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Ai PLICATIONS  arc invited for the undermentioned poala  from

Indian uti/ens and persona migrated from Paldnt HI wibh mton „ 7~ 0>ie ^•«l"^mt Dmctor,
tion of permanently setthngin India or SLibieet^ of Nepal fiikkim r°m>t»fisianer, Bombm,, i/v,,,./
OI Portuguese or former Frsnch Poaa \ssions m Tndui Uoner a™ fc-'mparary but hlmly to

limit relaxable by fi yoars for scheduled pmtus. tribal   and abcm»"i         ------

nal communities and up to 45 years for displaced pergnni from PakV-
tan and non-liberaled areas of Jamtnu Find Kashmir No relatn
tion ior others, save in cxcqitionnl cases and will, 111 no rase, bo re-
laxed beyond three, years Particulars and application forma from
Serrelnry, Union Public Service Commission, Pout Box no 186

these aa subsidiary subject in B. A.    <u) About three years' teaoh-
B                                                    v^ity.    Q.iil<Jtatiaai

> of candidate, other-


fid' H, in the Office of tfi*. Textile
iiimry of f'nniaiDi'n at/it  fnduiZry,    Post
intuiue     Otb/T things  bMnyeLjaal,  pra-
to      SulK-.tule'l       Ciwtea/Tnbjs    candidate     Pa* -.
l—3l— Hi.    Holier    in tial pa/ to   s'jewa'ly nuV
ftiirl espf>rii.-n.-ecl ra-i.udate.    AW : Betwd.m    J.j and J5 years
n         •'"''    ,r'°"('""''e"f    WMnti.     Qmil'ti-n'tin* : E3seniial~-

(i| -Degree  01-  diploma  in  Textile    uiftnufauture/Technologv  of re,
i^fn Univa™ty OP Institution or    equival -nb qualideiti'oa.    (u)

— ••     ,,   ,                  ---------------- -.......   —                  ed-

tinna with treasury roccipt or Cromeil Indian Postal  Onler for Rs 7-8
for BiiliBdiilod  enstcs and taliea) 20tb   Auguat,  lf)aj, (3rd

Cla-ss      MdstorV      degree     or      Doctorate     in iliithemtitie'-i.

Research work  of high standard for fairly loa:? p-nol.    Copba  of
„    --~D-.1_...,    preippenoe wm     Published pap;r*    to    b<     fumwhsrl.    Q i,iliJ«'KiOM  r.-Uxabla  at

he   given   to    .Scheduled Cnsto/Tribes  candidate     Pnu • Rs 275__     t>ommiB3ion & rlworction in rase e>i candidates otherwl^3 wall  quali-

26—ROO—E/R.—30—650—E.B.—30—800.    Higher        initial    pay
to   specially   r|uahfi«d   and    experienced   candidate.    Age : Below

1     One pennannit As&inttint Sugarcane Expert, Sugarcane Brnetl-
inflf Institute, Coimbatnre.    Other things buing equal,    prefprence will


35   years     Reluxnble.   for    Government    BKrvants.    Qualifications'     <?„«„,.    n      ~.    '     '   ,,-.-.,    -,    n .
Sudtwlr-ii) Master's Degree in   Botany or Agrinulture or equiva-'     ?f.T°!_?lv"lwe,a'Wl''   ^^'.^   °f   ^M"£-
lent Diploma,    (n) About fl years' oxpenenca in Sugarcane Research.
Qualifications relafiable at Commisaion's discretion in case of can-
didrtus otliDiwise well-qualified.

Two Senior $cip,i>if[r   Officers,  ffrale I     (P/jjsiw), D'f.we
Onjrinizadon,   Mfr^try   of  Di/we.   Pj^t   tanapsrar^ b it
likely to b" madj pe:minerit  eventually.    P<fj . Rj.6,lJ^40—l.D>fl
—1,000— I 050—I OoU—1,100—1,1UO—iloO.    Hlga-r      initial     pAy
to specially  qualiliej.  and experienced   can liJ-ifeej,.    Ays • Prefer-
ably   above   35   y^ars      Qutilificatisns :   Ewential—(i) 'Firat   Claaq
2.    One Research Offirer (Rinderpest Vurome,   Indian Vctermaru    1M"«*Br><s dc^ep or^Doctjrate  ia Physics,    (ii) R-^erach.   work of
Research Intitule,  Iralnagar,  Ministry   of  Food  and  Aqnculturr.     ^standard f« "irlyjoig paiiod.    Capiea of publish^ papers

Post temporary but likely to commue.    Reserved for Scheduled              -nh«»*+n.i     n,»i.^...™. .,,i«,u,.   ,t n------_.„ *.—

Caste&/Tnl)eB candidate if such suitablo eandidate forthroming,
otherwiso post treated aa unroaorvBd. Pay : Ra.GOO—4u—1,000—
],nn(l—l.OCO—1,060—1100—I.IOO—1,1SO. Highor pay to

be 9ubimttcJ.-
m    "*2   °

qualified and experienced candidate. Jpe /Below
45 years. Relaxable fur Government seivanls. Qualifications •
Essential—(i) Df.gree or diploma in veterinary science, '(u) About
two years' po&t-gracluato training in Bacteriology. (iii) About
5 years' experience! in thn large &eale manufacture of biological
products of veterinary importance, (iv) Some experience of breed-
ing small animalR. Qualifications relaxable at Commission's dis-
cretion in caao of candidates otherwise well qualified.

3.    Two Research Officers, Programme Evaluation Organization,
Planning   Commission.   Temporary but likely to continue.    Other

things being equal, preference to Scheduled Castes/Tribes candidates.
Pay : Rs-3DO—25—500—30—800. Higher initial pay to specially
qualified and experienced candidates Age : Below 40 years.
Relaxable for Government servant's. Qualificationa • Essential—
(i) At least, Second Class Master's or equivalent Honours degree in
Social Science subject of recognised University, in) About two
years' experience of teaching or of analytical research preferably
on Socio-economic data or of conducting field surveys. Qualifies-
tions relaxable at CommiHaion's discretion in ci&^ of oandidateB
otherwise well qualified.

4.    One Heaibnistress,  Ovrls' High School,    Bhopnl.    Post per-
manent.    Pay  -.    Rs.225—225—250—25—400.      Higher        initial
pay to specially qualified and experienced candidate.    Age : Be-
low 30 years.    Relaxable. for Government servants.    Qualifications

L'^Iaxible at Coiumia<jiou.*s diacre)-
jll nullified.    Di&irattte •

ttaan in^in^ring or jjjuitronica for on a past and
irm.odynim.ic3 for tho other post.    (11) Knowlelje
iuh  or   UjssirTi.    Duties   :   Research  on   Dafo.133
problems such  as Radio Engineering, Electronics, Mathe-
matical Physics,   Radio   Wave Propagation, Explosive, etc.

10. One Senior Scientific Officer, Grade I (Mathematicil Physics),
Defence Science Orjini^nian, Ministry of D?fena>. PJJD temp3rary
but likely to be made pemanent evantually. Pay : R^.601)—10—-
1000—1,000—1,050—1,000—1,100—1,100—1150. Higher initial pay
to specially qualified and experienced candidate. Age : Preferably
above 35 years. Qualifications : Essential, (i) First Class Mas-
ter's degree or Doctorate in Phyait-s or ^Mathematics, (ii) R-as^arch
work of high standard for fairly long puriod. Copies of published
papers to be submitted- Qualifications relaxable at Commission'?
discretion in case of candidates otherwise well-qualified.

11.    Thr&e Junior Seientifw Officers (Physios), Defence ___

Organisation, Ministry of Defence.    Post   temporary but likely to
be made permanent. Pa.'/ : Rs.27o—25—300—E.B.—SO— Li50—& B,
30—800.    Higher   initial pay to specially qualified and expjrienced
candidates.    Age, : Preferably    below    30     years.    RelaxaMe   for
Government   servant*.   Qiialijicutuma :    Essential—(i) At least s?eond
Class Master's or equivalent Honours degree in Physics of recognised
University,    (ii) Experience of research as   evidenced by published
work.   Qualifications relaxable   at   Commission's   discretion  in   case
of candidates otherwise well qualified.

12.    Two Junior Scientific Officers (M<Uhenifties) Defence Suiem

Essential—(i) Ai least Second Claas Master's degree of recogniaed    Qrganizatmn, 'Ministry of    Defence.    Poab temporary but likely to

University/Board in  any  school subject,    (u) Degree  or  diploma    bfl ^^^   permanent.     Pay :   R3.273—23—500—;E.B—30—o50—

of recognised   University in Education,    (m) About 5 years teach-     -

ing  and administrative  experience m recognised educational ma-

litution.    (iv) Knowledge   of  Hindi.    Qualifications   relaxable   at

Commission's discretion in case of candidates otherwise well quail-


5, One Education Offiwr (Gamps), Ministry of Education. Poat
temporary but likely to be continued. Reserved for Scheduled
Caste candidate and failing that for Scheduled Tribe candidate if
such suitable candidate available, otherwise to be treated aa un-
reserved. Pay i Rs.600—40—800. Higher initial^pay toj^pecially
qualified and                                           '         ""

Higher initial pay to specially   qualified   and ex-
candidates.    Age :    Preferably below 30 years.    Rdax-

___for      Qouernwint     servants.       Quaificatiotut   :    Eiyential—(i)

At least soeond Class JJaster'a or equivalent Honouro degree in Mttthe.
matios of recognised University, (n) Experience of research as
evidenced by published work. Qualifications relaxable at Commia.
sion'a discretion in case of candidate* otherwise well qualified.

13.   One Public Health Engineer, Delhi State,   Poat temporary
but   likely   to    continue.      Pay : Rs.273—25—500—E.B.—30—

-auu. ««.»,-«««»- v°>y » ^.—M, 800—30—800^ Higher initial pay to spaelaUy qualifiad and, ex-
candidate. Age : Below 35 years, perianced candidate. Age : Below 3a years. R*laxri>lefrr Qae<
ana ft - --- -           - - * eminent servarts. Qualifications: Essential—(i) Degree in Civil

ur     eaucationai    aoinmiatration.    iiuj    j^i^  UM.    w^Q»u»<ue     .«.-. ---- - —   ,7,~ ,

student  camps, hikes    and recretional work,    (xv)   Experience , of    wise well quahtied.

cultural activities.    Qualifications relaxable   at .Commission a dia-                OM Juniir frwirck 'Jfifar (Chemical Bngintmg), Pona

cretionin ease of candidates otherwise well qualiaed.                            jie8enrok Institute and Oollrgts, Dehra Dun, Ministry of  Food and

Two Lecturers in Social   Studies,   National Defence Academy    ^r^ul^re.   Post pemaanem. Pat/*.   Rs.273— 23— 500— 30— 650—

.      wo    ecturers   n    oca      tues,      aion                                ^ru^re.      os   pemaanem.       t*.        .—    —

KliaraJcvasla,  Ministry   of   Defence.   Poat temporary for 5 years,    30 -800.   Higher initial pay to spoo^lly qualifaed and

but likely to loe made   permanent.   Pay : Rs.400~ 30— 700.   High-    eaildidate.    Ay« : Beluw  3D  years.   Melaxalh    for  Government

er initial pay to specially ^qualified and experienced candidates,   Age'.    serV9nts.    Qualifications -. Efmtntial—(i) Degree in Chemical   BSx.

Below 35 years    Relawablefor Government servants.    QwltificattoM •    ginearing of recognised University,   (ii) Alwut three years   jitao-

Easential— (i) Master's decree in  History   or Politics or Economics    gcal experience of Chemical processing of plant productu (waantifcl

pr Sociologv or Anthropology of recognised University with any of    Q^B Sys^ Oii8j and, fats, waxes,  resins aud gams, oMbohydi:a,teBf