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They were also cucnura^c.d to do poultry icirjiing  and
breeding of gouts,

Eye Relief Camps wr-n» oryaaiiztd at Haldwani,
Ritimmgar. Tanakpur and Rudrapiu1. Arrangements
were also marie for B. (J. (.!. Vaccination m Tarai and
Bha'iar Estates.

0. Education—In Tarai and Bhabar Estates, the
nujuber of schools increased Jrom IJ/i to ^u9 and the
number of scholars from o,S45 to 0,779. The schools
were regularly inspected by die members of the District
Inspecting Htatf. Scholaiships were as usual, granted
to deserving scholars. In Dudhi Estates, '20 primary
schools witli 43 teachers continued to function satis-
factorily. Of the six pumary schools o± Garhwal
Bhabar Estate, one has been transierred to the Notified
Area Committee, Kotdwara. The remaining five
schools functioned satisfactorily.

7. Go-operation : Co-operative Bank—(a) The
number of Societies affiliated to the Tarai and Bhabar
Central Co-operative Bank Ltd., Haidwani, increased
from 281 to 285. The reserve and other funds increas-
ed by .Rs.10,403.

(b) Co-operative Societies—The number of Socie-
ties in Tarai and Bhabar increased from 2 IS to 251,
and their membership from 4,791 to 5,218.

{c) Marketing Unions—With the exception of
Haldwani Union, which is at a stand-still, all the
Marketing Unions and fcianghs worked satisfactorily.
The peasantry is greatly interested in Marketing
Unions, and the two Unions at Khaterna and Ram-
iiagar are doing excellent work. The supply of milk
at Nairn Tal, was greatly improved by the Co-operative
Milk Union. In Dudhi Estate, 3 iSeed Stores, 5 Block
Unions and one Central Banking Union worked satis-
factorily under the Co-operative Department.

S. Agriculture—The agricultural conditions were,
on the whole, satisfactory. In Tarai and Bhabar,
adequate rainfall yielded good crops, though winter
rains were followed by hailstorm which caused damage
to Rabi crops in some parts of the Estates. The 12
Seed Stores in Tarai and Bhabar continued to function,
satisfactorily. The total quantity of seed distributed
during the year amounted to 14,029 maunds. Besides
this, 2,354= niaunds of fertilizers and 669 implements wore
supplied to the cultivators. The cultivation of Moong,
cotton and jute was introduced in Tarai and Bhabar.
Moong and cotton have given satisfactory results,
while jute cultivation gave considerable difficulty for
want of skilled labour. The Rural Development
Association, Tarai and Bhabar., continued to function
satisfactorily. In Dudhi Estate, rains were scanty,
untimely and scattered, and were not conducive to
proper development of crops. The irrigated area
increased from 810 acres to 945 acres.

9. Animal Husbandry—The Tarai anil Bhabar
Estates continued to maintain four Veterinary Hospitals
under the charge of qualified Assistant Surgeons.
A part from these, there are seven Cattle Welfare Units
working under the Veterinary Stockman. Two Artificial
InseminatioiL Centres in Tarai and Bhabar Estates
artifically insemiuated 209 cows and 354 buffaloes.
Seven Cattle Shows were also organized in, Tarai and
Bhabar during the year under report, la Garhwal
Bhabar Estate, the Veterinary Hospital at Kotdwara
has .been rendering good service. In Dudni, the Vete-
rinary Hospital continued to function
Ithas a staff of one Assistant Surgeon, one <

er and two Stockmen. Thirteen thousand, r,nr.
hundred and twenty-one cases were trea:nj. in tin-
hospital as against 4,130 of the PIWIOU.S vear TV.
number of animals castrated was Cu5 as ag/urut- %\\\
of this last year.

10.    Cottage Industries—In    Tsjai    and   Dba^r
Estates,   fruit-culture,,   bep-kteuhn.
and wool-spuming    and -weaving received due attn"
tion as cottage industries.    The numbe:- of improve-1,
bee-hives increased from 313 to 359.    Thers is a gjn,,
field for wood industry at Kotabagh.    Steps are bem-
taken  to   appoint  a  Weaving  Master   at  KutaLa-'li

11.    Development   Schemes—In  Tarai and Bhuoiic
Estates,  a sum of Us.1,17,355 was spent   on Pubic
Health   Scheme   (Travelling Compound ei'b),   wire-fin-
cing,   construction  of one  tube-well   and  '2 artesiab
wells.    In addition to this, the following worlia were
carried  out m Tarai  and  Bhabar  under   the State
Five-Year .Plan  at a cost of RsJ,44,982 :

(a) 4£ miles of channels were lined and 5 fur-
longs were restored;

(6) 9 cement concrete wells were constructed r

(c)  84 hand-pumps were sunk in Tarai.

(d)  95  hand-pumps  were     repaired  :md it-

(e)  3  masonry  wells   were   constructed.

In Garhwal Bhabar Estate, a sum of Rs.l,01,Qb
was spent on the Bigaddi Drinking Water Supplj
Scheme, which was started two years back. Tin-
Scheme could not be completed due to iion-availahility
of parts which had to be requisitioned from foreign
countries. In Dudhi Estate, Ea.39,000 was spent on
construction of wells under the Five-Year Plan, a
sura of Us. 10,000 was given to the District Planning
Committee for construction of bundhis and an amount
of .Rs.4,500 was spent on repairs.

12.    Forests—In Tarai and Bhabar Estates, timlier
worth Es.75,557 was supplied from forest free of cost,
to the inhabitants of the Estates and 76,539 cattk-
were   allowed  to   graze free.

13.    Other important activities—(i) Offices   of tV
Tarai and Bhabar Government    Estates have been
located   at   Haldwani   permanently.

(ii) The work of allotting land in the recently
disforested areas in Tarai and Bhabar Estates conti-

14.    General—The Governor places   on record hi<
thanks to the Land Reforms Commissioner, the District
Officers and other officers responsible for the adminis-'1
tration   of  Government   Estates.

Ordered that a copy of this resolution should Le
forwarded to the Land Reforms Commissioner, Uttor
Pradesh, for his information.

Ordered also that a copy of the resolution should
be forwarded to the Deputy Commissioners, Naim
Tal and Garhwal, and the Collector, Mirzapur lor

Ordered also that this resolution should be
published in the Uttar Pradesh Gazette.

By order,