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Official Paper : Statement of Cotton Pressed ; Vital Statistics; Seizures and Deaths; Crops and   Waathir
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No.  1212/Vin—220-54

Dated Lucknow, May 7, 1955


The Report on the Administration of Police in the State of IT. P. for the year 1053.


I. General condition—There was a perceptible improvement in the eco-
nomic situation brought about by falling prices of cereals and other commodities.
The general law and order situation remained satisfactory on the whole ex-
cept for a few sporadic incidents involving students, a minor communal
trouble in Budaun and an attempt to create an agitation among a section of the
Kisans in the eastern districts. There was no labour trouble of any signi-
ficance but wranglings at Kanpur did continue. The elections to local
bodies which wereheld during the year passed off peacefully. Efforts to secure
greater co-operation of the public by the police continued and Village Defence
Societies helped considerably towards the achievement of this end.

II. Crime—Crime showed a slight decrease, there being 63,347 cogniz-
able cases registered during the year as against 65,336 in 1952 and 70,485 in
1951. As a result, the incidence of crime per 10,000 of population came
down to 11 as against 12 in 1952. This steady decline under the various cate-
gories of crime did not, however, affect dacoities which showed an increase.
This is a matter for concern and concerted efforts must be made with public
co-operation to check this form of crime. The Police conducted anti-dacoity
operations vigorously throughout the year and as a result were able to smash
a number of gangs. The most outstanding event of the year was the annihi-
lation of the gang of Charna Mallah after a brave encounter lasting for several
hours. The operations against the formidable and desperate gang of Man Singh
resulted in the liquidation of some of the followers but the leaders continue
to elude the police. It is felt that more vigorous effort will be necessary to
put an end to this menace. The pluck, gallantry and devotion to duty
shown by members of the force in encounters with desperate criminals in the
course of which some members of the force lost their lives or received injuries
deserve high appreciation and are worthy of emulation. The increasing co-
operation of the people of the rural areas in fighting crime was a heartening
feature of the year.