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I '! j'M! I'S'.AKWH U v/K'JTK -NfLY 3i, I (K

F3HM SO, A. I. T.-l(a)
"\'J n I "'', L'XIM- " ; ' lV-< O; ir, ' } OT' Tli r

"                                                 '

NO. AJ.T.-Ka)
?v SECTION l.ii.) O7 THT-3 IT.

!.    Tu

 "J H i^l    TJI l\"    <J i.'T- \ x J K

yej-i1 1955-53

c pivc. NimH of section i
-'.-na  T.ix    Art.   I

Assessjierit year 1955-56

1.    Fn pui'suanc:1 of the provisions of section l,l(ji
ol     i he      'J.   I*.     -A'j.irnlti.i'tu      r.H-'ine       Ti:c Act.

iiid'.m 'LIILMUI   'i'.'x ALL   lti-2'2  (SJ   of If-^'j   v!!'.'-




v tile-


S ii'-ijM A .,-,,,,!. ij^iiour ui' thi- -ub-
lUo-iuii Lii V-!UI!L .-nth ,-'- "i. I-1 p., iiiulix idod i'.iailu
it u sily. r y\C>y* tjt'-i L, i'-s{tc:a!iuu. ti-< t^v IM>-<- u'uiy
!:*. i.'-Klo- -L <~\-IL"'-:' u,j I-: -iiic--i .tr i.s ijitiiatc- duly
sj^iifil r1 it ^^:1^il''I i-: ! * Jii Liii-ei' indicare I 1:1 the
.said i'n->i liy dii-i 01- IT flui'ly-five c'.v, J 01 the

pllljlif "I"i(l:i oftilis il-it  l.'i ,

L'. The iurun^ J- t li.- '.:-tui;nod K the " Inttil a^ri-
eiil'.iu.ii n-:-,.-^-" .L,-, r.^iL-i,! 1,1 section i(lfl) o
the IT. P. .^riouhv:.;7 i.voi.v TAX Act 1T4S.

:? "3. h  fi si'jii L .  it .; : 1 1 * i . iistru ct inns re i j ; ib ed ibt
tla- ic't'invsiC'Ma of the r't.irii. If any fare her infor-
mation is i!_e?K,-d. ii can t>e obtaincrl at the office of
the Aspie^-ia;^ Oiricc-i concerned.

4. ii' HHV cUi-.j for ilq -ic elation is to be made-.
iiece^.ry iKiniruijir.s in foim Amiesnie E to Form
no. A. 1. T -,'1 should be i'ui'jiished.

.j. Iii jift-u'dtr^L-o with the provisiuiih ot &ec-tiuii
29 oc tl.c AL-L a n^.-t 1111 should be fuinished 

l/'j in the L'.'I'-L' cf i firm in Foim no. A. I. T.-
l< yhuwiKt4   the iidiue.n of the partnev.s of tlie
tirm A\ ith tl-c-ir dddrcs^v

(M In the ca-e of MI imdii'Mi'J Hindu family
in TMIJII no. A. I. T.-1J hhnuinp tl>e nai'ies of
 lie il^'ii^ei' fii- Kaita Blunr; with tne iiamos OL
nil ivl\\h nuile iiicml)erri of the family with
th^h' i1'1!.1.,! -n^hip au-1 the- r addres^c-s. or

(v'l in Form no. A. I. T.-!:! &howint' the names
of L'UV pt-r.v. n- for r.r uii bc-La'f 4 1 v.'hoai you . iv
a tnr-lf.^ !r.ii:'iv,Mlli. giidi-Jian, a^ont or repre-
h?m itiv,1. witls. ihi-Ii uddrewcs.

U. The Kt-uin ho acc(nnp.'iUL'J by a, de-
uL'iratiuii in Point A. 1. T.-i milioatin^ tlie iipliim ;is
to the method of computation of your income under
section ft.

KY^E Tlie ion i -, specified aliovf v,ttH 1-; had from the office of
the Abscsamg Officer concerned.

uiiva in* L:iu' diMJn 2 Mi< ijre^u.i-N . v>a Deui-uiin-j J^vm
Uily I. :'."- j;id ii'i1 HM oil Jui.i- :'i, Iti-'-o. iii F ^ni
-i.i/AJ.T :. ii"..l ts> t1, i!\a- the s iir^-. \.iaii- r".:: !-& jii^
i.\C"i'uJ n-' li-' '! nt ny off pf.itli(-jv j-'f at J,!IL ,UR,
of Inl .S'-l.-n-M.-liU.!1 Jw-0"i' o: !.'. >sul, u^-)l]
ill vvhli-U nlli.ll [)i-->LJii. ^ "UK UililiV.i'-'.L trih.!u ftiunly
HUeJC-h, illlast v V I!" iLrU^tinn, ;lf' ti.c '.-ti-c l^tiV !-L',
iL'-s'de.s LI:' tin its Jii hiihir.e ss or is .situ.ilv, diilv^'Ui'i''.!
iiiui voi'i 'i-it in the manner in 'j-r .t?d ia tlie snid fo-m
}>y 1'iiJi or Jt '-vtiiin tliirty-f \-o f.nys ( '' t!iL> jjolilUiniim
uf this notice.

^. The hicoin** to l)o returned iti the " tohil
.i.jiici'Hiiiul income, " -i,s de''nc'd in section -(l^) of the
C. P. Ay vicnilUmd Income Tax Act, Ifl4fi.

J. The forui contnim! insh-iictioiu-) reqaiud for
t]i iji'ejjaraiion 01 the letuni. If any fmiLfrj' ni:b]':iia-
tion is de^iivd, it etui be obi, lined ?.t the offico of the
Assessing Officer conuerned.

-', If any claim for deprecLttion is to be made,
necesfeflj-y particular? in form Annexure E to Fnnn
mi. A.I/J'.-3 should be furnished.

5. In ttcc'oi dance \vith the pi'ovision.s of section 20
of the Act. a return should be furnished 

(f');n the caae of a fiim in Form no. A.T.T.-10
showing the names of the partiie-s of the firm
with their addresses,

(i'j) in the case of mvlividei.l Hindu family in
Foil n no A.1T.-U shmving the noines of "the
^iantv;rt* rr 1C a.1 1 a along wiili (he narue> of fill
a Jul o T.ioL- membei^ of HIP riinily with tbeir
rclaljniislri^ and their aclrlrc1,-^?,-', or

(C) In lYirm no. A.T.T.-12 sliowingf the miiies
of any person for or on behalf of whom ytri ?re
a ti'ii-tces inutawalli, nuprdian, ^"ent or re-
presc-ntativo. \vitJi their addresses.

(j. Tin- retu n .-liould lie accomijauied by a
declaration in "Fonn A. I. T.-2 indicating the option HE
to the method of computation of yonr income iinrlti
section 0.

NOTF  Thu form? srifvified abrtve cjn
of  the   A'S-eAjiug   Officer   conuerued.

ba had from tho ofm"

My 12, I85fi                ANANU KUMAR SINGH,

Collector,  Banda,

J'<(?^ 12, 155,

B. P. SAK1