f inn "vitb G-iv-riimonKil p^Um.ifcs or
National Jui'oinQ unil Suriiil \r cuiuiK for almut iivo yoar^ Qiiali-
fii titjnji=i ri'lfivjhlf tit L!ninmi,-.*ion.'> discrotionin caso oT canrlulati- '
otherwibt' -wL-lJ-nutilitiLH'.

Under Sscrctajy.



M*in«- ,'A<. lh" Almi-u i u! Si u'f A^o<
unt LM.iMi-luiu'nt-, K.mnur rmi-t i, d
......  "• ju.l thu rjabm

=   ,."Ti.. Ie n.'Li/im,';'!
_____   L'ninti, T-.-hni.vl Dart

iI^Limiitiun,  fnrm- d ,1 ai-\r fino

n.imfd  Labour   Uiii'jn,   IV

-^nii Tvlici-Pii^ an .ippiii .itiun for ,iiiialaainatnn on the pro^-
iTiburl fr»rni *ll nfihr-U P. Trful;1 Unions R"!iulfitiong 1H27, h,v.,
her 11 m my oliice from the aLovPuumod tlr,=.t tv\ o Cninns.

And wh«-ri ,is the undersigned id fully satis»iipd that theamalo;a-
m.ition of th*1 abo\ ementioned Unions hag be»u done in accordtinp«_>
«ithw.'«'tion Jl of tho Tndu.ii Trade Unions Act. 1020, and that tlv
Labour Uninn, T-'rhiU'j'il D'Vt-lapment EiLabhshmi.'iits, Kanpui',
fifini'd inv amal^iUiLitioa ii untitL'.! to re^igtciMtion mirier scclioii fi

X"w tli'j.vfoi171. I'jf L'lioir Union, T •( liiiir;il D^v°!np.-ipin
E^ta'-Ii-hm1 »<:-, Kiiiip'ii1, ii re LI .tent d ua ,i TtVirk Vunui fiuin tli-" ufthi-ui'di'i, uivl»rvi -tinn J.^ of* IIP Imli.iu Ti'.id? Unions Afi,

By onlci^
-M". C. PAST,

D"lftlJut'i 0. I


XOTILJ: ^ hen-bv ght-ii In all eoncernod th,it a pirtkil pai-titinn
- occurred 111 the Hindu C^mlivirlod Family ol Ju^al Ktshoro Bal-
o Hului, DlKiukulti, Kanpnr and thp BtiiJ biHui^q m tho ,ibo\v-
iine U l-euijl "iirrii-il nn as a p.irljinr^lnp bu^inrss PUICH JII-IP ^(1.
lri.'i, Mith J,. ( TobHrdlnm D is, L. Ikutuvimnu, and L. MahmdiM, Kumnr
partner c'lid L Supciirhrj, Kumar, minor bfinjj admitted to the
uedta ul" ijtiitiiei-diip under section 30 Indian. Tartnership Act.





Tho S-3 ptr cent. U. P. E. E. Act Bond no. LVEB004203 for
?iB.l,UOU originally standing in the name of Mata B^dal (now d»cea=3od)
thf proprietor by whom it was never endorsed to any other porson
hciving been lost, notice fa hereby given tl,at tho payment of the jibove
bond and the interest thereupon has been stopped at the Public
Debt Office, Etserrc Bank of India, Delhi, and that application is
about to bo made for payment of tho discharge value in favour
of the legal heirs of the decenSi.d proprietor . The public are
cautioned against purchasing or otheivis? dealing with the above-
mentioned security.

Name j/ the Advertiser— RAM BAHADUR PANDEY,
Residence— Village : Harsinghwa, poat ofSce Mankapur. tahsfl
Utraula, district Gonda TT. P.

Trrn finvonimeni "Promwfiory note no. DH 00047S of tho 3 per
i .mi. sn year Dcfpn^e Tlnnrl-s fist scrips) for Es.100 originally stunrlin-r
in lit" n:imn of Impnnal Bunk of India and last ondorged to Ram
Piasnd thr- pioprii'tor, by whom it was never ondorsod to ,iny othor
procmi, htiviiiii h"on loit, notice is hereby given that payment of the
iihovo natn anrl tho interest thereupon have been stopped at thn
Public Debt Offiro. Eescvve Bank of India, Delhi, and that appli-
catmn is about to bo nude for tho issue of duphcate in favour of the
proprietor. The public1 arc cautioned against purchasing or other-
wi&o dealing \uth Iho abovcmentioned security.

tttrjnmiirc   nj  rJic   Advertiser—RAM PEASAD,

Dipuby Central lutolligoncQ Officer, J
[fl, 10 & J3-T-'5-.]


The Gnvnrainent Promissory notes nos. DHO16167/71, of tho
U per cent lo.m of J 94H-52 tor Es.1,000 each originally standing in the
ntim--- of EBSPTVP Bank of India and last endorsod tn Imperial Bank
nf Indhi, the T»roprictnr(s), by whom they wero never endorsed to any
other pfr?on,~haviug bnon destroyed, notice is hereby given that the
payment of the nbovo note(s) find tho interest thereupon has bean
stopped at the Public Debt Offiop, Reserve Bank of India, Delhi,
siad that application is about to bo made for the payment of the
discharge valno m favour of the propnetor(s). The public are cau-
tioned ng.nust purchasing or otlicnvise deahng with the abovemen-
tioncd securities

AT-«i»c of fldocriiwr— [lUegible)—Agent—For Imperial Bank of India.
Pl^c—Dolao, Dim.

Execution case no. Ill of 1955

/".; the matter of—Maharaj Kumar, Kamal Singh of
Dumnion, P. »S. Dumraon, chstnct Shahabad
(Arrah) (Decroo-holilcr)

(1) hi-ibh Eajcik Khan, son of Seikh Sardar Sail Kbnn,
CJ) Habib KLan, (3) Nabi Eashul, son of Mohd.
Huseni Khan, (4) Eafiq Khan, son of Jang Baha-
dur Khan, resident of village Dawan, pargana
Bohea, P. S- Behoa, distT ct Shahabad, and (5)
Fitujdav Lai, son of (name not known,) resident of
village Dulaur, pargana Behea, P. S. Jagdishpur,
dialrirt Shahabad (Judgment debtor)



WHEREAS tha abovsnamed decroe-holder has filed this case for
lilia realization of the decree of Eent suit no. 398/53, of 3rd Munsif
L'ourt Arfah, .Tgiinst the aboveuamed judgment debtors.

As notices are not being served m ordinary way therefore
it is hereby notified that the abovenamed judgment debtors may
appear personally or through any pleader in this court on the 26th
July. 1055 to tile any objection if they ao like otherwise execution
casa shall proceed ens purte.

Given under my hand and tho seal of this Court on thia 30th
day of June, 1955.



P8T7P— 14 Qaz. (B)— 190fi.

bj   the

Printing  wxl  Bt«*iau«rjr( Utter Pn^eeh, AUahoUd,