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Moiitfily Agricultural Report of TJttar Pradesh for
the month of May, 1955


During tho first and fourth weeks of the muiith
under report there were scanty and scattered showers
, of ram in about one-third of the districts of the State
and no rain in the rest. During the second and third
weeks, there were only sporadic showers in a few dis-
tricts while the large majority of districts remained
dry and hot. The total rainfall for the month was
in moderate to large defect of the normal in all the
districts uf the State. TheVeathor remained dry
and hot with "loo" and occasional dust-storms du-
ring the month.

1F—Agricultural Op&rations

Pi-eparation of land for the next kharif crops was
in progress in a number of districts and the .sowing
of early klwrij crops also commenced. Harvesting
of mbi crops was over but the threshing and winnow-
ing of the harvested rabi crops continued in full
swing throughout the State and were almost nearing
completion by the end of the month. Harvesting and
threshing of the zaid crops were also gbing on in a
number of districts. The standing anrgarcane and
mid crops were being irrigated in a large majority
of districts.

Ill—Standing Crops


IV—Prospects of harvest

The condition of the standing sugarcane and zaid
crops was generally satisfactory. A little damage
to r.aid crops had been caused in the Etah District
owing to non-avail ability of water from canals.

V—Damage, to Crops

Damage to harvested crop lying on the threshing
floor wa,s caused by hailstorm in certain parts of
Meerut District. According to the reports received
from the Entomologist to Government, U. P., field
rats caused damage to the sugarcane crop in a few
rlistrcits. Attack of pyrilla and termites on the
sugarcane crop was also reported from several districts.
Control measures against these field rats and pests
wore undertaken by the Plant Protection Service,

i    U. P.

(                              VI— Agricultural StocJc

,         The condition of the   livestock was on the whole

, satisfactory although cattle diseases have, as usual,
been reported from a number of districts. The figures
for the number of seizures, deaths and mortality from
infectious cattle diseases during this and the preceding

.. months are presented in the Table given below,
which has been prepared from the daba furnished by the
Director of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries, U. P.
Tt would appear from this table thab as compared with
the previous month, there was a decrease of 37-7
per cent, in the total number of seizures and an increase
of 39-3 per cent, in the total number of deaths,
causing mortality to rise from 3 to 7. As regards
Anthrax, there was a decline of 35'7 per cent, in the
number of seizures and of 2-0 per cent, in the number
of deaths, in consequences of which mortality regis-
tered a steep rise from 43 to 96. In the case of Hae-
morrhagic Septicaemia, there was a decline of 23'8

' per cent, and of 39'8 per cent, in the number of seizures
and deaths, respectively, with the result that mortality
fell from 99 to 78. As for Black Quarter, the number

;   QC q eizures and deaths wjare both, about   1*9   times

those in the preceding month and mortality alwo rose
from 03 to £>G. In the case of Rinderpest, the number
of seizures and deaths were both about 1'7 times
those of the previous month and mortality recorded
a slight rise from 52 to 53. AH rcgnrdti Foot and
Mouth disease, whilst there was a decline of 41*/) per
cent, in the number of seizures, the number of deaths
rose by 4'2 per cent, but mortality rose from 0-Ifl
to 0 35. There were no cases of seizures or deaths
from other diseases during this and the, preceding

TABLE : Number of seizures, deaths and mortality
from Infectious Cattle, Diseases during the
months of April and May, 1955.

Seizures                Doatha               Mortality

Diseases         -----

April         May      April         May        April       May



Blurt. Quar-


Foot         and     12,321       7,204

Other Diseases








35j          52          53

26        0- 10        U* 35

Total     ..      lJ,U.-»»       S,n71

of u..

Mortality =      —T~

-X   100

VII—Pasturage and Fodder

Pasturage and fodder were reported to be generally
adequate in almost all the districts of the State except
a few from where scarcity of pasturage was reported.

VIII—Health and Labour in Rural Areas

The health of the labouring population engaged
in agriculture in rural areas was reported to be
generally ,,-,i"tisfactory.

Director of Agricu&ure.


, Shivday ill Agtivwal, son of Lala Shri BadnPrasad, resident
uf KDSI Knlan, who was admitted to the beuriit* of partnership in
the partnership firm, named and styled as ILesars. Nathimal Badri
Prasad, Kosi Kalan, attained majority on January 25, 1955 and
havo now opted to become a partner in the1 said firm. I have now
Ijpcome a partner in. the baid firm with J/5 shard in th<* profit
of the firm and 1/4 share in the losses of the firm.


"Thifl is to inform *>he public that a registered firm styled
ae "Kauda and Coy.*9 between Shri Chaman Lai Nancta
and Shri Bakshi Bam Nanda of Kamachha,
been started from list April, 1954".