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No.   3033/IC—478-C-54

July 27, 1955

Reports i occnved from the Land Reforms Commissioner, Utlnr
rrade&h, on the administration of Government Estates and Stoiio
Mahal, Mirzapur, during the financial year March 3l, 1 'Jfll.

1. Observations—The year opened with 551
estates but closed with 541, ten estates, however, ceased
feo bo managed as Government Estates. The major
Uovernment Estates are :

(1)  Tarai   and  Bhabar  Government Estates,
Nairn Tal.

(2)  Garhwal   Bhabar     Government     Estate,

(3)  Dii'Lhi     Government   Estate,     Mirzapur.

(4)  Illaqa  Kham,   Rampur.

(5)  Mam'anzuri    villages    of    the     erstwhile
Banaras State.

(6)  Stone Mahal, Mirzapur.

'2. Cultivated area—The total area under culti-
vation in. Government estates during the year under
report was 10-13 lakh acres, as compare* 1 to U-00
lakh acres in 1952-53. The increase is mainly duo to
i reclamation of wasteland in Tarai and Bhabar Es-

Income  and   expenditure—The receipts during
'the year decreased from 91:12 lakhs to  77-71 lakhs.
~"ie decrease is mainly due to the .following reasons:
(i) 6-61 lakhs remained uncollected in Rampur
as crops were damaged by hailstorm.

'iains i-'i
l>v  tht;  rui

(ii) The income of TUKU aiul liir^ia-1 E-^tiitoa
decreased by 6-39 lakhs niruyvy i    • lt ««.- >jf non-
payment  of 5'^-i  lakhs  ]jy  fir.'    LiJi-ij.  V/cod
Products Co-, Bamlly, on aocuunt of ilie ],rice
of Khair trees sold to I lie Coi^u-iiy.
The expenditure  decreased irui-i   ff-IJ.'* -ink-is to
2:2-79 lakhs.   The  decrease is     mainly flue  to    tli-
following reasons :

(i) During 1052-53. the Exr-cn*i\ L- Ku.inicev,
Tarai and Bliabar Goverament .E. -si ,7 to hirl
imrchasecl materials worth over 1 Ittk'i wiiie'i
TV ere not utilized in that yerir.

(ii) The expenditure on works ik-ii^ •Ii-ew.ispJ,
by 1 lakh.

(iii) The cost of managenienr iu
decreased by 0-83 lakh flue t
management of the     estates  l>v  tht;  ruiirr  of

4.    Collections — The collection of   the ivntai  de-
mand was 99-31 per cent in Ghazipur, ft!)- 01 per cent
in Nairn Tal, 9G-Q- per cent  in  .Baimm.s   r.ud   Ul-75
per cent in Allahabad.

5.    Public Health— Public    Health  v.:is,    on  the
whole, satisfactory.   In Tarai  and  Bliabar Distal v?t
the number of births and dentl>s v/fts 1»77S ami 7t7,
respectively as against  1,959  and  1,1 iKJ  during tho
previous ^ear,     Next to    malnrki    which li"u=* hem
largely controlled, the ChM Public Health i^v.^k-ri of
Tarai and Bhabar is water- Iwme clifien;,'?ft, p..n JciiTttrlx1'
dysentery and    typlcoul  Fevers    ^u    wlik-:i    ••jsi-fisil
attention was paid.   There was :tu   ouitri::i'x of elin-
leta in two villages of tah**il "Bazpur,  Uufc   :K> tloatli
occurred.  There were nina seizures wi* U < >iLf f tenth fr« «a
small-pox in Tarai and   Bhauur.   la   Dndhi,   thorn
were five deaths from cholera and two f--ui)i small-pox.

The leper:aaylnm in Tarai and Biiabnr uonliiuu'd to

. work satisfactorily.   The   lepers arc provided   with

land fot growing vegetables and fruits for themselves.