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PABT VHI]                              UTTAE, PRADESH GAZETTE, AUGUST 6, 1935                                         323

Liti of new publications published during iltc month of         Rnlcs reuH"ig nnrnriu:1 -i - Ji    ,;. crsv.l*it>\\   ru

./Wfy, 1955.                                    services uf the U. P. r>^-k.-oi ii-t.^u-"^  1,^- I Jin-

Important and usual Publications on different subjects    ^' l^15' (^'

issued by the Uttar Pradesh Government, are available        Treatment uf Elei Irk- .Slur!" '.'. rui.      IJL-U f.   ""?-.!

for sale from THE SUPEEINTENDENT, PEINTING   ^ J^ S^1'1^. ''' P  Tl<nhl   !" V'- '^ > JO ]-^-K:-'

AND STATIONEEY, UTTAB PEADESH, ALLAH-     ttrses   te-1 exfcra-

ABAD.    Catalogue free on application.                             IO'^'EU* ikl^01??^""'. t/I'Vv.., :r^: ''::'-51' >f'l'v''-e ^''^

U. P. Control   of Supplies (Continuance of Powers)
(Amendment) Ordinance no. Ill of  1053.    in   Hindi.

Price anun, I (n. 1 ps. 6).                                                         Question PapT set r<t ih? (" . i'"1 i:

 Examination 1051 in  Eupji-'h.   i-jin.

The Ranipur  Registration of Marriaocs   (Ee-jical)       Ar   p     mi               * -            ,-                  r          i

\ j.       VTIT   r m-^    TT-   i- T>              -, i    -,        ?       "- -o-^he amount in pnrenlne-'es    are ior ixicl

Act no. XIV of 19o4, m Hindi. Price anna 1 (a. 1 p. G).                                              A

and postage.

The U. P.  Panchayat Eaj (Amendment) Act no.        Can be had from
II ofl^.in Hindi. Price annas 3 (r,, 2).                                              '            SGP3EIi,T3NDENT,

Government of U. P. Election (Local Bodies) De-    Printing and Stationery, Uttn,- PraMi, Allaliabad.
partuicnt, The U. P. Notified Areas (Conduct of Elec-
tion of Presidents and Election) Pitition Order 1955, in              "
English. Price annas  3  (as. 2).                                             INDIAN    1 *iW   LEPORTS

List of Naib-Tahsildars   corrected up to March 1,
1 1955, in English. Price   Rs.6 annas 6 (as. 1'2}.

(Lucknow series has been combined vrith it.  iron]
Consolidated List of Magazine approved during the
year 1953-54 for the use of libraries and teachers use

in Ba.sic   Junior   Higher  Secondary  School,   Norm.Tl                                          ^                                      ^

Schools, Training Colleges and Circulating Libraries in   SuperintVndenTrPriritiiiE: a7ia"stVti:>De^i^"cTl?."All-ih-
Hmdi. Price anna 1 (ft. 1).                                              abadj or agejlts fur n< p   c-cTernin-nt publication I.

Irrigation Administration Report of   U. P. for the       P"Ce ^ ^^ *** ^^'S P^-

year ending March 31,    1940 in English.    Pi-ice   Rs.3                                          ---------

anna 1    (as. 4).                                                                                             BilCK NUMBERS

Question Papers set at the Qanoongo Examination             OF THE ALLAHABAD AND LUGKNOW SERIES

1953 in English. Price annas 3 (us. 2).                            are available from the    Superintendent,    Printing    au3

The U. P. Annual Police Administration Report   Stationery   U   P.     Allahabad, and   may be   ooV^d

for the yoar 1952 m Hindi.    Price Rs.4 annas 7 (as: 7).    mDOUIld at the redllced rates ^ted below  :

f 1920,  1911, 1912 ft 1<15 to AM5  ft R-9.2 per voloJBB

15.    Kumbh Tragedy Enquiry Committee Report in   A^';bl<1J 1^ ^ isao                             RB.S  
English.   Price Rs.3-10    (as.8).                                      ?eri<?G-     [ 1^1 u SS t 1950                 ',', SI "

16.    Report of  the   Gosamirardhan   Enquiry   Cora-   Luckno^ / S?T to 1930                           " Its  ,','      II
mittee, Parts I and II in English.   PIHCS Rs.2 (as.6).       <**>-*.   1 ,i^i t^ m? and_i9;.:t             ,. Rs.s 

17.    History of Services of Gazetted Officers  (Civil gold   only   in   compiete    volumes,   mcluding   Index
_i-----L\  -raL TTT /T..ji:oi\ corrected up to July 1^

January, HM9i
The only officuj series may be o'ctrr'red direct from rhe

Price R,.o    (M.B).                                                              .    AUahabaiI

Annas 6 extra in each cas'e if sent by registered post.          coorassKm of i   Cheque d;ouH not La crossed,

s^B for packing and   pcstage GOVERNMENT OF IKDIA PUBLICATIONS

stQck   flCflflflj,Ze   ^.^   ^eTintendents   Printing   and
SUPERINTENDENT, PRINTING AND STATIONERY,                Stationery, Uitar Pradt$hf Allah'ibad.

PBADESH, ALLAHABAD                                Presg Conimis,ion neparti price Rs.3.  packing and

List of public^ reprinted during fAe    Wcmft     o/                        'o^^ jannarv 10Mf price E..2-S (.3).

j> 19o                                    Lnbonr Appeal Cases, January 10-H. price Hs.2-8 (oi,4V

Agricultural Bulletin no. 20 Description of the work-    Labour Appeal Case.% February lfl;"J4, price Hs.2-8 (^. t>,
ing Sugar Factories     eshibitod in the^ A-ricultni-al               A       j Cflfle    MHch {934    rfce RBa2>5 (ffj?^.

Court U. P. exhibited by Messrs.   Blair,    Campbell                       ,          *    -iin-4          T>  rt o /    A-

and Maclean hv English.   Price annas 6 (as. 2),                Labour Appeal Corn, April 30o4, price B,M <A.