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Full text of "Government Gazette Of Uttar Pradesh"




Insolvency Petition no. 2 of 1955 (A)
In the matter nf—

Sri Hfifiz Abdul Halim, Bon of Nnnlie,  cloth shop-
knop^r  at  present   Kilkoto  Patti   Walla   Athaguli,
dibtrict Almora      .                  ..                 . .                 .      Petitioner.

WHEUEAS the ufnrosaid petitioner has applied to this Court by
L> petition, dated 21st June, 1955, to be declared insolvent under tho
Provincial Insolvency Act {V of 1920), this is to give notice that thn
Courfc HAS fixed tho 23rd (twcnty-thirrl day) of July, 1955, at Rani,
khet, for tho hearing of the aforesaid petition and the examination
of debtor. If any one desires to be represented in the matter, he
should attpnd in per&on or by duly instuctcd pleader.
Dated this, 30th day of June, 1035.

By ordor,
M. N. SAH,
[16-7-'5.1.]                                               Munsarim,


Present ; Sri AMBrKA PIUSAD SitiyAsTAVA, Judge

insolvency Case no. 12 of 1954 (N)
In the Matter of—

Sri Jodh Singh, Son of Sri Khun Singh, resident of
village Boluwakhan, Dcwaldhunga, Tabsil Nami Tal,.
pattiPachhpmiChhakhata, district NainiTol          .      -Applicant.

PUHSUANT to a petition dated 16th December, 1D54, made by tho
.ibovenamed applicant and on reading the statement of the appli.
cant and hearing tho counsel for the parties, it is ordered that the
debtor be and the said deb tor is hereby adjudged insolvent on the
27th June, 1955. The insolvent is allowed six months, time to
apply for discharge.

Dated this, 5th day of July, 195G.


By order,

M. N. SAH,


The 3£ per cent. U. P. E. E. Act   Bond  no.   C/EBOOi"ni t
Rs.1,000 originally standing in the name of Mata Badal (now dacel, js
the proprietor by whom it was never endorsed to any other peran
having been lost, notice is hereby given that the payment of the abo
bond and the interest thereupon haa been stopped at tha p^w-
Debt Office, Reserve Bank of India, Delhi, and that application „
about to be made for payment of tho   discharge   value   m favour
of   the legal heirs  of the  deceased  proprietor.      The public ara
cautioned against purchasing or   otherwise dealing with the ahovn
mentioned security.                                                                    a-

Name tf the Advertiser—RAM BAHADUR PANDEY.

Bem'dence—Village Harsinghwa, post office  Mankanur    ta^ii
Utraula, district Gonda, U. P.                                             '         u

[2, 9 & 16-7-'35.]

LOST                                                    ~~

THE Government Promissory note no. DH   000478 of the 3

cent, six year Defence Bonds (1st series) for Rs.100 originally standing
in the name of Imperial Bank of Tndia and last endorsed to Ram
Prasad the proprietor, by whom it was never endorsed to any other
persons, having been lost, notice is hereby given that payment of the
above noto and the interest thereupon have been stopped at the
Public Debt Office, Reserve Bank of India, Delhi, and that appli.
cation is about to be made for the issue of duplicate in favour of the
proprietor. The public are cautioned against purchasing or other,
wise dealing with the ab ovomentioned security.

Signature  of the  advertiser—RAM PRASAD,
Ristdenje—Dipufcy Central Intelligence Officor, B'fcunor.
[9,16 & 23-7-16S.]


The Government Promissory notes noa. DH01G167/71 of the 3
per cent, loan of 1949—52 for Rs.1,000 each originally standing in tho
name of Reserve Bank of India and last endorsed to Imperial Bank
of India, the propnetor(s), by whom they were never endorsed to any
other person, having been destroyed, notice 13 hereby given that the
payment of the above note(s) and the interest thereupon has been
stopped at the Public Debt Office, Reserve Bank of India, Delhi,
and that application is about to be mado for the payment of the
discharge value in favour of the propnetor(s). Tho public are cau-
tioned against purchasing or otherwise dealing with the abovemen.
tioned securities.

Name of advertiner. (ILLEGIBLE). Agent for Imperial Bank of India.
Place—Dehra, Dun.
[9, 16 & 23-7-'65.]

-lS Gins. <E}—IBRS.

Printed and pobUflhed by the Superintendent, Printing and Stationery, U. P. Allahabad, India?"