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JPEADESU GAZETTE, JU*, 16, 1955                             [PAET

III. Detection  There was some improvement in the percentage of con-
vicfciona as compared to reports and to the cases investigated. An unfor-
tunate feature, however, is the steady decline over the last several years in the
percentage of convictions in the numher of cases decided in Courts. Govern-
ment hope that the steps taken to improve the standard of investigation and
prosecution of cases in Courts of Law will bring about an improvement in the
situation. But it is to be noted that success will be dependent on the degree
of public co-operation received by the police.

IV. Preventive action  The number of persons sent up both under section
109 and section 110, Code of Criminal Procedure as well as the number bound
clown was the largest in the last three years. This shows definite improvement.
V. Criminal Investigation Department  In spite of very heavy work
and numerous difficulties the branch continued to discharge its duties with
the utmost efficiency and rightly received public appreciation for its integrity
and impartiality. The establishment of an anti- corruption section in the
Criminal Investigation Department is a step forward towards the eradication
of corruption in the police force.

VI.    Provincial Armed Constabulary  In conformity with   the   Govern-
ment policy to effect economy in public expenditure as far as may be possible
the strength of the Provincial Armed Constabulary was further reduced to
54 companies.    The valuable work done by the Provincial Armed Constabulary
in the Nepal territory against Bhim Dutt and his followers has earned the
gratitude and appreciation of the Nepal Government.    Inside   the State the
force continued to be employed on anti-dacoity operations in the   Chambal
ravines against Man Singh and his gang.   The Provincial Armed Constabulary
also did considerable useful work in the operations against the Rai Sikh crimi-
nals in the Tarai Bhabar area.

VII.    Police Radio Section  The police net work continued to expand and
during the year the total number of radio stations rose to 115.    The medium of
radio communication was gainfully utilized in connection with the operations
in Nepal and in the Chambal ravines and in the Kumbh Mela at Allahabad.

VIII.    Relations with public,  Particular emphasis was laid on this aspect
of the working of the police on which depends, to a very large extent, the suc-
cess of the force.   Besides other measures adopted to achieve^ this end, the
Village Defence Societies will, it is hoped go a long way towards improving the
relations between the police and the public.

IX.    Discipline  The total number of persons who were either dismissed
or punished otherwise was the highest during the last three years.    This is an
indication of the fact that the drive for securing a pure and efficient force
continued relentlessly with satisfactory results.

X.    Rewards  Three  Sub -Inspectors and one  constable were  awarded
the Police Medal for gallantry while four officers received the Police Medal for
long and meritorious services.

XI.    Casualties  Government note with regret that one Sub -Inspector,
one head constable, two constables and three village chaukidars were killed
while six Sub -Inspectors, four head constables, 53 constables and six village
chaukidars received injuries in the discharge of their duties and wish to place
on record their appreciation of the high sense of duty shown by them.

Conclusion  The Governor notes with gratification the progress made by
the police and their achievements during the year and hopes that the sense
of loyalty and devotion towards duty exhibited by the force as a whole will
continue to be their guiding principle in the service of the nation.


ORDERED that a copy of the Resolution be rwarded to the Inspector
General of Police, Utter Pradesh.

ORDERED also that a copy of the Resolution be published in the Uttar
Pradesh Gazette.

By order,