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PAfrT S'lIX]



[ MO. A. I. T. l(a)

A JJ 3- f i J £J L.T "J 3. V ,  C INCOME TAX AUT,  ] >) J b


Assessment year 1955-56

1. In pursuance of tho provisions of section 15(1)
of tlie U. P. Agricultural Income Tax Act, 1SUS,
I, D. '.'. ivtUlmr, C'ollortor of Kanpur District, do
hoi'oby call upon evory person, firm, rinclu ided
Hindu family, society, trast or association nl.her
tlifiu Ji :is dcHned in tlie Indian Licoine T i:.
Act I Did (XI of 11)2*2) whose i gri cultural incnmo
exct'C'dri Ivj. 1,200 to pi'Ojjave a return and coiTeut
stiiemcnt oi liis ov M/S a^rifnltui'til income dining the
invviinis yew bi^mnin;,' Jrom July 1, I 05J andrndiji:
Tn .lime :!U, 10-55 In J'JIMI no. A.' i. T.-3 and i;) deli-
ver the Urunf, V.'K-IV thu income exceeds (me Jakh. at
my ohict' ot,hrnvi,-H) at MK oil ice of tho Hiib-Diyi.fti(>ii,<l
Oificvi1 of iiiH tiiib-Division in which siieb JPCTM.II,
linn nnijividcii Hindu Family, society, ti-ust '•'• ;isso
. ciiitirm a^ tlio C.M.SO m.iy be, ivsirles or c-irvies on busi-
jifss nr Js Hi'LuiiUi. duly j-ii^ned and "verified ai tin-
inannor iiifliua!jod in th? isaid furm by him or il within
thirdy-llvi' days of the publication of this notice.

2.    Thr iiiumx   i-n ho ivLnrned is Llic " Aurl-
cultural Income " as defined in section 2(10) of the
U. P. Agricultural  Income Tax Act,   lf)43.

3.    The   form   contained   instructions   required
for the  propiira.1 ion   of the  return.   If any further
information is rlcHJrcd   it can be obtained at Hie office
of the   assessing   officers   concerned.

4.    If any  claim for depreciation Ir. to be made,
mveR.saiy parLiculard   in   form Annexure  E  to   form
nu. A. I. T.-U j-ibonld be furnished.

5.    In accordance with the provisions of section
29 of the Act a return should be furnished—

(a) in the case of a firm in form no. A. I. T.-
10 sin i wing names of the partners of the firm
with their

Sff NO. A, I. T. l(a)

i SE'-TLiii: :.-.i • i OF THE v.

(b) in Uic casu of an undivided Hindu family
in form. no. A. I. T.-ll nhowing the names of
the Maim^er or Kiurtat along with the named of
all adult in.Uo nicinhovd ol! Lhe family witli tlieir
and theilr tiddieHsed; or

(c) in form. uo. A. I. T.-12 showing the names
of uny person for or on behalf of whom you are
a trustee, innU walli, guardian, agent or reprenen-
,          tative, with   their  addresses.

0. If you arc wnbmitting the return for the first
time, it should bo acoompained by a declaration in
form i o. A. I. T.-2 indicating the option as to the
method of computation of your income under section 6.

NOTE—Tho forms specified abovfl nan bo hod from the oifice of
the AnueBsing OlYlcor COD corned.

1. LL pursiipiice of the pr&rJ>*ioK& ^±' tectiun 15(1)
of Hi" U. ?. -V^ricnlhuial I-^-USL V.-x A^T. 1048.

hereby   L'^ii    upon    cvtry    ;.^r'-0'i    i :•':.    "tir.iivifa-(i

than P ci-.jij, Mt lt.' ''r-i\u_d in JL;tr ^...u Im-nuie
Tax Ait, l"ij (S' ul Ui'J^. .vli".-v .'tv''L-.'i-al
iiicomo (xft^fd.i .-' '.4 J!»;i to ]'tvt < "• , j't.-iiun ,»nd
tniTet-l. -..a-^mti:!. >,! ''i, /r H ;;•_'• • luui'fu *c.< imie
chain;- r'l. jjres'iov- i-tu '•* ^Mi.ii-'^ p'oi-s Ji:!y J.
!(;;j-J fin-i i"H.:i.j; ui -ii'n* »", jf'"«.'» in I'M in ii->. A.
1. 'J'.-." rilMl ' . ilv.'!i\ i-v ll-r -. 1,'iv' "-vil'^t llu-i I'.'Odlf

fxuL'f'|M ore1 '.-i.'li, ul mv <i»'i"ii <JT!.(IL'YI ".-<• L.t t<.o
oitTj'- (M thf !.! ':-?'i\ i-i'i:'.il ^'it'll i"1 i-l *!JLj Siiu-
Di^isinn 1,1 wlu-ii ^ut !i u"i^.-i iljj'i, in; L\iuoi hindu

be, rosi«U'-! or cai'i-io^ 'j~>- bv-«.;i.c,-Es ')i' it- *i'tvi"u*', *>lii'y
•signed jird verirlod in the niannei- i«i-..:c«..l'i:^ ui iue
said form by him or it within thirly-""< ci^yt of tuo
pubh'calioK^ of this notice.

'2. The iii'joide i.o at iL\..,iieLi is the '' total agri-
cultural income " as defined in i^c-iien -(l'i> of tlie
U. P. Agricultural Income Ta:c Act, 1D4S.

:) Tho form cuntn-ias iabtructioiirf required for
the ]jrejjdrdtiun uf the return. If any further infor-
mation is desin-l, it can be obtained ;it the office of
the Assessiii'' L'm'ctr

4. If any claim for depreciation is to l)c made,
nece^ary particulars in form Annex ure E to form
nu. A- I. T.-IJ should be furnished.

o. In accordance Tvith tlie pi-ovisiccis of section
29 of the Act a return should be famished —

(«) in the caiio of a firm in form uo. A. I. T,
-10 shovring the names of the partners of the
lirm with their addressee:

(b)  in the case of an undivided Hindu family
in furiii no. A. I. T.-ll    nhowin^ the names of
the Muiid^er or KOIML alon,a' witli the names of
all ndujt male   meiii'-'fi-.s    of l]ic family with
their relationship und Iheir ..ddreaeoa; or

(c)  ia lunu uo. A. I. T.-]:'  shoning the names
nf any |iri'&ona for or on behalf nf -srhoni you are
ji tj-nW-p?. nmtaivalli   «n'iuirdum.

with   their

0. Thip return should be accompauicd by a dec-
laration in form no. A. I, T.-ii iuoicating the option as
to the method of computation, of your income under
section 6.

XOTE— TJie fomw  specified above i-an be  hud from the oftiLti
of the Assessing Otttcor n

Pated July W, 1055,

B. S, BATHQB,, ,
r, Kanpw.

Collector, Fafchpur.

Jtoty (J,